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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Sarah Vandella

"Once in a Century Talent"

“Once in a century talent.” That is a phrase that many people have used for some of the greatest performers in the world. In the realm of entertainment, I think the standards are the same for any true performer when it comes to receiving this title. It is in the adult world that I think that this label is hardly ever given out, yet it is an industry whose performers deserve that title as much as any. Marilyn Chambers, Nina Hartley, these are women who all spent the better part of a decade entertaining fans in ways that no other could match. Doing things their way and crossing many boundaries as well as changing the game for many others after them. In today’s world, the market of adult entertainment, films and so on is more massive than ever. To find performers who have been performing in this industry ten years or more is a rarity these days. Sarah Vandella, she has always been a woman who fascinated me so much. She is one of the best actors in the modern industry as well as one of the most sexually charismatic performers who has ever shed her garments to reveal more than just her unseen beauty. Sarah is a performer who has done it all. From working in adult film stores, to dancing as a house dancer then feature performer she has climbed mountains, jumped through flaming hoops, all in the name of her passion for her fans. Sarah has always been a woman who seems to always have more up her sleeve. Each year showcases something new and bold. You name the company, Sarah has shot with them. Big or small, this woman has done it all. Yet, every time you think that she is done, she comes out of left field with a monstrous role and a sex scene that blows your mind all in the same month. Look at her July 2018 resume which saw her in both a Tushy production with Lena Paul and wonderful character role with Sweetheart Video. That has been the story of this porn superstar's career. It is there that we begin a one on one with Sarah with questions that you will only get with XCritic. So, let’s meet this mysterious talent and find out who Sarah Vandella is…

Sarah Vandella 

Don Juan DeMarko: First things first, thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview. My first question is a boring one. It is something you have been asked a million times but for all of those fans who are meeting you for the first time in this interview, can you tell us how you got started in the adult industry?     

Sarah Vandella: You're welcome and thank you for the interview! Basically, I was tired of the 9-5 life and wanted to see if I could make it in the sex business. Since I had retail experience and office training I started out as a cashier and salesperson at an adult video store. I worked in the few on Long Island New York where I'm from. After that, I just built up my confidence to try out for dancing and sex work. I decided that I wanted to make it legit and be legal so I went to the Brothels in Nevada and worked there before I did porn. Loving sex and being an authentic performer was extremely important to me. I wanted the fans to always know that I was here for the sex and performance first; not for the money.

Sarah Vandella Don Juan DeMarko: Madam, you are one of the best damn actors this industry has ever seen. This is just a guess on my part, but it looks as if you transform into the characters you portray. That is a true gift. I would love to know, who or what inspired you to become this amazing actor that can take on any role? 

Sarah Vandella: Thank you so much for the compliment, truly. I have always had a love of acting and theater. Ever since I was a little girl, I took drama classes and went to theater summer camps.

I'm very lucky that I have a family that supports the arts. I suppose some life experience and having a little bit of a rough childhood has given me some range of emotions which I use for acting.

I have done a couple of mainstream projects but I truly do prefer acting with porn. I hate the stereotype that porn stars can't act. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love to ask this of a seasoned veteran like yourself. One who will be in the AVN Hall of Fame, mark my words. I have always wanted to know, what is your favorite role?

What film is it that if you quit tomorrow, you would want the fans, critics, and naysayers to remember you by and why? 

Sarah Vandella: This is a great question. As of now, I would say my performance as Mrs. budge for Pure Taboo’s, Anne (an Annie Parody). It was really special to be part of this all-star cast. Not only were the actors incredible, we were lucky to be directed by the talented Bree Mills. She is a visionary and hands-on with her talent. She totally deserves every award that she has ever received. 


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Don Juan DeMarko: Speaking of films, this new Annie parody by Pure Taboo looks amazing. What was it like to work on this film? It looks like they went all out for it? There is a buzz that your scene may be up for a few trophies come awards season. 

Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella: This set was absolutely incredible to be on. Every performer participating in this film completely transformed into their role and we all came together and made such a beautiful movie. I grew up watching the movie as well as the stage play. To be able to do a parody of it, directed by Bree Mills, and the vision behind Pure Taboo is absolutely a dream! One of the things I love about Bree is her unique directing style. Bree meets with us and workshops the scenes before we actually roll filming. It got us all deep into our character. This type of strategy really helped me become a better actress. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I must ask this of a veteran who has lasted this long in the business. My hat is off to you madam, honestly, anyone who continues to put out such quality year after year as you have earns you a respect beyond words. I would love to know, how has this industry shaped you as an independent woman. How has it created an empowered human being within?   

Sarah Vandella: Again, I am certainly grateful for the sweet words. To be honest, I had a few years that were dark and very difficult for me. I struggled with addiction and depression.

With the help of family, friends, and support within the industry, I was able to get help and change my lifestyle. I am very fortunate that the adult industry has allowed me to continue to do what I love year after year.

I truly believe that every experience I've gone through has helped me become a better actress and a better person. Also, and most importantly, I believe it's crucial for me to keep an open mind, continue to increase my overall knowledge, and travel. Traveling has helped me expand my horizons and creates interesting challenges to keep me motivated. 

 Don Juan DeMarko: Now, I have heard that you are a timid soul. Bless you, madam, every amazing actor is. I think so many people never get it that an actor is creating a role. I would love to know, what is the craziest thing that the woman behind the character has done in terms of sheer fun when it comes to sex. We would be honored if you would share a crazy sex story, no names needed of the woman behind Sarah Vandella.   

Sarah Vandella Sarah Vandella: I would have to say one of the craziest things I've ever done was lose my anal virginity to a rock star on a tour bus. Five or six years ago, I dated Johnny April from Staind and it all went down when I went on tour with him. 

Don Juan DeMarko: You know, they say all great artists have many talents. There is something in me that sees a musician in your eyes. Did you grow up around music, or do you play an instrument? I am sensing something musical in you with my six sense.  

Sarah Vandella: I actually did grow up with music. My mother plays the guitar and taught me when I was a kid. I played on and off throughout my adolescence and teenage years. I still remember some basic chords but it's been a while since I've picked one up. Music will always have an important part of my life. There have even been times when I couldn't listen to some music because it was too raw or reminded me of something painful. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I can tell that you are a person who pays homage to their temple. How do you keep in such phenomenal shape? I mean that. You are just as striking now, as you were when you first started. I would love to know how you keep that perfect ten body a ten? Are you a huge gym person, are you a cook who loves to create amazingness in her kitchen? 

Sarah Vandella: Thank you so much. I do take pride in maintaining physical health, especially stamina when it comes to my scenes and dancing. For me, working out and being healthy is now a lifestyle. I don't even think about it; I just get up and go to the gym. It's part of who I am. I love to eat but I'm not exactly a big cook. If I had a better kitchen, then I would probably be a better cook. My dream is to have one of those giant islands in the middle of my kitchen with state of the art appliances and granite countertops. Until then, I will go to Whole Foods and order via Postmates.

Sarah Vandella 

Don Juan DeMarko: Forgive me if this sounds like a silly question but I have always wanted to know this about you. Out of all the things you have done in this business from dancing to film acting, what makes you the most nervous? On screen, you look as if you have no fear, you are so good at never missing a beat. Even your lines are flawless. I would just like to know what is the scariest thing to do, get on stage and dance for the fans, perform with new talent? 

Sarah Vandella Sarah Vandella: Feature dancing makes me the most. Being live gives me stage fright right before a show. My hands sweat, my heart races, and I feel like I can't even remember my name. The second I step out on that stage everything changes and I'm back; it's really quite incredible. The adrenaline, excitement, and just the pure thrill of being there takes over and rules me.

Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything in closing you would like to tell your fans in closing? We want to thank you for being apart of this interview. From all of us at the XCritic, thank you so much.

Sarah Vandella: I'm so thankful for all their support over the last 11 years. I can't believe I've been in porn this long, and I never want to leave! I love it so much. My goal is to be the top-of-the-line MILF. Lisa Ann status! I will keep pushing my boundaries as a performer and seeing what my body can do. Porn is an art! Please keep track of all my endeavors on social media via Twitter: @MsSarahVandella, my website: SarahVandellaVIP.com, and my OnlyFans.

....... It is with that last word that I read where I just had to stop and take a deep breath. Never did I once expect to get this kind of beauty, story, and wisdom. This beauty truly is a once in a century talent because I do not think that we actually know what we have here as critics, as fans, and as industry people. Sarah is a performer who seems to always be a step ahead, all while living life to it's fullest. It is truly performers like her who will be the example of empowerment that I think this era of porn stars will be known for. The thing I tell every fan I come across is that you have to see the stars you love when you have the chance. History dictates that times always do change and when we are no longer lucky enough to see Sarah Vandella bring our fantasies to life on our digital screens, it is only then that I hope she will have already won award, after award for what she has done in this business. To make an impact on the industry the way that she has, I think time and much, much more is on her side. One thing is for sure. Come January, I think this lovely lady will be bringing home some hardware and I think we may just be seeing a whole new chapter to the career that is the amazing Sarah Vandella. The "once in a century talent."

Don Juan DeMarko

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