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eXXXotica New Jersey 2018

"True Enticement. XCritic Best Booth 2018"

The pleasures that await any fan when it comes to the eXXXotica super show in New Jersey are something that is very much a cannot miss moment. I have been covering conventions my entire career in this business and what I think most fans always forget, is that life in the adult industry is always changing. What you see one day is gone the next from everything to production companies to the stars that we all know and love. What caught my eye and our amazing photographer's as well, was a booth that had some of the biggest stars and greatest finds in the modern era. Marketing is something that is key to anyone’s success, well except maybe in the adult industry. This is a business where the ladies simply can sell the product with a smile but there is far more to what this industry consists of than just a smile and a wink. After seeing the entire show after three days, I was asked by my editor, which booth is it that gave fans the biggest bang for their buck? Which booth was it that showcased something that was out of the ordinary in the best of ways? The answer to that, The Entice Booth.

Entice Crew 

First off, you have to see what this company offers you that makes you see why this brand won the award of XCritic’s pick for best booth at the eXXXotica New Jersey convention 2018. I saw toy after toy and DVD after DVD. What I saw with the Entice booth was actually some of the most erotic, sexually badass performers within the adult industry showing fans something that will give them as much pleasure as the stars get themselves when shooting on set. The fact that you had Maddy O’Reilly @MaddyOreillyxxx and AJ Applegate @AJsApplebooty in the same vicinity attesting to this brand's ability is enough to make any woman or man purchase and that they did. Every day these gals were giving fans their money's worth and every single day I saw these beauties showing fans a thrill ride that you will see no were else not even AVN when you count the fact that the one and only Kendra Lust was a part of this team.

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Carmen Valentina I always think of Carmen Valentina @ClubCarmenXXX in these instances. She is a woman who has always been a part of almost every show that I have attended. She is a woman who makes time, every time and in the beginning, I use to believe that there was something that simply made her the draw that she is that people did not see, I was dead wrong. Carmen is a woman who puts it all out there and despite the fact she was on her toes so much, she never and I mean never took a moment for herself and I find that so amazing because she had to be tired. I find it no coincidence that the woman who took over our AVN Porn Star Takeover was apart of this group, a group I was seeing was one of the greatest assembled.


Kendra Lust @KendraLust is not just one of the spokesmodels of this brand, she is a woman who practices what she preaches, and I think that when you add in the fact that the only show she has been at was this convention right here, that alone made it worthwhile to buy a ticket. Kendra, known always as being the epitome of lust in female form is someone whose stunning body showcased what can become of a person who allows such a supplement into everyday life. When you see this dashing beauty on screen nothing compares to seeing this perfect ten in person and Kendra’s better than ever. The company is owned by her and PJ Braun and is a type of formula created to make the sensitivity rise within the male and female counterparts who wish to add something extra to their encounters behind closed doors that go beyond toys and stretch to something far more carnal. I can tell you from experience that one of the best options is to have your girl drop one right as you get home from a date. No matter her mood, it usually always spells a trip to the bedroom when I have had my lady indulge and my God, what a pill. I rarely see that type of energy brought out in a booth and my goodness, it was so amazing to see these women truly showing the pluses of this formula. I am pretty sure I saw AJ Applegate and Maddy get a little warm under the collar and decide to take their pills behind closed doors. My goodness, what a thrill ride that had to be and that is what this booth’s energy was all weekend.

AJ Applegate 

It goes without saying that when you have a woman like Nina Elle @NinaElleXoXo doing your takeover at the end of a long weekend, you expect to see her kind of sluggish and not full of energy. Well, I guess I do not know Nina because she was a lovely ball of energy every second of the convention and despite the fact that she was spending hours entertaining and meeting the fans, she was also making sure that her fellow performers were always having as much fun as she was. That is Nina and that is what made this booth so magical. A VIP fan got their money’s worth every time that they ventured over to this booth and not for one second did I ever see a fan not smiling. This is important because what I will tell you is that there is always a time when I would look at other booths and other exhibitors and I would always see a performer who seemed like they did not want to be there. That simply always spells something bad and not once did I ever see that with the Entice crew. I think I truly got to see why these ladies are the superstars that they are because they are human just like the rest of us who love what they do for a living. These ladies showed how much they care about their fans and there is no better thank you in this business because it is the fans that keep this business going around.


I truly got to see that there is a truth to Kendra Lust and that her alter-ego is every bit as much a part of her as the woman who walked out the door to head to her hotel room. Kendra is a woman who devotes everything to her fans. She knew them, and they knew her and that was so cool to see. Kendra knew what every fan who approached with a toy or scene question wanted. She showed that she is as devoted to them and I think that is what made this business great. The entire Entice crew showcased that. I do not think that I will ever forget the site of seeing every single one of those superstars all chatting with their fans and blushing from all the compliments and amazing stories. I do not think I will ever forget fans giving Maddy a hug and telling her how much they made their lives better, yes better and then to see her show them a thank you with a hug from the heart. It does not get any better in this world. It is a testament as to why the performers in the adult world are the greatest on the planet and why every fan has to enjoy a convention just once. I think Nina Elle showcased it best on our snap chat when she had every girl blow a kiss to the loyal viewers and each one had a smile you can not fake. That was the magic to the Entice booth @EnticeHer and that is simply why they where the best of the best in a convention that will not soon be forgotten, all because of them.

Pictures Courtesy of the amazing Morbid Thoughts

Special Thanks to all those a part of the Society 15 team.

Kendra Lust

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