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eXXXotica New Jersey 2018

"The Best of the Best"

The 2018 year has taken us all over the country. Starting with the “Mile High” city our reporters, writers, and photographers have been all over the country, bringing you some of the best damn scenes of live debauchery and kink that you can legally watch in person.

eXXXotica New Jersey

This year has been one of the best for the adult industry. As 2017 ended and we began this new year, there has been a lot of healing and there has been so much unity that I think everyone from producers and directors to convention promoters sees that there needed to be something extra this year. eXXXotica New Jersey which took place the weekend of November 2nd was one of the largest line-ups that adult audiences have ever seen.

There was everyone from Jules Jordan productions, to our usual super toy exhibitors like Bad Dragon. The splendor of New Jersey is that there is so much more. You get the largest turn out from every corner of the industry. “The Florida Market.” A state that houses some of the greatest independent performers as well as their amazing websites and clip stores.

There is the Los Angeles crowd, as usual, the foundation of the industry but what I think is even cooler, you get the true superstars to come out for this one super show. Brandi Love, Kendra Lust, AJ Applegate. When a line-up has April O’Neil in it the only thing I can tell you fans is buy a ticket at all costs. That is what this convention really is. So, let us find out who was the best of the bunch for eXXXotica New Jersey 2018.


Best in Show: Vicki Chase @VickiChase at the Bad Dragon Booth

Vicki Chase Once again, it is the woman who will make you hotter than a bottle of Spanish fly. The one and only Vicki Chase. Now, what I can assure any porn fan who may be suspicious, or industry member for that matter as well, Vicki earned this award one way, not with advertising dollars thrown at us, or because she sent out a letter of thanks and appreciation.

No, Vicki wins this award for the second time in 2018 because she put forth an effort that is worthy of an award and she always does. No matter what show you were at, Miami, New Jersey, Denver, she was there and she was there longer than almost any other performer and that says a lot because I have been at the bar with Vicki Chase and seen that Latin beauty party in style with some aged tequila, only to make it bright and early for an eXXXotica interview the next day while my ass was hurting to get out of bed.

That is Vicki and when you saw that she brought in new gear, new kicks, new hairstyles, new artists' renderings of her makeup style, you see that Vicki cares about what these conventions are. It is that willingness to meet any fan halfway that had fans lining up to say hello but also to leave her booth happy. I honestly dare anyone to observe Vicki at work and try and count how many sad faces leave her area.

There are none I have seen in three long years. That is what a true superstar is. It is the chase that makes Vicki who she is. I think performers forget how much just the allure of their characters sparks many things with fans. Vicki is a woman who lives up to everything she does. She is as stunning and provocative in person, as she is in her latest film where she takes on four studs and every single person is walking home happy, especially Vicki.


That magic of hers transfers to everything she does. I think there was one year that Vicki had just won her second consecutive XRCO Orgasmic Oralist award. The scene which got her the gold showed a side of her that sparked every interviewer on the planet to ask her how she was able to take on so much manhood and the answer she gave was that she loves this business so and it is the truest way you can describe miss Chase. Every fan who approached had that nervous look in their eye, hey, I get it, Vicki is one of the most dashing women in the world. What makes her a step above the rest is that she always made sure that her fans had fun. She made sure they got time to say hello, get an autograph. This is a fast lifestyle, being a porn star and few people in this business truly showcase what makes an A-list star like Vicki. I truly hope that Vicki stays on this streak of making every convention, for the show is not the show without the one and only Vicki Chase.


Fan Favorite: Kissa Sins @KissaSins at the Jules Jordan Booth

Kissa Sins 

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The thing that earns this stunning creature one of the most coveted titles to have at any convention is just how much she makes all of us pervs feel normal. That is sweet Kissa. I have seen this stunner at many conventions and what you will always get with Kissa Sins is a woman who can talk shop with her fans because she loved every single scene as much as they did. She has been a regular at the Jules Jordan booth for a while and what a smart business move that was. I mean that with the utmost respect yielded to Jules and Kissa because the thing Kissa has that not all porn stars have in their corner,  is that Kissa is in this business for all the right reasons. I could see that fans were really getting to enjoy understanding who Kissa is because she is one of the most inviting and kind souls in the industry.

Fans, if there is one performer who you must come to meet live in your lifetime it is Kissa Sins. I am pretty sure if she could, she would go to the convention completely nude. She is the definition of allure and erotica. Her attire is always something provocative beyond words and she always looks like she stepped out of the salon and spa. I do not know how Kissa does it. When you mix that with what the Jules Jordan booth contains it makes for a true trip through the land of fantasy and Kissa is your guide.

I think as each day went on, she had more and more allure and energy. Now, why that matters, and it is what makes her a fan favorite is that when you purchase that 3-Day VIP Pass, you want to get the bang for your buck. Especially if you are a super fan and our business has many of them. It is the fact that Kissa gives something bold every day. That makes any convention worth attending and I think that she is one of the big reasons that eXXXotica is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger in this ever-changing world of adult entertainment.


The Legend Among Legends: Tanya Tate @TanyaTate at the Bad Dragon Booth

Tanya Tate 

I was pondering to myself, how do I show the woman who is truly a glue that keeps this business strong in so many ways. Tanya Tate is a woman who has been doing this line of work for over a decade and one thing still rings true more than ever, that she is the ultimate performer and the ultimate professional. In one of Tanya’s first appearances back on the convention circuit fans were greeted with a booth table that had everything from autographs of the beloved Milly, to some of the most tantalizing films she has ever made. Tanya herself is a lover of all things production and no matter if you were there to get your own Lady Titan collectible or you wanted an autographed copy of her most sultry directorial selection in the critically acclaimed Lesbian Family Affair series, Tanya had it all. 

Tanya Tate 

The amount of work this woman puts in on a daily basis is amazing. If fans only knew. What I noticed about Tanya’s fans the most, was that they could not believe that she was there and not just that, the ones that have met her before, or purchased her products online actually met her with this look of astonishment.

I overheard a conversation once of a devoted fan who had spent hundreds of dollars on the films and star of his dreams and upon meeting Tanya, he saw that she does all the work herself. He was telling her “no other star does what you do” and I could not agree with him more.

I think if there is one thing you can say about this woman it is that she is truly the best of the best. I have seen her many times don the clothing of her favorite superheroes and wear the costumes better than the heroines themselves do.

It is the amazing Tanya Tate who has so many people who return more and more because of their down to earth nature and that is simply who the amazing Tanya Tate is.

What I can tell you about the publicist extraordinaire is that she had her entire convention booked solid and she still found time for all her girls at the convention. I at times wonder how she does it all with a smile and she does. This amazing performer-director, she makes those daydreams we have come to life.

For even, we industry members were once just fans and what Tanya does is make every ticket purchased worthwhile.

She is the story that the couple who just fell in love will remember always. She is the porn star who was every bit as real as her tantalizing characters, making every die-hard fan’s trip worth the journey, no matter how far they traveled. That is Tanya Tate.


The Hidden Gem: Kendra Heart @kendraheartxxx at the Blazed Studios Booth

Kendra Heart 

One of the things that I personally have always loved about these conventions are the performers on the rise. This is where you see who the hungry stars are looking to climb the ladder. I was lucky to see such performers as Cherie DeVille, Chloe Amour and few other A-Listers who no longer do every single convention now that their star has risen. Which is very understandable. You try to climb the ladder and when you do, your days get very busy. There are many booths that book some of the best-kept secrets in the business and at eXXXotica New Jersey 2018, I found that the performer who simply stole the show was none other than Florida’s very own Kendra Heart.


One of the most charismatic performers in the “sunshine state.” Kendra has made a living so far out of creating some of the kinkiest independent scenes in the current adult industry. She has been on the radar big time since late 2016 and her work with Mark Blaze has begun to showcase what this beauty can truly do in front of the camera. Now, what honestly makes this sweetheart the hidden gem of eXXXotica New Jersey 2018 is just how much this beauty gave back to her fans and those who where discovering her for the first time. You would be hard to recognize who is the fan and who is the performer when you would see couples say hello to Kendra. The joy she showed to her fans was something that I think not only made her fans enjoy the convention that much more but that made these fans spread by word of mouth that “the Blazed Studios booth is where the action is.” That is something that our photographer heard many times when hanging around in the distance to get the shots you see in this article of the amazing Kendra. Her sexy attire and her presence to always be on her A-game to show fans a thrill they would get no where else was something so cool to see. Then, when I heard how this beauty came to the convention and how much of her own hard earned cash she spent just to make it to the show, it is something that truly made me take my hat off to her. These are the types of performers who I know when given a chance, truthfully showcase the industry for what it truly is, no matter if it is film or convention, a place of pure pleasure. That is Kendra Heart.


The “Dark Horse:” Honey Gold @HoneyGoldxx at the Bad Dragon Booth

Honey Gold 

That term refers to someone who simply comes out of nowhere and wins. That is Honey Gold. For the third straight occasion, I have asked more than a few of the XCritic staff who also cover the convention to pick out the performer that captures their heart, eye, and emotions. I shit you not, every single time it is Honey Gold. It is no coincidence, it simply can not be. Especially when all three people have different tastes in women, porn and performers. I think the real answer is that when you meet Honey Gold, as thousands have this year as she attended this convention from coast to coast, she simply steals your imagination and then truthfully makes fantasy a reality with how down to earth she is. I would not go as far as to say that some new starlets are very unapproachable for some fans. I poke no jabs at some of these performers because honestly, touring with a convention is not for everybody. Who I will tell you it is for is this stunning beauty named Honey, who has defied convention since day one.

Honey Gold 

I think that the happiest I had seen fans this entire convention season was when observing Honey’s table. She would engage in sexy play with her fellow porn stars. She would take time with every single fan and her lines were long and I mean fucking long. They were so long, yes, I got upset waiting for so long but when you get to finally meet this beauty,

I do not care if you had been waiting thirty minutes, it all disappeared when she let out her quirky side that shows just how much she puts into every single damn performance. Honey Gold will make you smile no matter what your thoughts were as you approached. I had watched this in a few cities. Honey would have to take a break or had to leave because her schedule time was up and people were not saddened. They waited with patience, sometimes even till the next day and the coolest thing is seeing Honey give them a great big hug and personally thank them for waiting with a genuine compassion for her fans.

I think that beauty has rubbed off on every single media person I have run into that covers these conventions. It is a performer like her, who keeps these conventions alive. It is a performer like Honey Gold who simply breathes a new kind of life into the modern industry in more ways than one with who she is and the levels she goes to make everyone smile. I think this is the perfect wrap up to the eXXXotica convention tour. I think as the modern era discovers its own identity there are so many amazing women who simply are creating things that are a blend of both past and present majesty.

I truly implore every fan, this is a convention you must see at least once. Even the big shows give you the opportunity to meet these amazing entertainers. I have covered many types of conventions and what is the true appeal of this industries version, is that you truly have a chance to meet who these starlets are. You get a chance to meet entertainers that are the best in the world and will go to bat for you. Only in porn will you see a legend tell a reporter like me to get the hell out of the way, so they can talk with a fan. That is what is special about the adult industry. That ladies and gentleman is the true magic behind all these women and the extravaganza known as eXXXotica New Jersey 2018.

Don Juan DeMarko

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