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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Reagan Foxx

Part 1: "The Foxx Within us All"

Three years can be a long time in many places in the world. In the land of adult entertainment, it is truly just the beginning. Adult superstar Reagan Foxx is a performer who has just reached her third anniversary in this wondrous land of love, lust, and leisure and she has turned many heads while doing so. I do not know if many people know this, but Reagan is a woman who was far into wickedness and erotica long before she became an adult film star. This is a beauty who lived a lifestyle and still does for the most part, of a woman whose sexuality is at the wheel of desires and being. If you ever get a chance to know a performer on a personal level and you are lucky enough to learn their story of entry into the lust filled days and nights of this business, you will find that most beauties have been to a party near the Pacific held by the one and only Jodi West. When I discovered this about miss Foxx, I had to find out exactly who this stunning creature really is, if she would allow me to. See, if you are lucky enough to meet and be a frequenter of a Jodi West party, you will know that this person is a true sexual dynamo. A piece of live ordnance that is so sexually explosive that very few can handle the heat. That is why I think such a wonderous place exists out in the desert. As I sat down with Reagan, we began to talk about what makes a performer, the best in the world and it was from this conversation that we began to find out just how deep Reagan’s love truly is for her fans and for this business. Enjoy. This may be the sultriest Don Juan interview ever.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: …. So, you are truly a desert flower are you not?


Reagan Foxx: I love it, I love it, I love it! I would not trade it for anything. I love the dry heat, I love how hot it is.


Don Juan DeMarko: I am the same way about Colorado. Everyone always asks me, my girl, she tells me all the time, “you gotta do the LA thing.” I love Colorado so much that I just cannot say goodbye. I have been here close to twenty-five years. When you fall in love with a place, you have to go all in, head over heels.


Reagan Foxx: Oh my, I saw a football game, what was it, last weekend or the weekend before and it looked cold in Colorado.


Don Juan DeMarko: It is a strange climate here. One day in Denver you can have snow and I am talking inches and the next, it will be eighty degrees and you better still have good shoes on. Then the next day it is balmy and then it rains the next day.


Reagan Foxx: Colorado sounds awesome!


Don Juan DeMarko: If you try and categorize it, think of it as a mountainous desert, with snow if that makes any sense. I can compare it to Canyon County where Dan lives but way, way drier and higher above sea level, so you cannot breathe.


Reagan Foxx: Oh wait, maybe it is not so cool then. (We share a quick laugh.) I have only visited there once. I went to a football game and it was the coldest football game of the year. It was a couple of years ago.


Don Juan DeMarko: Get out of town, I am a Broncos season ticket holder.


Reagan Foxx: Yeah, are you really? I really grew up loving the Broncos but now that I live in Arizona, now I have decided to go to the, ….

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: (I interrupt her and with the deepest voice say,) … and go to the dreaded Arizona Cardinals.


Reagan Foxx: Yeah, yeah, that is exactly what I did. Unfortunately, they just yank your heart out every year.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, I can imagine. No, I kid you not, that Super Bowl where they took on the Steelers, oh my God, that was an amazing game.


Reagan Foxx: It was a really good game.


Don Juan DeMarko: I was starting to really get a good fitting in the business and I passed up going to that Super Bowl and I am so sad that I did and I kick myself in the ass every time I see something that talks about its annals in history no matter if it is TV, radio or something on the internet.


Reagan Foxx: It is like that Duracell commercial where the guy forgets to change the batteries in his mouse. That’s you!


Don Juan DeMarko: THAT IS ME!!!!!! (We start laughing so loudly, we both had to have woke the dead.)


Reagan Foxx: You just look in a mirror and you just shake your head.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is so funny. Now, are you the type of fan like I am, where you will get rabidly crazy? Like when the Broncos went to Super Bowl 50, I got a bunch of fake tattoos from some peeps in the business. They airbrushed some of them on really well. I could not get them off for about six days and everyone was like “geezer, we know what you have been doing.” Everyone thought I was drunk or a lunatic. It was amazing.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: No, I cannot say that I am that type of fan. No! (She is laughing so hard and I am trying to gather back my composure.)


Don Juan DeMarko: It was pretty fun going to the bank and trying to convince everyone there that you are sober with Broncos tattoos all over your face.


Reagan Foxx: Do you have a picture of that? Oooooh my goodness, I wanna see!

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: I will message it to you when I find it, that I promise. I had a few instances at the day job, where I had my nice dress attire for work on and I had these tats everywhere. I looked like a burly, Broncos biker who was going to church. I had promised my boss I would not miss work and then you can imagine their faces when I walked in with tattoos on my face, under my eyeball, on my neck. It was crazy. I have read somewhere that you are an avid football fan. I would love to start off the interview that way. Where did you get this passion for football from?


Reagan Foxx: I don’t know, that is a tough question. I always liked it as a little kid. Still, I am a girl, so I did not watch it too much but then I got older and when I was in my twenties, I had friends that we would always go out and watch the games. Them, when it comes the to Cardinals, I had just moved to Arizona and I just slowly began to like them more and more. When I was camming, it was the steadily growing love for the Cardinals that made it easier for me to talk to the guys who were watching me. I was watching the games so much that it was easy to interact with my fans and talk about football in depth and I enjoyed it, I really did.

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: You surprise me in the best of ways every time we get to talk. That is so badass. I can totally picture you saying, “I am going to learn this game to get more out of my time with my fans” and then you totally get hooked on it. I love it!


Reagan Foxx: It got worse from there. We started playing the football squares, we would do either the Sunday night game or the Thursday game and we had prizes for all the fans no matter who was playing. Now, every time I meet a new girl who is getting into the industry and she is starting to discover the cam world, I tell them, “you need to become a sports fan.” Their answer is sometimes, “I don’t know, I think I can get away without it” and I say, “trust me, this will make you more observant and you will be able to talk to your guys more.”


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, it is true. I think you know this to be true, men, I do not give a shit how confident they are, we are cowards when it comes to women and “the chase” as I like to call it. Especially when it is a woman who has as much beauty on the outside as she does on the inside.


Reagan Foxx: Don, I am telling you. Pretty soon there are going to be more and more sexy chicks who love football. Go football!


Don Juan DeMarko: Yay! GO FOOTBALL! (We start laughing like idiots, something that we have not been able to stop doing since we said hello to each other. Reagan, she is a true woman of spice and life.) Last night, I missed a chance to talk to my girl because we were watching the Red Sox game and it lasted eighteen innings, so it was like two games in one. So, I called her this morning to say, “I’m sorry baby, it was the baseball players' fault.”


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Reagan Foxx: (She sweetly laughs) I stopped at about the thirteenth inning and I could not believe it had gone that long. I could not take any more. It went on eighteen innings? Goodness, gracious.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love baseball. That has always been my sport. I played a little in my time and still to this day love the game to death. I love the Broncos, but baseball just does it for me. Now, here is a funny little quote since softball is so close to home with you. If you ever get to work with Victoria Voxxx, have her tell you about when she played. Oh, my goodness, you two will be jabbering on about the sport forever. She is such a brain and she is as sexy as she is smart. One of the most amazing new starlets in the business. I can so see you two gelling together in a heartbeat.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Oh, my goodness, I am going to ask to work with her, just so I can talk to her about softball. (We erupt in laughter)


Don Juan DeMarko: That is exactly what I was leading up to. Oh my God. That would be incredible. Oh, now that is hilarious, I love it. You have now led me truthfully into the first question of the interview. The thing that I am so fascinated about because of the length to which you did it, how did you get into webcamming? Like what gave you that itch to where you had to get into that phase of the business?

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Oh, well, it really is not that glamorous of a story. I was, …. Well, how do I put this? I entered the business around 2007, 2008, I think. I used to have a job, and this was up until around 2011 and I was one of those people who used to go into a house that was being foreclosed on by the banks. I was doing great in a time where everyone else was not but then people started going into that line of work and started to compete with me for the reports. So, the reports went down in price drastically. I had already been working eighteen, nineteen hours a day, then when they lowered the prices of the reports, the competition was too fierce and at that point, I was beginning to struggle, and I knew at that point that I had to do something. I had a girlfriend that web-cammed for MyFreeCams and I said to myself, “come on, I can do that!” Or at least I thought that I could do that. So, I gave it a shot and I basically went all in Don.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, you are talking to a big nerd here babe. That was a cool fucking story. I love how we all find our place in this wonderful industry. I was going to tell you, I did not know that you cammed for so long before you became a film actor. I mean that says a lot about you and your growth and dedication. No wonder Dan loves you. I think that I was one of the lone people who knew that Dan wrote a book before he got into the industry. Or it was right when he was starting. Any-who, so when I meet him, he gives me a copy of said book and I could not wait to pick his brain about it and other things.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Yes, yes! I love Dan. I just saw him a couple of times last week. He is such a good guy.


Don Juan DeMarko: This is so awesome. I am so skipping to question number nine now. So, when I met Dan O’Connell for the first time, we had been corresponding a bit back and forth, here and there before our meeting. Right when we met, we were talking about performers, as a matter of fact, we were talking about you. He tells me, “Don, Reagan is such a wonderful performer, who do I cast with her that matches who she is as a woman? It can be challenging at times.” We then talked about some people and things and the one thing I will tell you without spilling the beans, well, kind of, is that Dan loves you very much and he has such a passion and respect for you as a woman and a performer.


Reagan Foxx: I love that. I had never heard that story, so thank you so much for telling me that. It truly makes me happy. Thank you. There is just something about Dan. When I met him, it was if we had known each other for a very long time, right from the moment that we met. We just had that mutual respect and admiration for each other and he just treats me so well and vice versa. He is such a good guy.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing, that sounds exactly like when I met him. Same story. I took a friend of mine to shoot over at his house and also to do an interview. We were going to profile the house and he allowed us to do some modeling on his property, it was truly a joy. The thing that I will never forget is, here is this drop-dead beautiful, naked woman going back and forth everywhere and he and I are under the umbrella on his little patio table, talking about wrestling and acting.


Reagan Foxx: See, that is the sign to two truly mature men who know that the naked woman will be there for them later. (We start laughing again. The comedy of this encounter is simply making our conversation buzz. It is amazing.)


Don Juan DeMarko: It was hilarious because this was the first time that she had actually been to the Girlfriends Films house and the first chance she really gets to meet Dan. She was so nervous and intimidated to meet Dan and I told her, “he is a big softie, a gentleman, he is just going to love ya.” So she is looking as gorgeous as can be, splashing around in the pool and here I am distracting him from seeing this beautiful woman having fun in the buff at his gorgeous pool. She says, “what are you trying to do to me babe, you are trying to sabotage me.”

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: That is so funny. You know, whenever I get onto set with him. There is usually only four of us on set and we go through the storyline and then we will break off and go do our sex scenes and so forth. It is fun to watch the new girls come in and I think you are right they can be a little intimidated and like you said, he is a total softie.


Don Juan DeMarko: You know, truthfully, you know this is how much you will know that I have been looking forward to sitting down and talking turkey about the business. He and I, we were talking about how good you are just as an actress. I told him, “yes Dan, I understand how tough it is to cast people alongside her because you have to cast someone who is every bit as passionate as she is, you have to cast someone who is in this business for the right reasons.” We simply talked about you forever and how wonderful it is to have such a performer in this business. I think he enjoys that challenge of finding that perfect co-star alongside you, I really do.

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: Oh, I love it. Well, thank you for sharing that with me.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, you are so welcome, sweetheart. I love those little anecdotes as well. Now, as we keep this ball rolling of how you met everyone; I have been dying since I first saw a picture of you in this business to find out how you met Jodi. I would love to know how you met her and then got started on everything else in the business?


Reagan Foxx: All right, (she laughs the sweetest laugh. There is almost this type of shyness in her voice. You cannot describe it, but it was amazing.) Well, Jodi moved from Florida to Arizona maybe about five to six years ago and started hanging around this same group of friends and I had started to see her casually at parties and these were lifestyle parties, or for those who are not hip to the lingo, swinger parties. She had already known that I was camming and I do think that she always was looking for talent and someone to work with and she asked me if I would ever be interested in shooting with her, to let her know. I was on the fence for a minute. I told her that I had already told all of my cam guys that I was never going to do porn. She told me, “OK, no pressure. I am going to tell you, that if you do it, it is totally going to ruin your life, so make sure that you think about it.” So, I let it go for a little bit and then I saw her again and I said, “I really want to do a girl/girl with you.” She asked me if I was sure and that is how I got started doing film and working with Jodi. It was a bit after that scene that she called me up and she said, “I have a job for you and it pays a little bit more money, I have this guy in town” which turned out to be Cody Steele. I think you could do a boy/girl scene and be great at it. My true frame of mind was, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, OK. I was so nervous even though I was coming from the swinger lifestyle. It was nerve-wracking. Cody was telling me, “you're OK. You are doing great.” My reaction to it all was in a very nervous tone, “are you sure, are you sure?” (We share another great laugh together.) Yes, I think that my first seven videos were all with them and then after that was when I began to start getting picked up by the other companies.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is a kick-ass story. Jodi’s work is so amazing. I love this, I can already tell that you and I have this kindred connection. It is awesome because you simply walk full circle into what the next question is going to be. The next question I have for you and I kid you not, I am one of the lone writers who does see everything and anything in this business and Lesbian Training Day 6, that was going to be what I asked about next. No bullshit, here is what I have on my notes. No, where you shot with Jodi, those were amazing films. Those are productions where you can tell that the performers get to be themselves and that has to the magic that is Jodi and her company. You are such a natural performer, you always have this fearless approach in your roles, I mean that. You never see fear in the eyes of Reagan Foxx. I have to ask this, especially since you just said it, in your career so far, do you get the same type of butterflies now, opposed to when you shot those first scenes with Jodi?


Reagan Foxx: Um, I do. I am not sure if that is something I should talk about but if you see me sweat, because I am really not a sweater. So, when that camera turns on, I am sweating profusely and that is all nerves. That is me trying to make sure that, … well before I speak on that, let say this. About eight months ago, I was having the time of my life. There was a big boom occurring, I was making the best scenes in my life. It was almost like I was Neo from The Matrix. I was thinking to myself, I got this, I am in, I got it! So, I guess the answer is that yes, I still get nervous and I do still get those butterflies. Now, the other side to that answer is that, when I walk onto set, no matter what type of film we are making, my eye is on the prize. My thought always is, “what can I do in order to make this scene the best that it can be?

Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, you know, truthfully, I must ask you this. I think that many people misinterpret many of us people who engage in the lifestyle as, well to sum it up best, they look at us at times like we are all fearless. I use my girl as an example for this all the time. I say to the fans, “No, it is not that we all throw caution to the wind, or that we are stronger than others, no. You still must have that fear to do certain things. You are such a good performer, especially with your acting. You cannot tell for one second that you are nervous, no bullshit!


Reagan Foxx: Well, thanks. (We both share a laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: That takes a lot. I remember the first time I ever went to a swinger’s party. I was shitting bricks and sweating bullets. Thank God that the woman I was dating was in the industry because she understood how to take me down another notch of excitement and embarrassment without bruising my confidence even more than it already had been. People, I think never give you performers that kind of understanding that yes, we all get that nervousness too.


Reagan Foxx: I think at my very first swinger party and this long ago. I think I was the one who actually walked into a dark room filled with people. So, I quickly closed the door and went downstairs, and I found a friend and I said, “look, look, you have to go look!” My friend told me, “why don’t you go back and turn the lights on?” (We bust out with our loudest combined laugh of the afternoon.) I could not believe that was actually happening. It was just something that when you see it for the first time, so many emotions and thoughts go through your mind.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing. We share a similar story, when I had the same thing happen, we were in a room watching all these hot couples playing and nothing is happening for me down south. I am trying to scream my man into action and I tell her whimpering, “I can not do this babe.” So, she takes me by the hand. She says, “come on babe, we are going to just sit down here for a while, these are the other couples I wanted you to meet, take it easy and let’s just relax, no pressure.” That was when I was in my late-twenties and when you are in that kind of situation, you panic, and you say, what do I do, what do I do?

Reagan Foxx 

Reagan Foxx: I have been in a similar situation with a guy that I was with. I think there must have been seven, or eight naked women all around us. We are enjoying everything about this group we were with and the night was going so well. There is a little bit of play going on here and there and he is literally sitting on the end of the couch saying, “I am going to have a heart attack, I am going to have a heart attack. I have to go, Reagan, I just have to go.” I tell him, “But there are all these naked girls here?” He says, nope, I am sorry, I have to go right now, …..”


As do we TripleX fans. Trust me, you have not seen anything yet. This is only part one of the amazing Reagan Foxx’s interview. The things that lie ahead for you in part two. Reagan talks about working with her porn crush and gives some of the juiciest tidbits when it comes to being on set with her. This woman is every bit as charming and alluring as you would think. I am off to take a cold shower myself, hot damn, I suggest the same for you afterward. If you have not gotten enough Reagan, you can get your fill here until part: 2. Until then, …

Don Juan DeMarko 

Twitter: @ReaganFoxx_

Instagram: TheReaganFoxx

WebSite: ReaganFoxx.com


Stills Courtesy of the amazing folks at: GirlfriendsFilms.net

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