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December Spotlight: Christiana Cinn

"The Depth of an Industry"

The month of December has always been something very special here at XCritic. This month starts a massive push for all the awards and the companies putting on big shows, with big fancy red carpets and everything in between. This month, we have been bringing you performer after performer who are simply more than porn stars in our Porn Star Takeover promotion. Musicians, singers, dancers, painters, writers, and artists will all be featured as we close out this wonderful year of 2018. As we searched high and low for a performer to bring into your living rooms, on your cell phones and computers, we came across a woman who truly needs no introduction for the porn faithful of the world. Honestly, I think no matter what circle you run with to get your entertainment, this dazzling beauty needs no introduction anywhere that she roles, the January 2016 Penthouse Pet of the Month Christiana Cinn.

Christian Cinn 

Years Active: 2015 - Present

Birth Month: August

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5ft 4in

Breast Size: 32C

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


In our upcoming award season interview, you will get to know about all things Christiana as she gears up for the award celebrations and promotions.

This stunning brunette has always been something of a go-getter. Many people may not know this, but Christiana’s dedication is something that exceeds many in this business.

Since she was young, Christiana has always had a flair for aiming high and putting in the work and that all started when she honestly tried out for the lead role in The Little Mermaid as a kid. I shit you not, this beauty has never had the word “fear” ever become apart of her vocabulary. Her start in this business is one that seems to be so rare these days.

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She became a part of Playboy, yes during the days of the amazing Hugh Hefner, and she traveled all the way from Northern San Francisco to beautiful Los Angeles to take part in something most models only dream about. It was from there that everything took off for Christiana. The modeling gigs grew as did the offers to shed more and more clothing. To me, I think you were destined to do what you do when you were once a nude model and you were given the gift of heart as this beauty has in abundance.

Christian Cinn 

Miss Cinn, since that fateful day in front of a Playboy camera, has since created a portfolio that sent her on one of the most amazing shoots a performer dare dream of. In many circles within the adult industry, Christiana is known for being a woman who literally got up at 4AM in the morning to head up to the chilly Hollywood Hills one winter morning. I do not give a shit who you are, Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills is colder than cold, especially at 4AM and especially during high winds. This veteran model literally stood in a freezing cold pool for nearly four hours, just to get you the cover shot that graces the January 2016 issue of Penthouse. Kelly Holland has said on numerous occasions before, that Christiana was simply a “special talent” that reminded her so much of her start in this business and the days of glamour. So few know the lengths that a model will go to in order to get this shot right. I think it is this type of swagger and heart that led Kelly to have her band perform at the annual Vice is Nice charity event that brings all the adult industry together to raise some money for animals, a cause very close to Christiana’s heart. Now, I can see what you are thinking, you are saying band? Yes, I did say band. Christiana has been a part of one of the most stylish LA Rock bands in the modern LA scene. Hot Sauce Holiday is a band that simply fits Christiana like a glove and when you meet the crew, you will find out why.


Christiana’s mainstream media gigs have taken her to the set of the Sons of Anarchy as well as being one of the reporters for the 2018 AVN Awards where she was simply, “the star interviewing the stars.” She lit up the room with this media appearance showing that she is more than just your everyday, ordinary, “mattress actress.” I can tell you this first hand, Christiana loves this business. It is something that is who she is, and I think perhaps it always has been. Christiana is a woman who loved the films of the past and will be the first to tell you, she was a fan before she was anything else. I think that is what has led her to so many different avenues of entertainment. For instance. On Sunday, December 9th, her band is putting on an actual rock opera at El Cid, the house of The Germs, as it is known in the music world. Make sure to snag tickets here fans: www.eventbrite.com/e/sugar-on-top-tickets this is one of the only ways to see just how much artistry flows through the veins of this amazing performer. Christiana has told me many times how much she loves her bandmates and how much music and performance means to all of them. I do not think I have ever seen an event where one of the biggest porn stars in the world is putting on a rock opera with her band. In case you have never seen one, a rock opera is a mixture of theatre, music, acting, comedy, drama, and more. It is designed to dazzle your senses and if that does not fit a description of what Christiana Cinn aims to do every single time she steps onto any stage, I do not know what does.

Christian Cinn 

Well, as we get set to showcase this amazing performer in upcoming interviews and possibly something even more interactive on social media, we thought that introducing you to one of the most talented people in the world of entertainment was a must for the start of a month dedicated to such depth and hidden talent within the adult industry. Make sure that you stay tuned for more, #TripleX fans, and be sure that you drop this stunning creature a line on all her websites and social media. Take it from Don Juan, this beauty yearns to hear from her fans and if ever there was a porn star who simply made the age-old porn phrase of, “I love my fans just as much as they love me.” No one has it ringing bigger and louder than the one and only Christiana Cinn.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Social Media:

Twitter: @ChristianaCinn

Instagram: ohlalachristiana

ManyVids: www.ManyVids.com/ChristianaCinn

OnlyFans: www.onlyfans.com/Christiana Cinn

Dreamlover: www.dreamlover.com/ChristianaCinn

Christian Cinn 

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