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XCritic Interview: Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble talks about the high stakes world of adult films.

Anyone who has ever learned about the adult film industry will tell you that performers are very unlikely to last for more than a year in the business. In fact, doing adult films for a mere two years is enough to be considered a veteran. Did you ever wonder what makes people burn out from performing? 

In the porn industry, it’s very difficult to stay positive and upbeat. Drama happens, competition is sky-high, and truth be told, it’s not an easy role to keep up with. To be a veteran, you have to have a strong mind, an optimistic attitude, and a very healthy lifestyle. 

That’s precisely what has made Seth Gamble survive the industry for over a decade. In his 10 years of working the scene, he has watched porn evolved, overcome personal obstacles, and helped change the face of the biz for the better. 

I had the chance to talk to Seth about his time as an adult film star and how he keeps things healthy. Here’s what this legendary star had to say…

Seth, you're one of porn's top male stars. Tell me a little bit about how you got into adult films, and what inspired you to become male talent.

Well, I had always been a highly sexual person and I got an opportunity to shoot for Bangbros when I was 18. And, I fell in love with the job and stayed with them for over a year and a half until I moved to LA to further my career.

Before you started doing porn, what did you do for a living?

So many different jobs! Asphalt milling, modeling, waiter, personal trainer, club promoter, male stripper for bachelorette parties…It goes on and on. 

Since you started a decade ago, how have you seen porn evolve? What trends did you notice in the industry and among fans? 

Porn has evolved in many different ways. When I first got in, I started doing internet porn, and then once I moved to LA, I noticed parody was all of the craze. Over a decade ago, performers didn’t have the opportunities they did to make their brand as popular by implementing social media.  

Speaking of porn scenes, you've done quite a lot of work with Italian parody porn director Axel Braun. I love seeing porn parodies, simply because they add a little humor while keeping things hot. Tell me a little bit about your work with Braun. How was it like behind the scenes?

I absolutely love working for Axel Braun! He’s been a lot of things to me—a friend and mentor, someone who’s had faith in me throughout my entire career. The behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty funny, especially when it comes to the parodies, we really got to think outside the box. 

I mean, we’re trying to do something that isn’t like the movies. Add a little of its own flair, but concentrate more on the comic books. Considering Axel Braun has a huge comic book fan base, it’s important to keep that comic flair alive. 

Most of all, it was amazing working for Axel Braun doing The Possession of Mrs. Hyde, which was the first feature he had done in 15 years. He gave me the opportunity to play the lead role in a very personal third generation project. So, I did my absolute best to give them 110% of the performance that this amazing character deserved.

Were there any points in taping where you had to keep yourself from laughing a bit too much? 

There were definitely moments where it was hard to hold it in. But, I’m so dedicated to whatever character it is, I keep a straight face. 

So, you played Deadpool in Braun's newest parody. I am a fan of the "merc with a mouth." Are you? What's your favorite superhero?

Huge fan! I feel there is a lot of similarities to the backstory of the character I can relate with, which made Deadpool a character I could really relate to.

I understand that. Real talk, if you had to play another parody porn, who would you want to be? Moreover, what superheroines would you want to bone?

Hmm... I would have to say Daredevil, Nightwing, and Shazam. They would be my choices if I could play any other characters. But I’d also love the characters that I’ve played if they recur in new movies.

If I had to pick the heroines I’d love to bone, it would have to be Mystique, Emma Frost, Zatana... Seriously though, it's too many to count.

Porn fans also know that you've been doing a ton of work with Bree Mills and Gamma Entertainment. Can you give us a little scoop about the scenes you've been shooting? How's it like to work with Bree?

I adore Bree. Working for her is such a pleasure. She is one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with and I’m honored she has put me in some of the most amazing roles. 

Also, Craven Moorehead, who has been one of my closest friends in the business, is amazing. He’s an amazing director. The whole crew is amazing, the flow is great on all sets! 

I like to keep these a surprise because they are all so different. So, stay tuned for some amazing new and different films.


I'll admit it. I peeped a clip of your work with Bree for the 1950s-inspired submission shoot. It was so hot! How did the whole idea of using 50s wardrobe and makeup come into play? Did you get to keep that sexy suit?

Thank you!  It was all Bree’s master plan. I’m grateful to have been a part of it. I love the 50’s vibe. Whitney Wright and Casey Calvert are incredible! It was a fantastic day. 


Seth, you snagged a total of eight nominations from Xbiz this year! Do you have advice for newcomers who want to achieve that same level of prestige?

I would say always give 100% to every scene you do. If you’re fortunate enough to start working in the business, treat everyone with respect and show up on time! If you have no experience, stay teachable. 

You recently got nominated for an AVN Award for Favorite Male Performer! How does it feel? 

I’m so grateful just to be in the conversation 

Speaking as someone who sees a lot of the inner workings of the industry, I know there are a lot of misconceptions about porn. People often assume things about adult film stars that aren't quite flattering or that are just ridiculously inaccurate. Tell me some of the myths that you have been wanting to clear up.

I can only speak for myself I’m a normal guy with a different kind of job it’s a job and I love it.

Obviously, being in porn has a lot of stigmas attached to it. Do you feel like the stigma is starting to fade away now that there's a solid movement to stop sex work stigma? 

Yes, I think it’s better then it ever has been and if we stand together to show the world we are just as important to society, it will get better and better! I do think there will always be critics but that’s all they are.

On Twitter and elsewhere, you make a point of talking about sobriety and helping others step away from substance abuse. Would you like to talk about how you became such an outspoken sobriety advocate?

Well frankly, I’m a recovering alcoholic addict. I know what this disease has done to my life and countless others personally and I’ve found a newfound peace and serenity working a 12-step program on a constant basis, and finding other men and woman who have sustained sobriety. What I’ve been taught is, in order to keep it, you have to give it back to others.

How did you get hooked in the first place?

I believe, from my experience, when I look back, I was born an addict. I’m wired in a way to where I have a "disease of more" anytime I put a mind-altering substance in my body. It’s never enough. 

The way I learned it, I have an allergy to drugs and alcohol—and an obsession of the mind. If I don’t do the work I’ve been taught to do, it could come back at any moment. I have to be vigilant.

And of course, I could attempt to do it without the steps I’ve taken, but I would at that point, transfer addiction elsewhere, which would still make my life unmanageable. It’s a lifelong thing addicts live with. But, we can live an amazing life if we do the work for recovery. There's a lot more I can say on it, but this could go on for a while.

Do you have any advice for people who are struggling with substance abuse?

I would say if I can get sober, it’s possible for anyone! Take it a day at a time and be willing to ask for help.

Since you have gotten sober, how have things changed for you? 

The world looks different to me; it was more complicated the first year. I would still get jammed up over little things. I looked at things as problems. The thoughts would lurk if I was uncomfortable or wanted to celebrate. 

Long story short, I stayed consistent and made my sobriety and self-growth and helping others my main priority in life. From there, everything CHANGED! It’s miraculous. 

I see things differently. I handle life differently. I look at the world and people differently. I have an outlook on life that is amazing! Before, I was a very dark thinker, to say the least. If you would have told me I would be where I am today, I would have thought you’re crazy.

Let's talk about Seth Gamble off-camera. What do you do when you're not shooting porn? What hobbies do you have? Do you like to cook? Are you a fan of reading books, going to amusement parks, video gaming? 

Well, I help other addicts, which is a big part of my life. I love to workout. I like to smoke cigars once in a while with friends and talk life. I spend time with loved ones, go to the beach, spend time with my girlfriend, Kenzie Taylor…

I LOVE to read! Knowledge is one of my favorite things to gain. Amusement parks are awesome when I get to go on vacations, when I have the time.

What's your favorite book? 

The 4 Agreements and As a Man Thinketh. Anything by Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks, really. 

 What's your favorite music genre? Bands? 

Soul music has always been my favorite, then NY 90s hip hop. Rock? Any classic,s specifically, David Ruffin, Smokey Robinson, MJ, Prince, Sinatra, Hatebreed, AZ, Nas, Kool G Rap...  


What are your favorite video games to play? 

Any fight game! Tekken! Mortal Kombat!

You also have a pretty solid reputation for being ripped. How do you maintain your physique so well? What's your typical routine like? 

Well, I work out 5 times a week, lift, and eat as healthy as possible.

Is there anything that you've been hoping to tell fans?

I love you all and I will keep getting better to give you my all!

~Interviewed by Ossiana Tepfenhart

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