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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Christiana Cinn

Part 1: "To Cinn or not to Cinn"

What does it mean to Cinn? I think it is a sprinkle of something sweet, yet if you do not give it the respect it deserves and shovel it down by the spoon full, you will have more then your fair share of problems. To be one of Christiana’s “Cinners” I think that is what many fans of the #TripleX world yearn for and they just do not know it. Miss Cinn, what she is at her core is a throwback to porn stars of yester-yore. An actor, a performer, a pure entertainer. This woman has sexuality, sex, beauty and allure as a few of the cornerstones that make up who she is but there is so much more to her. If you were to see the places this beauty has been, understood the lifestyles she has changed you would never think her to be this down to earth beauty who still sees herself as a non-A-list player, says the performer who is Penthouse Pet of the Month and fell just a few votes short of being Pet of the Year. If you were to know this beautiful lady like I have begun to, you would see this woman who is always learning, who is always paying her dues and is always seen giving respect to the performers who came before her and have climbed the latter already. I can remember a moment where she was with Romi Rain and Charlotte Stokely at a cozy little industry event and all Christiana could do was tell these amazing beauties how much they inspired her. That is a drive that I rarely see in any industry, let alone one in the entertainment world. When asked who we should feature for AVN my pick was in a second, last year's host of the filmed Showtime Spectacular that covered the show itself. She helped to make that film shine. Now, that is the person I wish to show to you. A woman who eats sleeps and breathes this industry. A woman who is discovering what you can truly do when you do a thing in ways that many people said you cannot. That is positivity, that is Christiana Cinn.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: Damn babe, that is so badass, do you ever stop creating new things? (We are talking about her band, Hot Sauce Holiday and their rock opera.)

Christiana Cinn: Yes, this last show in December was our last show with this theme. Then we are going to be putting on a show that is completely different.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so cool! I remember that when I was looking for you at XRCO and I was looking for you for so long at XRCO

Christiana Cinn: Awwwwwwww!

Don Juan DeMarko: (We share a little snicker) You are the bomb baby!

Christiana Cinn: You are like Mr. Sunshine. Just hearing your voice makes me happy!

Christian Cinn

Don Juan DeMarko: Ahhhh, that is how I will always feel about you sweetheart. You know, we have to start this thing out by talking about amazing guys in this business. One of the best ones that I finally got to meet at XRCO was Isiah Maxwell. Have you ever gotten to work with him?

Christiana Cinn: No! He is a friend and he is just the sweetest guy, but we have never gotten to work together! Damn it! Someone needs to book me for my first IR already!

Don Juan DeMarko: You know, it seems as of late there has been all the talk of all these bad guys in the industry and everyone has had an encounter with one in their career that is just a part of the business, but no one ever talks about the good guys. Isiah, he is a person that every single woman wants to work with, and they love him as a person. That is so special. I think people need to get their head out of their ass when it comes to booking. There are a lot of great scenes that may never get made because people are not thinking about these dynamics. You and Isaiah would kill it!

Christiana Cinn: Well, to be fair, directors and producers have a lot on their plate and there are a lot of entertainers all trying for the same spots.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, you are truly one of the good ones in this business babe. OK, now to start off the interview. It is time for the most boring question that a porn star ever gets asked and, …. Wait! Holy shit, you are the first person that I am ever going to get to ask this question twice to. You are the first repeat interview with me babe. Just with a different company, we won’t mention any names. (We both start laughing.) I feel blessed that it is you I get to ask twice, how did you get started in this beautiful business?

Christiana Cinn: (She laughs her sweet laugh. Christiana has a laugh that just makes anyone smile. When you hear it, you simply want to hear it again. It is that infectious.) Wow, what a question! I wanna work for XCritic! (Her laughter keeps going, it makes the room so calm and so warm.) How did I get into the adult business? Well, as you know Don, right before I was finishing beauty school, I had gotten a few e-mails from a few platforms. One of them just so happened to be Playboy. There were a lot of dilemmas. I did not know if I should do it. I was asking anyone who would listen, “should I do it?” The reaction quickly became, “hell yeah!” This was a crazy time babe, I had literally just gotten my beautiful piece of paper saying that I completed beauty school and I was getting on a plane for Los Angeles. I completed my shoot and I thought what better way to keep this thing going then to get a job as a hairdresser. What a lot of people do not know, that is in the Bay area, the job market for a hairdresser is super competitive. So, I began to dive head first into everything. I was webcamming, I was go-go dancing. Then, when the pictures from Playboy came out, everything changed. Being a nude model had started to become something very lucrative. This was also something that was very appealing to me. I had a lot of fun being nude from the very first occasion that I posed. When I made that full jump to LA, webcamming just started becoming easier with these nude modeling gigs and soon more and more and more just became easier no matter what it was. I will tell you the truth, Don. I had always loved porn. I had always fantasized about it, I loved porn. I guess you can say that I was addicted to porn basically. It went both ways with both the men and the women. I would see these films and say to myself, “I just want to go fuck those guys.” (We share a massive laugh.) I had then met some people from the industry at AVN and the rest is history. That is how it happened for me!

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love that story, it is one of my favorite stories, but I know you know that. You wanna know just how much I love you, baby?

Christiana Cinn: Yes, do tell!

Don Juan DeMarko: I remember the first time you ever told me about your shoot with Penthouse and how that cover came to life. We were shooting the shit just like today, talking about our favorite actors and what people do to shoot on location. Then you tell me about how early you got up for that shoot, how you froze your ass off in that pool and almost got hypothermia, all so you could get that shot. Darlin’ you have inspired me, always have since we first ever spoke about that and how much you love the artistry, the business!

Christiana Cinn: Awwwww, (she has a whimper to her voice, but it is this amazing sigh of passion and respect we have for each other. She is a very caring person Christiana and she always shows you how much she cares. That is miss Cinn.)

Don Juan DeMarko: That inspired me a long time ago to begin to search for that within my writing in the business. That day you made me see what is truly within the hearts of the artists and entertainers in this industry. A lot of what I have produced is thanks to you and the effort you put into your work, my friend. There is an old saying among writers, speakers, interviewers. They say when you interview a person twice, that means that they are something special and my goodness, that is true beyond belief sweetheart in my eyes.

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Christiana Cinn: Awwww, you are too sweet. Whenever we get to do this, I always feel like I am getting interviewed by Barbara Walters or Larry King. (We share a laugh again.)

Don Juan DeMarko: Awwwww, I love you sugar!

Christian Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: Yes, that is so you, it always has been. I love watching them and that is always how you carry yourself.

Don Juan DeMarko: Now I am just wanting to go out and party with you. I was so busy at XRCO trying to navigate the sea of humanity while watching out for my date's well being that I only got to say hello and chat for a wee little bit.

My belief has always been that it is you ladies that put all the asses in the seats.

I have always enjoyed being that guy who makes sure the girls get home OK when they have had too much to drink or that they are aware of where they are heading.

That is the least us crazy assholes in the industry can do for you all. There would be no industry without you all babe.

Christiana Cinn: I wish that every person in the industry thought the way that you did.

You always hold us to a standard babe that makes us think better of ourselves and in return helps us to do that with others in the industry. That is something that is so good in the industry.

I think that being there for us like you always are and putting us in this spotlight it is good.

You make everyone step up their game Don which is a good thing.


Don Juan DeMarko: (My heart is swelling, and I am honestly trying to fight back tears) Awwww, you are so sweet sugar. You are the one who lifts spirits and standards. I am just following your lead. Always will be.


Christiana Cinn: Waaaahhhhhhooooooooooooo!

Don Juan DeMarko: OK, OK, I got to stay professional! (We both keep laughing) I have got to ask you these three questions. Last time we had spoken, you had yet to do your first big acting role. I remember the time we were texting each other about your role in The Little Mermaid. Bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you? What was it like to work with Brad Armstrong and be in Takers love? I have been dying to ask you that since you starred in the film.

Christiana Cinn: Oh my gosh, to start off, Brad Armstrong is amazing! He is so charismatic, and he is so well spoken in all that he is and does. I was so lucky to interview him and jessica on the red carpet at the last AVN. I could just talk to them forever. They both have so much creative energy. That is what also comes to mind when you ask me about what it is like to be on set with Brad. I was also on set with Asa Akira and she is just so beautiful and so sweet. She is one of the most talented actors that I have ever been privileged to work with. I loved being on that set, I remember it being this warehouse out in the middle of nowhere. I did not even know where it was when we were trying to find it. I got so nervous. I can not forget that about that shoot. My scene was with Derrick Pierce. It was really cool, I loved his ideas so much. I was playing this dominatrix and I felt so honored that Brad thought of me to become this part. I will work with Derrick and Brad any time that they want. That is how much fun I had, that is how much I learned from them both and fed off their energy. He is so great!

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: Here is the part two of that question because I wish I could have been there to see you dive head first into that role! I wish I could have just seen the look on your face when you got offered that role. I know how much that you love the performance side of this business and …

Christiana Cinn: I do, oh my gosh! I love it so much! I love it and I hope to get more chances like that. I just want people to give me a chance. That is all that I need to show them that I can act, that I can perform and that I am not just a “gonzo” girl. I am a person that takes acting seriously and I really have fun. I always bring really good energy on set and think that there are a lot of people who have not been privy to see that about me yet. I am dying for that chance to impress them. I am sounding like an author writing my memoir over here.

 Christian Cinn

Don Juan DeMarko: You know what I was going to tell you? You know how excited I was when I got to see them building that special piece by piece and I got to see all this energy you had during that expo and awards show. The smile on my face sweetheart. I was like, yes! Christiana is getting to interview everybody! Yeah! I know how much that you had to have been getting things together with your own character, performance look and everything else that comes with being the AVN correspondent. 

Christiana Cinn: Babe, it was amazing! I even got to interview Lil’ Wayne!

Don Juan DeMarko: I know, it is was cool as fuck!

Christiana Cinn: I got to interview him and yes, I even grabbed his dick! (We bust out laughing so hard, I thought boogers were going to start flying.) I was like, “this seems all right!”

Don Juan DeMarko: You know what I thought was the cutest fucking moment? I think I was, no, where was I? Anyway, I think I was on the other side of the hotel extremely buzzed. I loved getting to see that part where Kissa won for Best Girl/Girl scene with who was it, I am drawing a blank.

Christiana Cinn: With Katrina!

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes! That is it. The way that they pieced that footage together, that was the cutest fucking thing on the planet!

Christiana Cinn: I know, you get to see how excited that she is. It was so amazing to feel both ladies’ energy that moment. I had watched the scene after, and it was phenomenal. I feel like that is the number one scene from the last decade.


Don Juan DeMarko: I agree. You know sugar, I kid you not. You know, I think that we get to showcase to the fans that you love porn as much as you do is something, we did not get to do the first time. I think that is such an amazing thing to come from a performer. You know, I think that nothing bonds two people like watching porn. No bullshit, no joking. My girl, that is one of the things we talk about and share often. Our love for porn.

Christian Cinn 

Christiana Cinn: I honestly cannot wait to meet her, and we get to all hang out together. She sounds so awesome!

Don Juan DeMarko: She is amazing. She is a big geek, just like me.

Christiana Cinn: I love that about you. I think I have told you many times how much I love geeks and nerds. You know that is really what keeps this business going. It is all smart people.

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, you know, whenever we have spoken about that scene, we both have said to the other, “this is just the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life!” That scene is queer in the best of ways because you are really seeing women have sex the way that they really have sex.

Christiana Cinn: Yes, yes…..


Don Juan DeMarko: My sweetie pie, she said the exact same thing. That has been one of our many bonds the fact that we love porn in the same manner. She said, “you are one of the first men who actually like that scene.” I said, “correction, I am the first man that will admit to it.” Because I think many, many men love that scene. They are just so afraid to admit that they love watching two women have sex in a way that makes them actually look and say, “what is happening here? This defies convention” and that is not a bad thing. Men sometimes think that it is though.

Christiana Cinn: Oooooooohhhhhhhhh. That makes so much sense!


Don Juan DeMarko: The truth is, we all like that as human beings. I think they broke down walls with that scene.


Christiana Cinn: Yeah, yeah! They made that scene violent, yet sexy and really intense. It was something really refreshing and so new. Normally in a lesbian scene, the most intense things get is with a strap-on right! With Katrina and Kissa, they really made it so intense. You could tell that they were really having sex too. I did not see them doing it any other way in my head.

Don Juan DeMarko: So, when you and I were first getting to know one another, I was dating another gal then the one that I am with today and she was, well, I should say is, really into BDSM and stuff. I will admit, I am a wimp. I hate to see women get hurt, even when it is wanted pain like flogging, spanking etc. So, she had a girlfriend that they loved to basically switch on each other when it came to bondage and I got to take in a few shows to get to understand it and I was like Wow! This is the coolest shit that I have ever seen! I loved to see her get dominated. To get back to my point here. I just love that you got to be a part of that whole shebang with AVN. Look at me, I am rambling over here.

 Christian Cinn

Christiana Cinn: The whole night was just amazing! Well, now that I think about it, not just the whole night but the whole week! Just being involved so closely with the show. I honestly was really in this zone that I could feel no fatigue. I told the producers, anything you need just let me know, no matter what that might be. They had reads that I did not even have to participate in, but I took part in every single one of them. I just wanted to know so much about what was going on and how a production like this was created from start to finish. Interest and curiosity are two things that I never back down from. I just did not want to let anyone down. It is a big responsibility and it is a big honor to partake in that part of AVN. I was really all about that the entire week. The excitement was always with me day and night. This was the first time that I did not really sign with anyone at AVN. I was with Penthouse for a few hours but the rest of the time I was just really dedicated to the show. I had it in my mind, “people are going to see this other side to me. It is going to be on TV always!”


Don Juan Demarko: You have gotten to see the entire thing that is on Showtime then correct?

Christiana Cinn: Fuck yeah I did!


Don Juan DeMarko: Babe, you did so good. I mean you stole the show, you brought character and tempo to everything.

Christiana Cinn: I am going to be doing the GayVN’s with Liam Riley!


Don Juan DeMarko: Ahhhh, really?

Christiana Cinn: Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. After this interview, well no wait, this coming Wednesday we are already coming up with ideas. We are going to get together and brainstorm all this stuff together. Since you messaged me the other day, you caught me in a creative mode where I have just been writing down everything and anything! I have been doing so much research, you would be even more proud of me and my endless moments of finding my niche. I have been watching a ton of Joan Rivers interviews, I was even looking at Liam and his work. Last year, he was a red-carpet correspondent and he did an amazing job. I have been asking him non-stop since we found out that we were going to working together, “how do you do everything so effortlessly? We have been putting our brains together in both ways of comedy and ways to do something unique.


Don Juan DeMarko: Sugar, I love it. You are so researching the right people. I think that when it will all come down to it, you have that old school style of fashion, glamour, and poise. You bring out that comfort within people no matter what you do and that is so important. That is the key to being a great interviewer and you have always had that. Since day one that I have met you, it is just this energy that flows everywhere, with everyone. I am so happy for you.

Christiana Cinn: I know, thank you! I am really excited. I am going to be getting to Vegas very early because that event starts on Monday. It is going to be a full week of fun for me at AVN this year.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, yay! That is just right up your alley doll, isn’t it? I hope that I get to see you when I head down there. I have many, many overdue hugs for you. You know, the things I always love talking with you most is performance. You know, watching an adult film, I think many people are so keen on telling us that adult performers cannot act and all this other bullshit, quite the contrary. I think that the hardest thing to sell is a production with sex and a performance that includes the same. My girl and I were talking about performers who not give there all and how much that shows but also, how it does not show the critics how amazing the adult entertainer is, especially on the acting side.


Christiana Cinn: Yes, we are giving something to the world. I do not want to sound cliché but there is always someone watching every little thing that you do. I guess you could say a mainstream actor, we see a person’s curves, or bust or beauty and that is it. With us, we must make everything shine and without the aid of things we rely upon to cover up nervousness. There is a woman in the Midwest, and she is watching us, this is a hypothetical babe, so bear with me. This woman is watching us perform, who knows this woman may be in a good relationship, she may be in a bad relationship but what she is doing is watching us perform and saying to herself, “Is this OK for me to be asking someone for? Is this OK that I look to have the same kind of joy and pleasure when I am having sex?” I think all of us in the industry miss that about the culture that watches us. Both sides, even the side that opposes what we do. I think for a long time, porn has only been about what men want but we watch it too. I don’t think a lot of women realize this, we are leaders, we are trendsetters. There is so much that we influence with making these films that we are so passionate about. We must be aware that if this is something that we tell the world that we are passionate about only for the money, then we are sending the wrong message about sex and sexuality. Sex is something that can be shared in so many ways and it does not depend on how much money you have in your pocket. That is the beauty of sex.


With that, we end part one. You must always end a story on a high note, no matter what that is. That is something the great Abraham Lincoln once said. Christiana Cinn has long been a woman that is changing the ways that women are heard across the world, along with many others within this great adult industry. She did a bang-up job doing exactly what she said she was going to do. Now that we are heading into the AVN Awards themselves this weekend, there is talk everywhere of where the industry is going. How are certain things going to thrive and survive? I think that in a world where we tend to see what is so bad with everything first that stopping to look at what is great about a situation is what we must do as an industry to be different. The amount of people in Vegas is staggering. There are the masses who want more. There are the people who want to see innovation at this level. It is what this industry has always done on the tech side. Now, with women like Christiana, we see that women can take not only this world but the one that surrounds us all and show us what beauty is out there.

Don Juan DeMarko


 Still Courtesy of: Miles Long




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