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The XCritic Interview: Syren De Mer Pt. 2

"Life, Living and the Moment"

Most will not understand why part two of this interview took so long to come out, perhaps not even the beautiful subject that the articles words try to capture and display for all to see in the adult world and beyond. Syren De Mer, like a fine wine she simply is like nothing else on earth that can take you to places you never thought possible with just a taste. Oh, I know what you thought I was going to say and you thought wrong and that is the type of surprise I had to give her fans and critics with part two of this interview. The spoiler of this main attraction is that she has more to her then you would ever think possible and she manages to show many critics of the world of fetish that it is an indulgence that is truly gained with the mind and not without it as many non-believers would say. Talking with Syren this day, I learned that she was a lover of art and romance, contrary to what her performances may spark us to believe as fans and peers. I was astonished by how much this empowered woman reminded me of loves past with her tales of life and joy. She brought me to tears by the end of our conversation and it was the fact that she was able to spark an emotion of joy so powerful within me, that simply takes me to another world with just a few words. That is the true wonder of this industry and the people that create it with their lust for life and living, for that is what Syren truly does. So, without any further delay:

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: (We join the following program fully engaged with two car enthusiasts who just talked about their fathers for almost forty-five minutes and now we were both feeling our Dad’s ways that they passed onto us.) Yes, yes. No, I am feeling like my old man. Cranky.


Syren De Mer: Well, you know men who always take life by the horns like that they have passion and you can not take that away from them as a fault.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love the fact that you are so old school in the way that you see a car and have a passion for it. I honestly can talk cars and Camaros with you forever madam. Now, these next questions, I would love to start to engage in your performer side of the world that is Syren De Mer. I have been dying to speak with you about this side of who you are for a very, very long time. My first question, of all the films you have done, all the photo shoots, all of the fetish aspect of your indulgence, let’s say that you were going to hang it up tomorrow and call it a career. What film, or what scene I it that defines Syren?


Syren De Mer: My gang bang. (She laughs the greatest HaHa in the history of porn here. It is a combination of Nelson Muntz and Rachel from Friends. That is the only way I can describe the sound.) My ten on one gangbang for LegalPorno.com


Don Juan DeMarko: (I let out a monstrous chuckle because…) That is great and here is what I truly find so fascinating about you. Our mutual friend said that you and I were going to get along in many different ways and one of the biggest is that you are truly both sides of sexuality. You have so much grace and glamour when it comes to your work and then you also have this stunning, enthusiastic and carnivorous way that you step onto the even more erotic side of sexuality. There are so few people in the world that know of such things and even less that indulge in it.


Syren De Mer: Yes, I am very sexual, very, very sexual but artistic. It goes back to sexy, yet sensual. Sexy and you could even say something that is very animalistic in a way. Instinctual, that is probably the best word that I would use to describe me. I do not think about sex, I just do sex. When I start to talk about myself in such ways, it does make me see other pieces of work that I have done. For instance, my work with Deauxma, that was probably the most heartfelt scene that I have ever done and there was an underlying story to that, she was retiring, and we are very, very close friends. So that scene really was a goodbye for us. Don, there was so much true emotion in that scene. There are other films where my acting, like some of my latest work for Sweet Sinner where I played the narcissistic psychopath murderess. There have been some characters that I step back and look at and say, “wow, this is cool” and I can not believe that I was able to do a good job at all playing these characters and that is something I am very proud of. There is so much that comes to mind when a person stops to look back at their career and their experiences. It truly is that gang bang that came to mind when you asked that question.


Don Juan DeMarko: We have such a similar type of persona and perhaps, the truth of the world is that all humans have this type of instinct if they choose to tend to it and embrace it. You were preaching my gospel when you spoke of instinct and reacting on that. When a person judges a book by its cover, which we all do, and I am sure you get this all the time. I had you pegged in reverse. I had you as that person who was going to be the exact opposite that you are with everything, especially your scene work and acting. It is a true wonder to see a fellow human being who gives into their own will the way that you do and without thought. Or I should say, over thought.


Syren De Mer: I know, I know. (I derail her train of thought by trying to simply get more out of her at every second. The wealth of knowledge she has but more so, the type of person who coveys this universal emotion we all feel is intoxicating to simply hear. Interrupting her was so commonplace this day.) Now I am trying to think of that scene and the phrase, “lady in street and a freak in the bed.” That is me.


Don Juan DeMarko: I am going to skip forward to question eight in our ten-question rendezvous, so if I am not mistaken, the role you are speaking of is in The Puppeteer that came out in August if I am not mistaken? The scene with Sean Michaels? Since it has come out there were so many people all across the industry who spoke of it as one of the hottest scenes of 2018 mixed with some of the most jaw-dropping acting, they have seen you a part of. What was it like getting to take part and become a Jacky St. James character?


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Syren De Mer: That is one of my, well, let me think now because I must think of the order these films fell under because I have worked with Jacky St. James three times now and the Puppeteer was my second time working with her. My first time was in a film called MILF Pact 2 and she actually wanted me in for the first volume of that series as well but there were just some things that did not work out as well during that time for me to be in that particular film but I was so glad that she brought me back for the second volume. Now, when it comes to Jacky, I adore her. She is so much fun, she is upbeat, she is silly, yet she is still business. She runs her set very fluidly, she has everything down to a precise schedule and occurrence. The way that she speaks with her crew and how they get each other is a wonder to watch. I remember her telling the lighting crew something that I think only they could make out, but they understood each other. Jacky is saying, “OK, you need us to run it again? Then let’s run it again.” The crew then got set for a practice, then they move right into filming what she sees as a director and they help create it. She has a beautiful eye, she knows what she wants, and she directs it beautifully. What really stands out most in my mind when you ask me about “Jacky” it is that she is quirky, she is silly. Her crew loves her and what I find the most intriguing, her scripts, her dialogue, it is very intense. She is a director who loves it that way and the work that must come forth to create what she writes. It is just an amazing day, I could go on and on and on about working with her. Just thinking about her Don, there is this big smile on my face.


Don Juan DeMarko: I really love her too. Jacky St. James, she is creating something so wonderful in this business. I love that Mile High is keeping her going and giving her the room to create her masterpieces because that is what they are. To hear that her scripts touch the performers that deeply, it shows the artistry that is here in our business for discovery by many fans because I do not think these films are given the promotion that they should in today’s speedy world of business. This industry has the X rating and being able to push the envelope that is what we should all be doing. I love that you are in so many of her creations.


Syren De Mer: You know, getting back to her eye for cinema and directing. You can go back to all of her scenes and films when she was with New Sensations and they are just gorgeous. I can remember watching her films, you do not forget them. Every scene lit beautifully, every performer had dialogue that completely connected making the story something you wanted to follow, not something you just had to put up with to get to a certain part of the scene. One thing that really sets her apart from any other director, she writes the scenes to the talent that she wants in them. She is a director who I think starts with this vague idea of a storyline and then she picks who she wants in that particular movie and then she writes that character to that person and whatever strengths or weaknesses they may have. So, for me, with The Puppeteer, she knows that I can pull off the things she asks, even though it can be way out in left field certain things I derive from in my acting that type of role. So, she wrote that character to my strengths, she wrote Sean’s character to his strengths. Writing these things to the actors themselves, not fitting the actor to the character, that is the wonder of Jacky St. James.


Don Juan DeMarko: Amazing Syren. You have just given an insight better than anyone I have ever seen. Truthfully, I like to think that I can unravel what an artist does to make a film. Everyone has their own methods of how they create their magic. It makes so much sense now why she is always able to get the best performance. That is someone who cares, not just someone who is trying to spend a budget and crank out scenes as quickly as they can. One thing I will admit, and I am not a gossip guy, but I will say this because it shows Jacky’s true wonder. There are times she casts some people that I am not the fondest of and every single time, she gets the best out of these people. She makes something that is so wonderful no matter if you are a fan or not, she makes something that you have to watch till the end. It makes so much sense now with the light you have sed on her artistry. Thank you for that madam. My mind is truly blown right now.


Syren De Mer: Oh, it goes even further Don. Most times you will bring a few wardrobe selections when you are working with her because she has a vision for who she wants you to become. I will show up in a t-shirt and jeans, hey, I am from the North West right! We are very laid back, we all usually have that easy-going spirit and she has always been able to pick up on that from the moment that we met. Those are the things she has cast me, and it is so funny because I am that person who is in a t-shirt and jeans more than anything else. It is like I said, she builds the character around you. It is just amazing how she does that, and it is what separates her from every other director.


Don Juan DeMarko: Awww, I love it! I am always rooting on this industry to continue those things. Creating those types of productions is nothing but wonderful in every way. OK, so this goes into the last question and I wanted to save the best for last. I hate that bullshit term MILF because when I was just a fan my two favorite people were Ashley Renee and a performer named Carolina. I was lucky enough to get to meet both ladies on a professional level when I first got into the industry. I have always loved older women, even when I was a little boy. I love the fact that you did that scene with Mindi Mink for her Girlsway, Girl of The Month Award. I have to ask you, what was it like working with her? Because I know that Girlsway’s sets are so unique. I must ask what was it like taking that in? Because it has a little bit of fetish in it as well, doesn’t it?


Syren De Mer: It did, (She laughs the most devious, yet sweet laugh. Like the cat that ate the canary basically.) It did, it did. Mindi and I have known each other for quite a while. We met, through Dan. So this was not our first meeting, we met for the first time when she was actually a contract star with Girlfriends Films a couple of years ago.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: That is cool. I had thought perhaps you might have. One of the things I love about Mindi and being that you are a fetish person, she is a person who told me this amazing story about how her fetish was just being touched. I found that the most amazing of things because she told me that story as I was learning about the things the mind can do when fetish is introduced into a person’s physical intimacy with another. Being that I have developed this true passion for BDSM now, she is so unique in that sense of where her mind goes during sex. I would love to know; did you have any input on her creation of that scene?


Syren De Mer: That was her showcase. That was her baby, that was her ideas. Who she wanted, how the story played out, that was all her. She had contacted me and just came out of left field by saying, “I want to go over an idea with you.” I told her yes of course. In past, he had done one, no, let me think, ….. no, it is two scenes that we had done for her website. When we had first met each other at AVN, we both met each other’s significant others, she and I have a relationship that is just like mine and we just connected and became friends right away. Yes, it was all her Don. She was the one who came up with this idea. She knew exactly what she was looking for and when she came to me, she is my friend, so she knows my lifestyle background. Her exact words were, “this is what I am thinking, what do you think?” I looked at her and simply said, “absolutely! I can definitely switch.” I, …… I am submissive but with all of my mainstream porn, I am never cast as the submissive character, I am always a “top.” My day to day persona, I am very A-type. I am very self-assured, I am very confident, very driven, just very soft. I may be born in Cancer, but I really do follow my Gemini traits. So, I can pull a switch, very easily but I am not calm, I am not that type that, well, let us put it this way, I am Drew Carrey, I do not want to hurt you and that is what she wanted.

Mindi, she wanted the fetish, but she also wanted the sensory part of everything. I told her, “I can abide.” I also have enough experience in the lifestyle that I can do “the corporal” and I can bring it! You know, I did a custom with my girlfriend and she has also been into BDSM for many, many, many years. In this custom video, she… well, before we start that, she is a submissive as well. The plan was this, in the film, she was to be the sub and I was to be the domain and actually do corporal on her. I was a little nervous, I was torn between how much to put in because in my mind all I could think about is, “I do not want to hurt you.” But time goes on and even though I know my girlfriend inside and out, I know what she can take, and I still get that feeling like you are the one dishing it out and I would hold back in some spots and she would look at me like, “what?” Then I was able to fully bring it. So, when it came to me and Mindi, that is how I knew that we could do the sensory. There was so much that I remember about that shoot. The touching, the breathing. All that kinky type of touch play, it is something that is all in the mind. It is all about mind games. That is what you really need in order to fully embrace and interpret the pain part of what you are taking part in. So, everything in that scene, I think it came to life because that is the type of domme that I am in real life. I am that soft and sensual type.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing. You just made me think of a bonus question that I can not believe that I almost forgot. The thing I love most about a woman who is an alpha, especially when she is a dom and that is a part of her lifestyle. The hardest thing to do, when it comes to woman on woman, is to be that patient dom. I have not seen too many who have progressed far enough to know how to become that type of person. I would assume now with what you just told me, that you evolved into that type of domain? The patient, ….


Syren De Mer: I came from a family of teachers, so I am just going to say that it is in my genetics. I have patience. I have actually been told by more than a few people that I am a unicorn. (We both share a massive laugh.) I am the beautiful girl on the outside but, as everyone says, “damn, you are a dude on the inside.” I take pride in that a lot of people see me as not being high strung and that I live my life as free from drama as I can possibly make it. I am someone who is very low key and not high strung at all, no drama and I always have been. That is where my A-type personality becomes what it is and I truly am that “A” type, in your face personality.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is soooo badass. I think that type of similarity we have will earn your respect with this part of how I came to find the wonders of fetish, BDSM, etc. When I got into this, I was so deathly afraid to hurt my partner because I am a lover through and through. A romantic all the way. I had never understood the concept of joining the two together. So, when I was learning to be dominant and let that part of who I am take center stage, I was trying to perfect a way to not humiliate. Whenever I met girls that we bring into our lifestyle. So many are shocked that I can bring that dominant side out. I find it so rare to meet the people who understand that. Most women I run into, they will have a “master” a “daddy” a “dom” in some way, whatever one wishes to call it. I find it to be so intricate when someone has that passion. To be that dom that does not humiliate and is at the whim of their submissive in more ways then people think possible, that is something that took me years to evolve into. I am still learning more and more every day.


Syren De Mer: It does, it takes a long time. For me yes. I can top women, I do not like topping men at all. I will even go as far as to say that I can’t. This is something that I have tried to do, and I have found that I end up forcing it when I do that. Even if you look at my personal life, or even my scenes I should say I can be a lot more aggressive towards a woman. I can take that top role much easier then I can a guy. I can be aggressive, I can be assertive, I can be a big bitch, so….   Now, when it comes to domming, it is very new for me to dom a woman than it is dom a man. Now, when I am submissive, bring it. I think the best way that you can look at is by looking at a coin. Take it out and look at both sides of it and that is me. I am both sides of that coin. I am a soft, patient, loving, dom, domain but, I am an extreme submissive. Corporal, you must build up to the pain and I do not orgasm from pain. I use pain to build up the endorphins which build up your orgasm. So, I do not consider myself a pain slut, but I look for complete domination and aggression. I look for and revel when my dom releases their corporal and I can take it. So, my top and bottom personalities are complete opposites. My how, or why, that is just how I am. It goes back to instinct. I do not think about it, I just do.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is a quote if I have ever heard one darling.


Syren De Mer: …. And I live a lot of my life that way. I live a lot of it day to day. I really do not look into the future, I do not worry about what is coming. I worry about what is right now. Worry, that is not the right word, I live in today, I do not live in tomorrow.

Syren De Mer 

Don Juan DeMarko: Carpe diem! Correct? Seize the day. That is how I live my life as well.


Syren De Mer: See, so you are a person who can appreciate what is happening right now. Don, that is who I am. The person who appreciates right now. If you start thinking about tomorrow, then you start stressing out, thinking about things you should not be, over analyzing pleasures and defeats. No, you have to say no to that kind of stuff, that kind of living. You must enjoy your life. I want to enjoy the beauty that is right there, right before me.


Don Juan DeMarko: My goodness, you are truly something special. There is a very close friend of mine who she really can not wait to meet you. We met each other because both of us have a fond passion for older partners, women especially. She has been in the industry for three years now and she is seven years younger then I am. What I love about this wonderful industry of ours is getting to meet so many wonderful souls and personalities that exist in the world….


Syren De Mer: Oh my God, I love our industry, I love it! You know, other people will ask me, “what is your favorite thing about the industry?” I always hate those questions of “favorites” because there is something in everything that I do that I sit back and look at and I love each and everything. All those things have something different to them and I think that is the main reason I do not see or have something that is a “favorite.” There is something in each thing, each person, each moment, each occasion that I have enjoyed or that I have loved. The thing with the industry that is so wonderful is that the people are so open-minded and easy going. What you see is what you get and that is what I love about this industry and all the people that I have met during my time within it. A lot of people in the “real” world they hide behind a mask I have come to discover in life. People in the industry, this is who we are, this is us!


….. and as every writer knows, you must always end an article of pristine nature with a quote that will leave the audience speechless. Although the last part of our conversation is private, what I will share with fans, industry member, critics and all people across the globe with what she spoke of, what we spoke of was a bit more about society and I told her about how much she opened my eyes to see what the future holds in many ways for so many things. She made me think of a great lost love and my no coincidence, it is someone who has now come back into my life and we shared a tear about how much something like a conversation can spark memories and how valuable those things are. Syren De Mer is a woman who will forever go down as more than just a “porn star” she is and will forever be a liver of life to me and to so many others.

Don Juan DeMarko 

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