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Britney Rears 2, Hot Rod For Sinners and McKenzie Made

Spotlight Title: Britney Rears 2

Make no mistake about it, out of the 13,000+ porn titles released each year, few of them generate buzz in the mainstream world enough to draw in new viewers based on word of mouth alone. Typically, such titles are released shortly before the deadline for the AVN awards in order to maintain a certain amount of momentum for the Adult Entertainment Exposition that draws fans from around the world. Well, one title sure to receive a lot of attention at award time is Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid.

The movie is the sequel to Britney Rears Wild Back Stage Sex Party, a clever parody of pop singer Britney Spears that remade an established performer named Jessica Sweet into Britney Rears, a gal that had the trailer park turned glamour queen look down pat. Both movies alternate between sex scenes and Britney jet setting around the globe, holding press conferences, and attending to the controversies of pop stardom such as lip synching. While the original was a triumph of style over substance, the sequel proved to be substantially better in all ways. Director Will Ryder and marketing genius Jeff Mullen as well as producer Scott David continued to mold the Britney Rears character as a sex craved bubble head, a role Jessica was born to play from the looks of it.

Hustler decided to release this one as a premium title too, skipping over distribution by VCA in order to capitalize on the ensuing marketing the DVD was poised to get. Remember that the pop parody song from the first movie was played by radio stations all across the country and even Howard Stern got in on the promotional opportunities, making this the best selling title in the Hustler Empire according to those in the know. The sequel is still fresh on the shelves and it seems ready to sell even more copies, banking on Britney's anal scene as well as a lot more fuck for the buck starring the likes of Eva Angelina, Jenaveve Jolie, Shy Love, Hillary Scott, and other hot performers. The extras were some of the best you'll see this year outside of a handful of features released by some of the major contenders too, a trend many of us wish Hustler would continue more often.

While some critics may declare the DVD as yet another tribute to marketing prowess over passionate sex (the lynchpin of any great porno), our own critical voice, reviewer Don Houston, pointed out the DVD had more of the qualities people want in their stroke flicks, with better extras and performances, the result "destined to sell more product than any other title at Hustler this year", one of the largest production companies in the world. Talk is already in the works to begin work on a third volume in the series, using a new starlet in the role of Britney Rears, much like the James Bond franchise has done in the past with numerous leading men featured as the super spy. If you look for a single porn parody this year, check out Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid as an early contender for numerous awards from all the usual spots, including X Critic.

Highlights of The Week

One of the best kept secrets in porn these days is poised to become more of a household name thanks in large part to Hot Rod For Sinners, the latest Celeste erotica piece. The woman in question is the fetching Jana Cova, a woman who stirred the libido of our most jaded reviewer this year at the 2006 AEE Show. Jana is one of the newest contract stars at Digital Playground (known far and wide for turning ladies into porn princesses) and her all natural figure, stunning blue eyes, and smoldering demeanor make her a perfect representative for the company that will likely turn her into yet another crown jewel in their award winning crown. The movie is also enhanced by two scenes with hotty Jesse Jane, though the ten scenes with Jana make it the perfect showcase for her to break into the big leagues. Look out for this one in coming weeks but hopefully our advance review will peak your interest enough to check it out.

Goldenmuse then provides us with a look at a movie she described as leaving her with a "warmly romantic feeling" in Adam & Eve's Whispering Hearts, a romantic drama by director Nicholas Steele where the back cover put it like this: "Troy Baker is a rough and ready cowboy who knows how to break-in the wildest horses - but women are another story! Big city gal Nicole Campbell is as wild as they come- and soon Troy discovers that not everything should be tamed! With scenic outdoor sex, panoramic views and the latest high-definition quality filming.../Whispering Hearts/ beats loud and clear!"

Mistress Liss, another posse member looking for love in all the right places, then gave us a glimpse into not one, not two, but three titles she found worthy of your time and seed, with Industry; "Everyone dreams of a world devoid of all responsibilities and possibilities. The only thing that exists is now, and Mercedez and the rest of the cast are damn sure going to make the most of the moment. For all of the Mercedez fans out there, this is definitely not what you would expect from her normally. In this DVD her hair is all crazy and her clothes look like they came from a dumpster. Somehow she pulls it all off and is hotter than ever in this DVD. I loved seeing the sexy Jean Val Jean in this movie too! With Mercedez in it and Chi Chi directing it, it is an automatic formula for a must have in my collection, and I highly recommend you add it to yours too." Then a movie where she hoped to use her international woman of mystery skills and translate from her native tongue with Russian Institute 4; "If a movie about a lot of girls in schoolgirl uniforms being naughty is what floats your boat...then this is the movie for you." With the third being Private's Off Limits, in which "Brooke leads the pampered Beverly Hills lifestyle. She's happy and content with shopping on Rodeo until she busts her hubby cheating on her. This is the first Private movie I've watched where they have used American performers instead of European ones. The movie plot was entertaining, and the guys Brooke and Shay fucked in movie were hot as hell! I recommend this movie to all you naughty girls and guys!!!"

Don Houston then gave us a look at three titles centering on young hotties as the dominant theme with Kevin Moore's Dress Up Dolls providing the best fuck for the buck; "a series of vignettes where ladies dress up in order to get what they want from males as well as some solid role playing with a domination theme... the ladies were hot to look at, the quality of fucking was very good, and the amount of fuck for the buck was much appreciated. Sativa Rose's sultry performance, Dillan Lauren's beauty, and all the others managed to work up my libido more than a little bit in this excellent stroke flick. The technical values were decent too and showed some improvement by the director, leading me to believe that Kevin's best is yet to come." He also liked Van Styles' Twisted Youth, saying "the wealth of skilled performers that combined youth and talent as well as a positive attitude for cock. The fuck for the buck was enhanced by some solid tease footage, with a very appealing BTS feature adding in lots of hardcore fun to the mix." He then pointed out the benefits of Barrett Blade's Young and Natural, suggesting: "The entire cast of ladies were good looking enough and the majority of them were good performers with reasonably good production values to enhance their acts. The amount of fuck for the buck seemed worth checking out."

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Aquamarine, our newest female reviewer, came out of the gate running by providing four reviews of titles you might appreciate, initially trying to solve the argument of squirting with Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation, saying it: "I am also sure that many men could learn how to give their lady the ultimate in pleasure by watching this flick. The entertainment value is not lessened at all by the instructional purpose of the DVD either. I highly recommend this awesome DVD to anyone who wants to put a little more excitement into their love life", before going all hardcore on us with her look at three titles that use threesomes to really drive home the bacon. Finding David Luger's 1 in the Pink 1 in the Stink 8 the best of the batch, she said: "I have to be honest here. I would not have picked this title if I had chosen it myself because of the name. As a female viewer the title is a big turn off for me. However, I am really glad I didn't miss it because of that reason. I adore double penetration scenes and this movie has some of the best I have seen to date. Watching was quite an experience too, let me tell you. I had to break out the toy box while watching several of the scenes. I loved the reactions of the women as well. I could really tell they all wanted to be where they were and they all enjoyed themselves immensely. The main thing that would have made it better for me, besides a more appealing title, would have been more extras. All in all, this is a terrific movie and worth the price of the DVD, especially for true blue fans of double penetration like me", before going over to Double Stuffed 7 by director Yani Z. where she said: "Anyone who enjoys double penetration is sure to love this flick. I know I did. This dvd has everything from traditional style double penetration, one guy in each hole, to double vaginal to double anal and all of it is smoking hot! All five actresses are beautiful. They all also seem to be really enjoying themselves which is a plus for me. I really don't like movies where the women don't seem into what is happening. In this particular film the ladies do seems to be happy and satisfied. The one thing that I really didn't care for was the length of time it took for the title of the movie to scroll across while accessing the menu. It seemed like it took forever when I was only wanting to get to the good stuff, but that is just my opinion. I am still going to recommend it because the double penetration action is definitely worth multiple viewings", and finishing up with Double Play 4 by telling us it "is a nicely made flick that any fan of threesomes that include girl on girl action is sure to enjoy."

Don then went to both extremes on women to show he enjoys all the wonders they have to offer, starting with Brandon Iron's Ten Little Piggies 8, likely to be the foot fetish title of the year given the amount of quality extras and dedicated fetish material for your perusal. In his words: "had everything a foot fetish fan could dream of; a lot of women from diverse backgrounds (most with very appealing bodies mind you), tremendous foot for the buck, and an offering of extras second to none in the field of foot worship for your enjoyment. While I'm not into this kind of thing, it almost made me wish I was but it still stood out as worthy of a Highly Recommended rating for all that it offered. Let's face it, with far too many directors doing what they do strictly for money, it's always refreshing to see someone so into what he does that it turns him on just thinking about it. As a labor of love, Brandon struck gold once again and the results are clearly appreciated by the fans." He then took a look at the upper portion of the ladies with a very well received Hand To Mouth 3 by director Pat Myne, saying: "The movie is simply a selection of fifteen scenes where the cast teases the camera, blows their unknown partner in a POV style shot, and also uses their hands at some point in the scene to jerk him off to orgasm. Essentially, it's a basic formula that relies on solid lighting, capable POV camerawork, and the cast of babes to work or not. It was another show I really liked more than I thought I would going into it. The casting was great enough and provided lots of diversity in terms of the ladies, the production values were better than average, and the amount of suck for the buck was matched only by the level of handjobs that I'd have been more than happy to receive from the ladies myself. I'm going to rate this one as Recommended although if you're really into this kind of POV show, you'll probably think a higher rating would be more appropriate. Pat makes some solid porn and I may have to check out other titles along these lines given how appealing this one was to me.

We then turn our eye to seasoned reviewer Namrufmot, who gave a glimpse into some quality titles centering on the youth theme, starting with I Dig ‘em in Pigtails 2 by Acid Rain director Bobby Damone; saying "Overall this DVD was very enjoyable. While I doubt the girls are actually teenagers, they are all fresh-faced and sexy. It would have received a higher rating had Devil's Film tossed in some quality extras, but it still delivers what it promises. If you're in the market for a new teen DVD, you might want to consider picking this one up for your collection." He then suggested Barely Legal 57 as a title that was solid: "Considering they're up to the 57th installment in the series, you know Hustler is doing something right. You get only fresh-faced cuties, intense action, and solid technical quality " what more could you ask for? If you're a fans of the pervious releases or just like watching young girls do naughty deeds, considering picking this DVD up." He finished up with Devil's Film's Best of Teen Facials; "This is one of the best compilation discs I've ever seen. For once I believe the studio when they say these are the "Best Teen Facials" around."

Our staff then took a gander at Juggies 4 by Francesca Le, saying: "Francesca Le has long been one of those gals that really seemed at home having sex on camera. It's not just that she's easy on the eyes or that she's skilled at the art of milking a meat pipe either; no, she seems to enthusiastically enjoy what she does so when she started directing I was hopeful that she'd be able to convey a similar sense of heat in the scenes of others. In large part, she succeeds in doing so and her latest DVD, Juggies 4, is yet another example of why this award winning hotty seems to work both sides of the camera so well. The emphasis was on showcasing ladies with large breasts that use tease before actively engaging in sex on camera, providing plenty to appreciate as they showed they were more than a couple of funbags. Juggies 4 was full of the kind of fuck for the buck I appreciate a lot more now that I see a lot of porn but it also had all the titty play (with large breasted gals) that most of you will be able to handle. The heat of the scenes was above average and the cast seemed to enjoy what they did so I'm going to rate this one as Recommended. It had some rougher edges but in large part, they added to the charm and you'll find that Francesca makes a darned good stroke flick with plenty of replay value.

Colonel Mustard, another of our most esteemed reviewers, found two titles worthy of your attention, or make that erection, with Full Anal Access 6, we he likened it to an action (fudge) packed film by saying: "Michael Steffano's Full Anal Access is a gonzo anal delight of an adult DVD, featuring five scenes chalk full of anal pounding, double penetrations and ass to month. This is a solid release from Red Light District and I liked how Michael Stefano listed himself as a participant in every scene. The one thing similar with every scene that was a bit different was it did not begin with oral, heading right for penetration. The only oral was performed after the cock was removed from one of these fine your ladies rectums. I would Recommend this DVD to anyone who loves hot women getting pounded in the ass." He then saw fit to christen Tear Me A New One 3 as "a hardcore anal romp, that is almost entirely gang bang style. All four of the lovely ladies is instructed to four to five guys, with a special emphasis on anal sex. Generally, one I see only four scenes on a DVD, I'm a touch disappointed. In this case, four is the perfect number. This is a fantastic gang bang scene, with Taryn Thomas & Sandra Romain highlighting the DVD. Beautiful blondes, Georgia Peach & Hillary Scott are not that far behind. I Highly Recommend this DVD for those who like gang bangs. Generally, I'm not a giant fan of the genre, but this was a fun hardcore romp with some hot women."

Don Houston then noticed that Club Jenna was molding their next superstar with the release of the controversial McKenzie Made, writing that the Red Ezra movie "had a terrific cast of ladies, solid production values, far better extras than I anticipated, and a lot of heat in the seven scenes. I would've liked it to last another thirty minutes but there was some solid replay value this time and the overall effort was one I can easily rate as Recommended. McKenzie Lee seems to have a natural sense of sexuality that could really live up to her 2006 Best New Starlet Award from AVN, especially given that Club Jenna seems capable of marketing her prowess. I hope to see more of her work in the future to see if she truly has what it takes outside of the glossy post production work of skilled talents like Red Ezra and Jim Enright but this is her best work to date given what I've seen."

Last but certainly not least were a couple of fun titles reviewed by The Mooninite who noted that Anarchy Films follow up to Playing With Penny Flame was the star driven Playing With Aurora Snow, a virtual sex game where Aurora is completely under your control. "Now that Aurora Snow is a free agent she's opted to work with Anarchy Films for the interactive POV Playing With Aurora Snow DVD release. What is it? It's a sex simulator with one of the cutest and damn sexiest girls currently working in the business. She's all natural, here with trimmed but not completely shaved pubes and bleach blonde hair, and she looks fantastic. If you dig Aurora Snow like this reviewer digs Aurora Snow, you should enjoy this one a fair bit, particularly as you get to control the action the way that you want to, letting you go straight to your favorite part or to focus in on your favorite one of Aurora's many sexual abilities!" With another star focused title being the wonderfully hot Katsumi in the Ninn Worx release of Katsumi Exposed, where he said it "is a very solid selection of five hot scenes that spotlight one of the most unique girls working in the industry today. It's arty and self-indulgent but it's also genuinely erotic and it does an excellent job of showcasing her skills and her screen presence. It's tough to find anything to complain about with any of the five scenes on this disc. Katsumi looks good in all of them and while it might have been nice to see a second girl-girl scene rather than a third double penetration sequence, all five scenes are well shot and pretty steamy. The art house direction gets in the way of the sex on one or two occasions and it's hard not to snicker at Jean in an angel outfit, but other than that, this is great pornography."

Adult Toy Review: Rabbit Habit Cordless Vibrator

Having successfully explored the basic juggernaut sex toy, the Crystalessence Gyrating Penis, not long ago, I figured it was time to pick up another delightful little novelty to showcase in the column. This time, I went with a higher end gizmo called the Rabbit Habit Cordless Vibrator, a toy by Vibratex that is bound to give you and your loved one(s) a lot of interesting times. It wasn't better, or worse, than the other toy but it was more versatile and I'll get to that in a moment.

The first thing I noticed about the Rabbit Habit was that it was substantially smaller in most ways, but good things come in small packages so I wasn't initially judgmental. The useable length of the vibrator was only about 5", the diameter a bit over 1", and it measured less than 5" around at the widest point. Unlike the Crystalessence Gyrating Penis, the material was flexible and had much more give to it, a factor if you intend to use it under certain conditions. This one was clearly intended specifically for vaginal use, from the clitoral stimulator to the beads in the middle section, to the material used in the upper shaft; all of which would limit anal exploration (it was too soft for such play).

The gimmick of the Rabbit Habit Cordless Vibrator, and source of the higher cost, was the double action motor and controls it had. At the base of the vibrator, there were two separate controls (most vibrators have a single control). One controlled the level of vibration on the clitoral stimulator, allowing the consumer to make it faster or slower depending on what works for the lady. The other control activates a variable speed rotational motor that makes the main shaft wiggle around; including the mid-section where the plastic beads are designed to stimulate the labia majora (pussy lips).

In terms of practical use, each setting of the two controls will definitely impact the other; if you speed up one motor, the draw on the 3 AA batteries reduces the speed of the other. Whether or not this would impact your pleasure depends on what gets you off since some ladies favor the stirring motion of the shaft gyrator (for lack of a better term) and others will love the rapid buzzing of the clitoral stimulator. One of the most enjoyable aspects of testing this one was figuring out the balance between the two. It took a fair amount of admittedly amusing experimentation to find out that when my partner clamped down tight with her pubococcygeus muscles (typically referred to as PC muscles), the rotational motor slowed almost to a stop while the clitoral motor buzzed away like a perky little pal. This might not be a factor for those of you who neglect to do your Kegel exercises but advanced sexual practices often rely on well developed muscles to sustain the action (for both men and women).

It also took a fair amount of time to learn how to position the vibrator just right so that the beads were in the right spot, the clitoris was hit just right by the little rabbit ears humming away and the gyrator working the inner chamber of her pussy "just right" (as she put it). Still, as a method to get a gal off, the vibrator offered a lot more than your typical sex toy. The permutations for usage were not endless but they were certainly more varied than either of us were used to, allowing for more communication between us to find the sweet spots.

That said, if a friend sees this one in your nightstand, there will be no doubt as to what it's for. There'll be no believable "it's a neck massager" conversations this time, though the clitoral stimulator was shaped like a cute little bunny. There was also a smiley face on the main shaft but even the densest hick in the world will know what this one is for upon first glance. The three AA batteries (again sticking with Duracell coppertops) lasted several hours with the use being on the high end of the scale. As the batteries got weaker, the toy got weak really fast, you might not notice until just before the vibrator stops working (depending on how much you're into the usage) but the batteries were very easy to change out so keep some on hand.

The top portion of the vibrator was all fused so there was little worry about nooks and crannies getting bacteria in them; making clean up easier than cheaper copycats I've seen. The one caveat I have for you is that the white base meets the plastic sleeve with some open spots, not claiming to be water proof and a potential spot for germs to gather. The white, hard plastic battery compartment was fairly open too so make sure you clean it well after each use or you'll potentially have problems with the terminals corroding.

This vibrator was a bit pricey at $65.95 and while it didn't strike me as a primary toy for your collection, it was sure a lot of fun for those special moments when you're with a loved one. I say this because the complexity of the controls in relation to the angle you'll have to work them make it best suited as a two person operation for optimal enjoyment. In all, it was Recommended for the kind of overall quality of design, with a rectangular clear plastic box that looked nice, if not the best suited marketing tool for gift giving. Pick one of these up for someone you care about and you'll be invited back to help over and over again.
Don Houston

Be sure to read more of our adult toy reviews at AdultToyTalk.com.

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Christopher Thorne.

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