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Marco Banderas: Latino Porn King

Learn all about the man behind the multi-pop phenomenon

When it comes to Latin men in the adult industry there is only one man that stands out prominently and that is Marco Banderas. Many of the women that  I have spoken to about  Marco  speak  very  well of  him and his  natural talent to  arouse  them sexually and sensually... Marco has what it takes to make the ladies gush and them some! I had the pleasure of meeting with  Marco and his  wife Lisa  during their  trip to  New York this  past  January where  they  rang in the  New Year.


Over lunch we spoke  about his  films and  what  he has in  store  for  2008 as both  director and performer. He showed me a few post production pictures from "The Four" which you can see in the XCritic Gallery as well as a few from Marco's Crazy Dream #2. Marco expressed his concerns about how Latinos are represented in the industry. His wife Lisa helped with some of the translation since my Spanish wasn't that great. Lisa and Marco two very beautiful people make a wonderful couple and have no trouble at all with both of them working in porn.


Marco Banderas is one of adult's most sought-after men. He has appeared in over 2,000 scenes, from gonzo to feature titles, and has a  realistic looking  dildo made by Topco Toys that should be out  sometime  next month. Marco Banderas has expanded into directing for his lines produced by Mercenary Pictures -- Culos Gigantes and The Dark Side of Marco Banderas. He has also shot for TightFit Productions and Sunset Media. Marco's newest  venture   Hot Zone  which is  operated by  his vice president of production, Lisa DeMarco, formed in April 2007, Hot Zone features  his  skills in front of the camera and behind it, with finest females  the adult industry has to offer and is exclusively distributed by American Xcess.


 His own personal website, marcobanderasxxx.com and MySpace pages, http://www.myspace.com/marcobanderasxxx   and http://www.myspace.com/marcobanderascd   officially brings his international recognition and over the top performances to the Internet. Marco in person is a very  sweet and  humble  person. He was a professional singer in Spainfor 10 years and is considered to be one the best male performers in the world. He has done a few interview in Spanish for Aqui y Ahora ( Here and Now)  for his  Spanish  speaking  fans. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=28149623. I can honestly say that I am a huge fan of his work as well of his singing. Two of his song can be heard on his MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/marcobanderascd . Meeting  him and his  beautiful and  equally talent wife Lisa was a welcomed  pleasure and I look forward  to  keeping in touch with them  both to  see what they have  in store  for us all. Below are just a few  questions that  I  asked  Marco and  they are in both English and  Spanish  for his fans in the Latin American Countries. Thank You   Marco and Lisa for taking time to  do this  interview. It was a great pleasure!

1-   1. How does being married and  both  being in the industry help or  hinder  your marriage?

In my case in particular I don't believe that being in porn has hindered my marriage at all. It's very clear in my mind that work is only sex with other women and so cannot and does not interfere with my personal feelings at all. It may even be a help to my marriage, as when I come home from work after being with so many other women I realize even more how much I love my wife.


2.  2. How did you and Lisa meet? Was she working in the  industry when you both  met?

When I met Lisa I was a professional singer and she was a fashion designer. It had never crossed our minds to work in porn. We got into it together after talking long and hard about all the implications to our relationship, but started doing live sex shows only with each other at the beginning. As time went by and we became comfortable with the situation we added another girl to our live show, and later did our first porn film together for a Spanish company. After a while we began to work with other people in films while still doing the live shows at night. This lasted about 2 years until we decided to come to LA and work full time in porn. Two and a half years have past since then and I have done over 2000 scenes.

3-   3.  What are  your  future goals  for  2008?

I will carry on working hard as usual, and directing for Mercenary Pictures. A also intend to all I can to make my production company Hot Zone a success and add more lines to it. I also want to keep trying to become successful with my music, writing more songs doing some more music videos. The biggest prize I have received for my work is that I see in the press that people love what I do as much as I love doing it.

Marco in New York City

4. Which of the many ladies that you have worked with do you have an outgoing chemistry with?

That's a difficult question to answer as it would have to be a very long list, and even then I'm sure I'd be forgetting about someone. There is always a different chemistry with each girl, and when you work with someone many times you get to know each other better and your scenes together get better too. Even as I try to adapt myself to what the girl likes and doesn't like to do in order to make our time together as enjoyable as possible. As a man, do you find that it's harder to perform if the girl you are paired up with isn't into you? When I feel like the girl isn't into me it does make things more complicated, but I just try to concentrate on what the director wants from me, and also try not to bother the girl in the process in order that we can get it over as quickly and easily as possible.

5-    5. What is it that you enjoy about working in porn?

What I like most, apart from the paycheck, is when I work with 2 or 3 girls at a time. They're made as sexy as possible for me, and then put into any position I want to have sex with them. I think that it is the dream of most men to do this at any time but more when I do it for a living. It's something that a "normal" guy could never do.

6-   6. Do you see yourself as a "sex symbol"?

I have never considered myself a sex symbol. I believe that that role in the industry belongs to the girls. The only time I felt like that is when I work for Playgirl where the guy is the most important part of the film, although rather than feeling like a sex symbol I just feel like the center of attention.

7-  7. Recently you had a mold made of your penis for Topco, when will that be out on the market and how do you  feel  about it?

The Topco toy will be out around April. It was a lot of fun doing it and I was honored to be selected for their Wildfire line of signature porn star dildos. I can't wait to see the product on sale.

8. Is it  easy  for you to "pop" on queue and what is the maximum you  have "popped" per  shoot?

For me it's very easy to reach an orgasm at any time. This is a result of 2 years of "training" doing live sex shows 3 times a night. I had to ejaculate in the exact moment that the music finished, and this gave me the mental control that I have today. I am able to "pop" 3 times in 2 minutes if I want to. This made it easy to do six cum shots in one day while filming Marco's Crazy Dreams #1 for my company gaining me the nickname 'porn superman'. In Barcelona during the erotic festival I would do 7 live shows every day for the whole week of events, and I think this may be my record to date.

9. How hard is it for you to stay erect and what is your secret?

As I explained before, it's just a matter of practice. The most important part is the mental control you have over yourself. Obviously the girl has an effect in me too, and I always try to concentrate on the part of her that attracts me most.

10. Who is your favorite female performer to work with and why?

I don't have a favorite actress. I could name many, but I'm sure I would miss someone out, so out of respect for them I'd rather not mention anyone specific. It also depends on the moment and the mood in which the actress finds herself on the day of filming. There are times in which I've done a mediocre scene with a girl one day, but on another day with the same girl the scene has turned out great. A lot depends on the director also. If he demands impossible positions or hours upon hours of non-stop sex the performers usually don't like it and everything goes badly.

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11. As a Director, what qualities do you look for in the ladies when casting them for any role?

I cast girls to fit the theme of the movie that I am doing for example, Culos Gigantes requires girls with big butts, and Ebony XXX requires black girls. I still don't direct a Latin themed line, although I think that it would be a good theme for me to do. In general Latin girls are more passionate, and that is what I always look for in an actress, passion and realism.

12. Do other male performers feel intimidated  by you on set?

I don't think I intimidate anyone, although I also think you should ask them not me. Anyway, I hope I don't.

13. Can you tell me about your  upcoming role  in Michael Ninn's  " The Four"?

When Michael offered me the role of male lead in the film I was overwhelmed and very flattered that such an important and gifted director had such faith in me. I studied the script for weeks to learn my lines and interpret my role the best I could. It was a long shoot but probably one of the most enjoyable I've ever done. My role was one of a King, and the whole Ninnworx team really made me feel like one. Michael is a wonderful person who puts all his passion into his work - in this aspect we are very similar. I hope that all his hard work and enormous talent bring him many awards for this beautiful film. He deserves it.

Alexis Texas with Marco the lucky mauler

14. When did you decide that you wanted to do both perform and direct?

After doing many scenes as a performer I realized that I could use my experience behind the camera. As an actor you see things from a different perspective - you know what the performers can and can't do. I believe that it is most important to make the talent feel comfortable in order for them to do a good job. If they feel uncomfortable or you ask them to do the impossible it will show on film.

15. Do you face any challenges daily as both  Director or performer because of the  language  barrier?

When I started to work here in the US I didn't understand or speak a word of English and that was a big problem. Not being able to understand what the director wanted meant I lost concentration in the scenes. Now I understand 80%, and speak 50%. Unfortunately this limits the dialogue and the roles that I am usually given to play, and people probably think I am not very intelligent because of it even though I actually speak 4 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Catalan. I'm always given the role of gardener, English student, Spanish teacher etc. I hope to speak English fluently one of these days to be able to show my acting talent even though I will always have an accent (the girls say it's sexy!!). 

16. In Lady Scarface why was your role so  small?

At that point in time my English was very basic so I suppose the director didn't want to take a chance on me to have a larger role. Sometimes I think that not being fluent in English is a benefit, because it forces me to act more with gestures and movements which in turn allows me to better my acting skills.

Marco and Lexington both like big butts!

17. Who is Marco Banderas/ Duarte?

You're asking me about my name change from "DUARTE", and this is precisely the reason why I changed my stage name. No-one knew how to spell it or say it ( it wasn't Duarte it was Duato).  I got fed up of seeing my name spelt incorrectly on boxcovers and that no-one remembered it. I decided to change it to Banderas, as everyone has learnt how to spell and say that one. Also the fact that Antonio Banderas is from Spain and has had great success here in the US made it the ideal selection.

18. In your opinion what is the most sensual part on a woman's  body?

Since I was very young I have always been attracted to big butts. I think it is a common Latin trait.

19. In your opinion  do you feel that male in the industry should be paid at the  same rate as  the women?

Although the male performer has the added difficulty of having to achieve an erection and can't fake an orgasm like an actress can, I think that it is fair for them to earn more. They are many more hours on set for makeup, hair, pretty girls photos and a solo/ masturbation scene before the guy arrives.

Marco playing multiple roles.

20. Where do you see yourself  five  years  down the line?

I suppose that I'll be doing the same as now but just at a slower pace. I hope to have made a name as a director, and be filming in Europe and South America. I also hope that my company will have become stable and successful, and that I will be earning more money as a businessman rather than just an actor. I haven't lost hope, and never will, that I may have some sort of success with my music career and be able to record something that becomes a hit.

21. Have you done  many  scenes with your wife Lisa and how  different is that?

I have done many scenes with my wife and it is very different. It's more difficult because at home we 'make love', but in front of the cameras we 'have sex'. Also it's difficult to talk in English together as at home we speak in Spanish. I prefer not to work with her so that I can separate work from our love in private.

22. What is an "average" day  for you?

I don't have an average day, because my scenes are always at different times. Some days I get up very early to go to a scene and afterwards I go to the gym, and other days it's the other way around. I like to eat out with my wife and go shopping with her or stay in and watch a film together. From time to time I schedule days off and we go on holiday, although this doesn't happen very often as I am a workaholic an don't like to take a rest. I'll have plenty of time to rest when I buy my house in Barcelona and spend my time filming and traveling all over the world.

23. How many scenes have you done to  date?

I'm not sure of the exact number, but I guess it's about 2000. Most of them I did here in LA, but I have also worked in Prague, Budapest, London, Barcelona, Santo Domingo, Cannes, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca and other places that I can't remember the names of right now.

Marco and Lexi!

24. Why  do you think that  male and females  performers suffer from  burn out  after a few years?

I think it's because they start in the industry too young. It can't be good for an 18 year old 'girl' to be doing double penetrations, anal, and gangbangs - it's too much hard sex for someone so young and impressionable. They earn lots of money and spend it even faster on things they probably shouldn't so that by the time they reach 25 it's all gone. As directors want more and more young girls the age for actress "retirement" is mid to late twenties, at which point they start doing mainly MILF films and so don't work much. I guess that all of this combined would burn anyone out. Fortunately this doesn't happen to the guys as we tend to start later in life and can carry on working until we drop. Guys don't have the same mentality as girls - we are more like animals by nature and impervious to the bad aspects of the industry, so I don't think we burn out for those reasons. This is a generalization of course - there's always the exception the breaks the rule.

En Espanol:

Marco;  fue  un placer hablar  contigo  y  su  esposa Lisa. Les  deseo muchismas suerte!


1. Siendo casado y haciendo porno comoes que eso se puede ayudar o perjudicar a tu matrimonio?


En mi caso en particular el hacer porno no afecta a mi matrimonio para nada, porque tengo muy claro que para mi es un trabajo y simplemente sexo. No se interpone en mis sentimientos.

Quizás podría ser algo positivo porque al estar con tantas mujeres me ayuda mas a valorar a mi mujer.

2. Como conocisites a Lisa? Ella trabajaba en la industria?

Conocía a Lisa cuando yo me dedicaba a cantar, y en ningún momento se nos había pasado por la cabeza dedicarnos al porno. Fue algo paulatino, al principio y después de hablarlo y tenerlo muy claro, entre los 2 decidimos hacer porno en vivo solo entre nosotros. Con el tiempo añadimos otra chica a nuestro show, y después de un ano mas o menos hicimos nuestra primera escena juntos para una película española. Después, con el tiempo empezamos a trabajar por separado sin dejar de hacer nuestro show en vivo durante 2 anos hasta que decidimos venir a LA y dedicarnos de lleno al porno. Desde entonces hasta ahora han pasado unos 2 anos y medio , superando las 2000 escenas.

3. Cuales son tus aspiraciones para el 2008?

Quiero seguir trabajando duro como hasta ahora, y continua dirigiendo para Mercenary Pictures e intentar que mi compañía Hot Zone termina de consolidarse y poder añadir mas líneas. También me gustaría seguir intentándolo con mi música y hacer canciones nuevas y grabar un par mas de music videos.

La recompensa mas grande que tengo a todo mi trabajo es cuando veo que toda la prensa saca artículos sobre mi diciendo cosas buenas. Espero que este 2008 continua así.


4. Con que mujeres todavía tienes química?

Es una pregunta difícil de contestarla que la lista seria muy larga y seguro que me olvidaría de alguna porque siempre hay una química diferente con cada una de ellas.

Cuanto mas veces trabajas mas te conocen y las cosas salen mas rodadas y la escena se vea mucho mejor. Quizás sea porque me adapto fácilmente a cada chica e intento hacerles pasar un rato de lo mas agradable posible.

5. Como hombre crees que es mas difícil trabajar con una mujer que no esta interesada en ti?

Cuando siento que a una chica no le gusta algo de mi a veces se hace mas difícil, pero yo intento concentrarme en hacer una buena escena al director, y no molestar demasiado a la chica para que el mal momento pase rápido y que todos estemos contentos.


6. Que es que mas te gusta delporno?

Lo que mas me gusta del porno, aparte d ganar mucho dinero, es cuando trabajo con 2 o 3 chicas al mismo tiempo. Las maquillan, las vistan con ropas sexys, y se ponen en sus mejores posiciones solo para mi.

Pienso que cualquier hombre soñaría con eso, y es algo que no puedes tener en una vida "normal", o fuera delporno.


7. En tu opinión te ves como un símbolo sexual?

Nunca me he considerado un símbolo sexual. Creo que ese papel en este negocio se corresponde a las chicas, aunque quizás me sentía un poco así cuando he hecho escenas para Playgirl. Mas que sentirme un símbolo sexual era algo divertido al ser el centro de atención.


8. Hicieron un molde de tu pene para Topco. Cuando estará a la venta? Que piensas sobre ello?

El juguete saldrá sobre Abril, fue muy divertido hacerlo, y estoy muy contento hacer firmado con Topco. Estoy muy ansioso de ver el resultado final en la caja con mis fotos.


9. Es fácil llegar al orgasmo cuando te lo piden?

Para mi es muy fácil llegar al orgasmo en cualquier momento. Esto se debe durante 2 anos en shows en vivo, haciendo 3 shows por noche. Tenia que eyacular justo en el mismo momento en que terminaba la música. Eso me dio mucho control mental y ahora tener hasta 3 orgasmos en menos que 2 minutos. Fue muy fácil hacer 6 cumshots en un día cuando hice Marco's Crazy Dreams #1 para mi compañía. Después de eso me catalogaron como el porn superman.

En Barcelonadurante el convención delporno yo hacia 7 shows por día durante una semana seguida, y esto si creo que fue un record de popshots.


10. Cual es tu secreto para mantenerte duro?

Como ya te dije en la pregunta anterior, todo es cuestión de costumbre. Lo mas importante es el control mental. Por supuesto la chica influye. Siempre le encuentro algo bonito en que concentrarme y enfocarme en ello.


11. Quien es tu actriz favorito cuando estas trabajando y porque?

No tengo una actriz favorita. Hay muchas que te podría nombrar, pero seguro que alguna me olvida, y por respeto a ellas prefiero no decir nombres. También todo depende del momento y el humor en que se encuentre la actriz ese día. Hay días en que he tenido una mala escena con una de ellas y después con la misma chica otro día hacemos una escena fantástica. Influye mucho lo que te pide el director, porque te piden posturas imposibles y por mas que te guste la actriz todo sale mal.


12. Siendo director, que es lo que buscas en las mujeres para tus películas?

Contrato las chicas según la líneaque estoy dirigiendo, por ejemplo para Culos Gigantes tengo que tener chicas con grandes culos,y para Ebony XXX tengo que buscar chicas negras.

Todavía no he dirigido una línea de latinas, pero creo que seria con la que me sentiría mas cómodo y a gusto.

En general las latinas son mas ardiente y pasionales y eso es lo que busco en una escena, pasión y realismo.


13. Creas que intimides a los hombres?

No creo intimidar a nadie, pro en cualquier caso creo que tendrías que preguntárselos a ellos. Espero que no sea así.


14. Cuéntame sobre tu papel en The Four.

Cuando Michael Ninn me ofrecía el papel de protagonista masculino en The Four me sentí muy halagado y muy feliz de que un director tan famoso e importante pensara en mi. Rápidamente me puse a estudiar el guión durante horas, tratando de dominar el papel el mejor posible. Fueron muchísimas horas d rodaje al día pero muy agradables. Todo el equipo me hicieron sentir un verdadero rey.

Michael es una persona encantadora, y es una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en el porno. El pone todo su pasión en su trabajo comodirector - en eso nos parecemos mucho. Espero que sea recompensado por su trabajo en esta película con muchos premios. Se lo merece.


15. Cuando decidistes que querías dirigir?

Después de haber hecho muchísimas escenas comoactor me di cuenta que podía usar esa experiencia detrás de las cameras. Siendo actor veas las cosas desde otra perspectiva. Habiendo sido actor sabes lo que quieran y necesitan los performers. Pienso que es muy importante hacerles sentir bien para que te hagan una buena escena. Si los haces sentir incómodos y les pides cosas imposibles comoalgunos directores, las malas caras se reflejan en la escena. Siempre los mejores directores han sido actores. Creo que eso pasa en todos los sectores. Por ejemplo, un buen entrenador de fútbol siempre ha sido jugador.


16. Tienes problemas con el idioma en tu trabajo?

Al principio era muy duro porque hace 2 anos no entendía ni una sola palabra y eso era una problema añadido. No solo no entendía lo que me pedían sino que también me hacia perder concentración en la escena.

Ahora ya entiendo una 80% al ingles, y hablo un 50%. Eso limita mucho a la hora de hacer personajes. Siempre hago de jardinero, estudiante de ingles, profesor de español, etc. Espero un día dominar el ingles para mostrar mi talento como actor., aunque claro, siempre tendré acento a pesar de que hablo 4 idiomas ( español, catalán, portugués y italiano).


17. Porque tu papel en Lady Scarface era tan corto?

En ese momento mi ingles era muy básico y supongo que el director no confió en que yo me podría aprender ningún tipo de guión.

El no hablar ingles a veces pienso que es una ventaja, porque tengo que interpretar mas con gestos y movimientos, y eso me hace desarrollar mas mi faceta interpretativa.

18. Quien es Marco Banderas/Duarte?

Me preguntas por "DUARTE" y precisamente me cambie de nombre, porque aquí nadie sabia pronunciar ni escribir bien ( no era Duarte, era DUATO). Me canse de ver mi nombre mal escrito en los boxcovers y de que nadie lo recordara. Entonces aprovechando a que todos aquí aprendieron a decir Banderas, y que también viene de España como yo, pensé que era una buena idea ponerme el nombre d un compatriota que ha triunfado aquí.

19. Que parte del cuerpo te parece mas sensual en una mujer?

Normalmente, y desde pequeño siempre me he sentido atraído por los culos grandes. Creo que es algo que tenemos en común todos los latinos.

20. Deberían cobrar lo mismo los actores y actrices?

A pesar de que el hombre tiene el trabajo añadido de tener una erección y que no puede fingir el  orgasmo comolas chicas, creo que es justo que ellas cobran mas ya que tienen que estar mas horas en el set, maquillándolas, peinándolas, haciendo las pretty girls y un solo o una masturbación. Creo que es justo que cobran mas.

21. Donde crees que estarás en 5 anos?

Pienso que seguiré haciendo de actor aunque al menor ritmo. Espero estar mas consolidado como director y poder dirigir mas películas en Europa y sud america. Espero también que mi compañía haya cobrado una buena reputación, y estar ganando mas dinero comoempresario.

No pierdo esperanza quizás también de tener suerte con la música y grabar algo a nivel mas profesional.

22. Hiciste alguna escena con tu esposa? Cual es la diferencia?

Hice varias y la diferencia es muy grande. Es muy difícil porque en casa no lo hacemos en la forma que se hace delante de las cameras. Además, me resulta muy difícil hablarle en ingles porque entre nosotros hablamos en español.

Prefiero no trabajar con ella y dejar nuestro sexo y amor para la intimidad.


23. Como es un día normal en tu vida?

Todos mis días son diferentes porque las escenas siempre son en diferentes horarios. A veces me levanto muy pronto para ir a una escena y voy al gimnasio por la noche. Otras veces es al revés.

Normalmente me gusta mucho salir a cenar con mi mujer o irnos de shopping juntos, o simplemente ver una película juntos en casa. También nos gusta irnos los domingos a pasear en moto. De vez en cuando tomo unos días libres y nos vamos de vacaciones, aunque no es muy menudo porque me gusta mucho trabajar sin tener descansos. Ya tendré tiempo para descansar cuando compro mi casa en Barcelona y nos dediquemos a rodar y viajar por todo el mundo.


24. En cuantas escenas crees que estuvistes?

No tengo un numero exacto, pero ya supere las 2000 escenas. La mayoría aquí en LA. También he hecho algunas en Praga, Budapest, Londres, Barcelona, Santo Domingo,

Cannes, Tenerife, Palma De Mallorca, y otros lugares que ahora mismo no me acuerdo.

25. Porque crees que las artistas se queman tan rápido?

Creo que es porque empiezan muy jóvenes. Con 18 anos no creo que sea muy bueno para una Nina estar todos los día haciendo doble penetraciones, anales y gangbangs. Demasiado sexo duro para alguien tan joven quien recién empieza. Psicológicamente es un shock. Ganan mucho dinero y empiezan a gastarlo desenfrenadamente en ropas coches fiestas ....etc. Claro, los directores cada vez las quieran mas jovencitas. Su carrera es bastante corta y a los 25 anos ya están haciendo películas MILFS y ya no trabajan tanto, encima se ha gastado todo su dinero. Por supuesto eso es en general, siempre hay la excepción que rompe la regla.

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