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Thread: Tops to Become World’s #1 #VR Site! @VRPorn #VirtualReality

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    Not Safe For Work Tops to Become World’s #1 #VR Site! @VRPorn #VirtualReality


    October 12, 2017 Tops to Become World’s #1 VR Site

    Site Receives More Than 8.5 Million Visits Per Month

    VENICE, CA – The adult industry is once again leading the way as technology advances, this time with the rise of virtual reality.

    Leading the way is, the tech and info site that has surpassed to become the world’s #1 most-visited VR site. has topped 8.5 million monthly visits, topping Oculus by 330,000. Coming in third place is with 5.2 million monthly visits. Thirty of the top 50 VR sites are adult sites.

    The U.S. as a country also comes in first, with Germany and the UK following. The leading VR-related search term is “VR porn,” beating out even “VR games” and “VR videos.”

    “Porn brings these people into the general VR ecosystem where they become consumers of VR devices and mainstream VR content, helping to grow the industry,” the company said. “Parallels can be seen in how porn helped VHS dominate the market, and how it helped grow the internet.”

    Other major platforms, such as the Oculus and SteamVR stores, don’t allow adult content, while the development of the open specification WebVR allows users to access VR content via their browsers, eliminating any gatekeepers and making virtual reality available to virtually anyone.

    “We are VR enthusiasts above all else and we’ve been following VR since the early days,” CEO Daniel Peterson said. “It’s amazing to see how far it’s come, and we think these are still the early days,”.

    For more information and VR stats go to

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    SOCIAL: Twitter and Facebook: @vrporn

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