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Bad Girls 6 - Cover We Crave

Stoya Does Interracial

Bad Girls 6

One of the big things we don't do here at XCritic is post rumor, gossip or industry skuttlebut. We don't think it helps anyone and it reduces the creditability of a publication to post something that may or may not be true.  For a long time there's been a lot of 'talk' around Stoya, Digitial Playground and Interracial.  

The thing about performing is that great scenes come out of great chemistry.  So when a performer picks (or OK's) their performers, it's often about their chemistry. To say the industry is colorblind would be niaeve but simularly to say anything negative about a performer because they haven't had sex with someone who is of another race or nationality is sumularly pigheaded. 

So to any doubters, Bad Girls 6 is Stoya does interracial. But honestly, who cares, right?  Black, White or otherwise it's the fact that she's doing a scene with the immensely talented Marcus that makes this a title worth craving.  Now add Jessse Jane to the mix on an incrediably sexy cover and you've got a cover we crave.

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