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Best Porn Parodies of 2011

XCritic Picks The Best Porn Parodies of 2011

Spider Man XXX

2011 was an odd year for Porn Parodies. There were more parodies released in 2011 than most years prior combined and yet the releases tended to fall into two categories: the really good, and everything else (which generally were not good at all). When people look back at 2011 it's going to be seen as the last great gasp for the Porn Parody. The parody isn't going anywhere, but the great wave and interest in them has peeked and studios who focus only on parodies are going to find that they are not going to be an easy sell going forward.

The porn parodies that made our top list in 2011 rose above the pack with great casts, great production values and real attention to detail. Many of them didn't just wear the parody as a mask over a fairly ho hum porn but embraced the core film they were spoofing and made a true adult version. No film did that better in 2011 than Vivid's Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody our Parody of the year.

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