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XCritic Pick Dryspell Ends - Performers of The Year 2013

Elegant Angel Breaks The Dry Spell

Performers of The Year 2013

At XCritic, one of the highest honors we can bestow on a release is to give it a XCritic Pick. This rating means that the title represents some of the best that porn has to offer. Unlike some of the other adult media, we give our top rating out VERY sparingly (only 1% of all reviews get the rating).

For the past few months we've had quite a dryspell of XCritic Picks. The last new release to get this rating was Lexi which first got the rating back in NOVEMBER! We haven't had a new title get this rating for over two months! That's one big dryspell.

We're happy to report that Elegant Angel has broken this dryspell with Performers of The Year 2013 wich received the first XCritic Pick rating for 2013. 

Veteran XCritic Review Don Houston says of Performers of The Year 2013:

"Performers of the Year 2013 by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel may have come out right around the recent holidays but for many it will be the first salvo for next year’s awards, the sheer chemistry and energy of most scenes enhancing the production to new heights, the wealth of superb extras adding a ton of fuck for the buck, and the casting on both sides of the gender coin earning this one a rating of Xcritic Pick. "

Read the complete Performers of The Year 2013 Review and see why it got our top rating. 

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