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Survey Results: Porn Stars are Beautiful, It's OK To Talk About Porn and Mila Kunis on Sex Wish List

Check Out Vivid's Tenth Sex Tracker Survey Results

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The results from our latest Vivid Sex Tracker Survey are in, with some FANTASTIC insights into the way you all consider porn. Porn companies and adult media are watching these surveys very closely and so your opinion is actively impacting the porn you watch.

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Here are some of the great results from this survey:

  • 30% of you watch porn with a signifcant other and 37% of you don't but your significant other knows you watch porn
  • 59% of you think porn stars are just as beautiful as mainstream stars and 20% of you think they are better!
  • The majority of you watch porn in the evening (40%) or Late at Night (30%)
  • 61% think it's ok to discuss porn in social situations (depending on the group)
  • The majority of you want to meet porn stars (79%)!
  • Mila Kunis is top on your wish list for a sex scene (and ours too!)
  • The #1 Porn Star you'd like to see blog on XCritic is Remy LaCroix

Some great results! Be sure to also check out the results from our firstsecond and thirdfourthfifthsixthseventheigth and nineth surveys.

A very special thanks to Vivid Entertainment who helps make all these sex tracker surveys possible!

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