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XCritic Pick: Gia Lesbian Supermodel

Girl Candy Films Snags Our Top Rating


Getting our highest rating, XCritic Pick, is an extremely prestegious accomplishment. We only hand out this rating to 2% of all the titles we review and sometimes we can go MONTHS without awarding it. To get an XCritic Pick, a movie has to be so heads and shoulders above the rest, it's clear that we couldn't award it anyting less.

Girl Candy Films is the latest studio to snag this rating for their latest Gia Lesbian Supermodel. XCritic reviewer, Rob Perez says of Gia Lesbian Supermodel:

"Yes, there is still good original storytelling going on in porn and Gia Lesbian Supermodel is simply one of the best feature productions porn will see this year. This is bound to be a classic, with porn folks praising Gia Lesbian Supermodel as a new standard with its rich story, and climatic sexual performances. Nica Noelle has written and directed a near flawless production. Even the cinematography helps create a mood and essence to the story, the editing is carefully crafted, and the perfect casting choices all make Gia stand out as one of the best porn features of the year. Gia Lesbian Supermodel is what being an XCritic Pick is all about."

Read Rob Perez's Gia Lesbian Supermodel and see why it snagged our top rating.

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