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Survey Results: Katy Perry Beats Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus for Most Wanted Sex Tape

Check Out Vivid's Twelfth Sex Tracker Survey Results

The results from our latest Vivid Sex Tracker Survey are in, with some FANTASTIC insights into the way you all consider porn. Porn companies and adult media are watching these surveys very closely and so your opinion is actively impacting the porn you watch.

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Here are some of the great results from this survey:

  • The female pop star you'd most like to see in a sex tape is Katy Perry who narrowly edged out Selena Gomez and absolutely crushed Miley Cyrus for the #1 spot
  • Your most wanted male pop star was Justin Timberlake who took a solid 29% of the vote, more than 2x anyone else on the survey
  • The average amount of time you watch porn is around 10%
  • One of our closests votes yet, 48% of you think Anthony Weiner should drop out of the NYC Mayoral Race and 51% think he shouldn't
  • 56% of you haven't tried swinging yet but are curious about it
  • A whopping 91% of you would accept an offer to be a guest on a porn set!
  • To make XCiritc better you asked to make it easier to find old reviews, have more contests and cover more fresh faces (we will on all counts!!)

Some great results! Be sure to also check out the results from our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eigth, ninth,  tenth and eleventh surveys.

A very special thanks to Vivid Entertainment who helps make all these sex tracker surveys possible!

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