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XCritic Pick: Underworld

Wicked Pictures Snags our Highest Rating


Getting our top rating, the XCritic Pick is almost an impossability. It's by far the most difficult rating to get in the entire adult media. So when a movie does the impossible and gets this rating, it's really something to stand up and take notice of.

Wicked Pictures often releases a major blockbuster film every fall and often it ranks among the best releases of the year. This year is no different with Brad Armstrong's amazing Underworld:

Veteran reviewer Don Houston (who gives out our top rating EXTREMELY sparingly) says of Underworld:

Underworld by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures was right up there with some of Brad’s previous winners in terms of replay value, strokability, and sheer entertainment value... In all, the movie was deserving of an Xcritic Pick rating for a great many reasons, Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake again nailing it to the point where Underworld merited special consideration for more award categories than I care to outline in this review. The movie was admittedly a bit strange, dark at times, and curiously twisted but in such a way that a lot of people should really appreciate it as a wonderful alternative to the largely dried up parody market, the gonzo genre, and the tidy little romances that all have their places too so give this double disc set a look and find out what the buzz is all about.

Read our complete review of Underworld and find out why it needs to be in your collection. 

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