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Survey Results: Alyssa Milano More Wanted Than Naked Miley Cyrus Twerk

Amazing Results From the 14th Vivid/XCritic Sex Tracker Survey

Sex Tracker 14

The results from our latest Vivid Sex Tracker Survey are in, with some FANTASTIC insights into the way you all consider porn. Porn companies and adult media are watching these surveys very closely and so your opinion is actively impacting the porn you watch.

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Here are some of the great results from this survey:

  • Miley Cyrus Naked Twerking is less in demand than a sex tape from Alussa Milano who got 50.3% of the respondants saying that Milano is the "most wanted celebrity sex tape rumored to exist"
  • Farrah Abraham (24.5%) surprisingly beat out sex tape legends Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (16.8%) and Kim Kardashian (15.6%) for the top spot as favorite celebrity sex tape publicly released.
  • In terms of the preferred age of adult performers, a clear majority of you say you like performers to be “young, but not barely legal - 21-25” (31.3%) or “women, not teens 26-30” (28.7%), while fewer like their stars to be 18-20 years old (15.9%).
  • The DVD Isn't dead as you said the most popular way for you to view your porn is DVD (22.7%), ahead of all-you-can view subscription services (18.2%), and Blu-ray and digital downloads (both at 17.7%).
  • Superman vs. Spider-Man: An Axel Braun Parody (9.4%) snagged the top adult parody film choice for 2013, followed by Wolverine XXX (8.2%) and Man of Steel XXX (8.2%).
  • Race is becoming less of a factor in adult entertainment with a significant margin of you saying that the race of female performers is not a major factor in your adult entertainment choices (45.7%), while 21.7% said you watch only movies with performers of their own race and 22.2% indicated you prefer movies with mixed race actors.
  • Perhaps the most surprising result from the survey, in what may portend tough times for electronics manufacturers, 59.6% of respondents said they you “not buying any” of the new video consoles now on the market. However, 20.7% said you might buy the PS4, 18.2% would opt for the Xbox One, while 2.5% will go for Nintendo’s WiiU.

Some great results! Be sure to also check out the results from our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eigth, ninth, tentheleventh, twelth and thirteenth surveys.

A very special thanks to Vivid Entertainment who helps make all these sex tracker surveys possible!

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