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XCritic Pick: Girlpile

Courtney Trouble Snags Another XCritic Pick


Very, very, very few titles that we review at XCritic get our highest rating: XCritic Pick. That high distinction is reserved for the select few titles that are head and shoulders abover the rest. Sometime a title will get this rating for the sheer fuck for the buck, other times it'll get it for pushing the boundaries or being innovative. Whatever the reason, a title has to so clearly stand out form the pack that we have no choice but to give it the top rating.

Courtney Trouble's Girlpile is the latest title to get this high honor. XCritic Reviewer Rob Perez says of it:

Courtney is far from the first director to let a bunch of girls do their own thing and just shoot it but with so many directors with the need to control everything in order to get their vision across, Courtney’s vision is capturing real sex with real women. She is confident enough in her performers to direct themselves and let the moment dictate their next move. Many directors cannot or will not let their performers have that much control but that’s what makes Courtney a visionary. With Girl Pile, her vision is accomplished by capturing a sizzling non-formulaic lesbian jerker. Courtney has casted an excellent group of performers with exceptionally strong sexual chemistry and trusts them enough to engage in super hot, spontaneous g/g sex on their own with barely any direction from her that is very exciting to watch. For fans of lesbian porn this isn’t cookie cutter lesbian sex; it’s unique, real world hardcore girl on girl action, something that barely anyone in the mainstream porn world has the guts to do nowadays. Courtney makes it a three-peat by earning another well deserved XCritic Pick!

Read Rob Perez's Review of Girlpile and see why it got our top rating.

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