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Survey Results: Porn Would Make Caitlyn Jenner Feel Like A Woman

XCritic Readers React To A Caitlyn Jenner Porn

The results from our latest Caitlyn Jenner Focused Vivid Sex Tracker Survey are in, with some FANTASTIC insights into how you feel about Caitly Jenner and a possible Caitlyn Jenner porn. Here are some of the great results from this survey:

  • 93% of you say starring in a porno movie would make Caitlyn Jenner feel more like a woman.
  • 58%  of you said that they you would prefer to see Caitlyn in a threesome with another man and another woman
  • 25.8% of you want see her star with a male
  • 9.7% want to see Caitlyn Jenner appear with a woman
  • Only 6.5% want to see him appear solo.
  • As for the type of movie, just over half 53% of you said you would prefer to see Caitlyn perform in a straight sex movie rather than in a feature with a storyline. As far as costumes are concerned, lingerie was the far and away the top choice for Caitlyn (77.4%) and the nearest other type outfit was a bikini (9.7%).

Some great results! Be sure to also check out the results from our firstsecondthirdfourthfifthsixthseventheigthninthtentheleventhtwelth and thirteenth surveys.

A very special thanks to Vivid Entertainment who helps make all these sex tracker surveys possible! 

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