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XCritic Pick: The Art of Older Women

Girlsway Snags Our Top Rating

The Art of Older Women

Getting an XCritic Pick rating is a massive accomplishment, we give out our highest rating to only an elite few. These XCritic Picks stand clearly above and beyond the rest of what is released. It's so hard to get less than 2% of all the movies, scenes, toys, and sites that we review get this rating.

Although still a relatively young company, Girlsway steps up big time with their second ever XCritic Pick for their release The Art of Older Women.

XCritic Reviewer Don Juan DeMarko says of The Art of Older Women:

This film is one of the best that I have seen in 2017. All the women in this did a bang-up job and it is why this is my first XCritic Pick. I think a film needs to showcase everything well in order to earn that title and boy oh boy did this film do that.

Read our full review of The Art of Older Women and find out why you should check it out.

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