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XCritic Pick: Cindy Queen of Hell

Joanna Angel Continues To Produce Stellar Porn

Cindy Queen of Hell

Getting an XCritic Pick rating is a massive accomplishment, we give out our highest rating to only an elite few. These XCritic Picks stand clearly above and beyond the rest of what is released. It's so hard to get less than 2% of all the movies, scenes, toys, and sites that we review get this rating.

Burning Angel is no stranger to our highest rating, as they've achieved it on a number of their titles. Joanna Angel and Burning Angel continue to show the possibilities of producing quality porn as a fiercely independent company.

XCritic Reviewer J.W. Sharp says of Cindy Queen of Hell:

This great award winning movie is so terrific on so many levels. First the performances, Joanna Angel is just so terrific as the loving mom. When she's not fucking she plays the heavy metal happy homemaker to a tee. And Xander Corvus is terrific as the very chill Lucifer.  I've really, really got to give it up the Mike Quasar and his phenomenal photography. His over saturation of the sex scenes give the film a nice '70's and '80's grindhouse vibe, plus it accentuates everyone's ink making it all so much brighter and more beautiful. The film won AVN's and XBIZ's awards for best comedy, and it completely deserved it. I'm giving this film the coveted Xcritic Pick.

Read our full review of Cindy Queen of Hell and find out why you should check it out.

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