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XCritic Pick: Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy

Pure Taboo Picks Up Their First XCritic Pick

Half His Age

Getting a XCritic Pick rating is a massive accomplishment, we give out our highest rating to only an elite few. These XCritic Picks stand clearly above and beyond the rest of what is released. It's so hard to get less than 2% of all the movies, scenes, toys, and sites that we review get this rating.

To get an XCritic Pick out of the gate, on your first releases is more than an outstanding accomplishment, it's nothing short of amazing. Pure Taboo has accomplished this exceptionally rare fete with their debut Half His Age.

XCritic Reviewer J.W. Sharp says of Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy:

The fantastic work by master editor Woody All-in. The incredible camera work by the very talented Craven Morehead. And the gritty pulpy storyline by Bree Mills that is so reminiscent of the works of Taratino, Scorcese or Mamet. This is such an amazing accomplishment, and I have to thank Bree Mills for being so bold and gutsy to bring us a wonderful, challenging film and maintaining a level of quality in erotica. You and your team's artistry have, in this humble reviewer's opinion, set the standard in what is possible in porn today. I loved this film so much, and I give it the coveted Xcritic Pick.

Read our full review of Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy and find out why you should check it out.

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