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XCritic Pick: Vampires

Bree Mills Snags Another Top Rating


Getting a XCritic Pick rating is a massive accomplishment, we give out our highest rating to only an elite few. These XCritic Picks stand clearly above and beyond the rest of what is released. It's so hard to get less than 2% of all the movies, scenes, toys, and sites that we review get this rating.

Bree Mills has been on a roll, snagging our top rating for her Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy, and now again for her film Vampires.

XCritic Reviewer J.W. Sharp says of Vampires:

You can tell A LOT of work and care went into the making of this story. The extremely talented people at Gamma Media and Girlsway has made one of their best creations yet. Starting with the incredible screenplay from Stills By Alan. It's a truly original story with characters that are so absorbing they keep you glued from start to finish.  I don't think you could have asked for a better cast. From the very talented and beautiful Melissa Moore, to the amazingly evil and torturous Angelica played brilliantly by the always wonderful Angela White in one of her best acting performances of the year. And then, what else can be said about Jelena Jensen. The absolutely beautiful amazon gives such a menacing and subtle performance as the Mother Superior. It's definitely the stand out performance of the entire series. And then there's the sex, which for the most part is so blistering hot it might catch your dvd player on fire. From start to finish this is such an amazing ride, made with such great care from the people at Girlsway and Gamma Media, and it's in my top ten best of the year. Do not miss this incredible release which I'm gladly giving the coveted Xcritic Pick!

Read our full review of Vampires and find out why you should check it out.

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