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eXXXotica Denver 2018

"Day One: Mile High Magic"

eXXXotica Denver 2018


"Day One: Mile High Magic"

Day One: eXXXotica Denver, 2018

Lisa Ann


Friday nights are always fun when it comes to adult conventions. This is the night that eXXXotica chooses to always make “ladies night.” Allowing free entry for those gals who register and want to see something a little bit more risqué than the Denver Auto Show. I found this a very bold move by eXXXotica, due to the fact that the auto shows was going to be taking a bulk of the machismo out of the mix for this event. The hype surrounding this event was big as I mentioned in my opening day article. Billboard and radio ads were as fluent as the year before and I think people had a bit more of the buzz in the ear on the radio. The star power was very impressive. You had Adriana Chechik returning for the second year, as well as adult legends Lisa Ann and Tera Patrick joining the mix to really add something that the convention did not have last year.

Tera Patrick

Tera told me something I had forgotten about over the years, she said, “once you are in this business, it is always apart of you no matter how your life changes.” I could not agree with her more. If there is one thing I will say about this convention, it is that the girls were in the best of spirits that I had ever seen.

There were smiles galore and I always enjoy seeing that. Our hired spokesmodel, Ambriel Willow was going to be partaking in her first convention as she makes that big leap into the adult world.

A mainstream model for many years, Ambriel was learning the ropes when it comes to working a con and meeting the girls for the first time. We also thought, who wants to see some ugly ass writer interviewing the girls when they could be seeing a porn star on the rise getting the girls undressed for the fans' viewing pleasure? With that said, Ambriel stepped out of the car in her sexy secretary outfit and began her XXX journey.

One of the coolest sponsors has to be Bad Dragon. Now, I like the MFC booth, but it gives the illusion that the cam girls do not want the fans to touch them, which hey, I get it. This is a business that is all about look but don’t touch, fantasy over reality. But Bad Dragon, they are hands on. They always hire the best models and they always have bags that never run out.

I remember last year; my girl wanted a bag and Bad Dragon still had them. Complete with lube, condoms and some cool little sexy knick-knacks that truly will make a couple get aroused. I have found when you work a con, you need to be able to have a plan and enforce it. Well, that is easier said than done when you are dealing with sex, drugs and rock & roll. Legal drugs might I add, being that Star Buds amazing dispensaries are one of the sponsors every year. Stop in and buy a freaking cross joint when you got time. Ok, my inner stoner being put to rest, these types of gatherings are not meant to have order. I have hired all types of guys to cover these things and when you try and imitate something like say, Comic-Con, you will never get anything done. As I found out last year.


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Ambriel Willow With all that being said, I joyfully watched our spokesmodel head over to the Bad Dragon first thing and her eyes were lit up as if it were Christmas in July, or April should I say. The folks at Bad Dragon let her take the toys out of the glass, get a good feel for them and made sure that she was having fun.

To me, it was out of a mutual respect and passion for this business that they did that. It is the vibe I always get from them. As Ambriel played with her toys, the first heavenly vision I saw was the one and only Ana Foxxx. An actress who is one of the best in this industry at not only driving a man wild with passion but truly telling exceptional stories with the characters she can play spot on. Her outfit was sexy, and I honestly expected her to be a bit more on the reserved side.

She was not. That is the thing that fans must experience. The performers are here to meet them and as Lisa Ann told me, they are simply here for the fans because of how much they enjoy seeing them and meeting them. This age of social media has simply become something so great. I think that many fans west of the Mississippi, they simply have no idea how friendly these models are. I can count on one hand how many where distracted and standoffish. Most beautiful performers are more than happy to say hello to their fans and give them a thrill they will most likely only ever see once.

eXXXotica’s motto is that everyone does it. The crowd did seem a bit smaller than last year but once again, that is something that is a bonus for fans. You get to spend more time with the ladies, you are not rushed by a mad mob, like say in New Jersey or Chicago. This city, it is something that has a great feel to it. That is something I share for performers as much as I do fans. Some artists, their passion is acting and performing, and crowds sometimes can get to them. Denver is as casual and cool as it gets, and it isn’t just the weed that makes its people so mellow. The city consists of a mix of both coasts. You have something that is a bit forward from the east and a true calmness from the west for a mixture that can only be called the “The Mile-High City.”

Vicki Chase & Ambriel Willow

As I followed our amazing cameraman introducing Ambriel to all the girls and watching them all hug, caress and even kiss on occasion, I could not help but to wonder what Ambriel was thinking.

One of the hardest things in the world must be hugging Vicki Chase for the first time, then staring into those bedroom eyes and trying to contain yourself from submitting to the seduction. Vicki is a master of that, to say the least. The pictures were fun, sexy and spectacular. After each performer had their way with Ambriel, I was able to break free and see the legends themselves.

Tera Patrick and Lisa Ann. Both women who set bars that very few have ever reached in this business. It was cool to see the lovely ladies and say hello after a few years. As I watched from afar and saw the women giving the younger ladies advice to them on the business I could not help but feel a pride that I think only industry people know. Here are legends of the business passing knowledge, sharing stories and basically going against every stereotype that critics have cast upon them like the fools they are.

To see porn stars selling their books, their memoirs, right alongside their pictures of glamour, beauty, and sexiness. It is an empowerment more women should see and know about and I for one was so beyond humbled by just how amazing these ladies' passion for the business stretched.

Anna Claire Clouds Making our way around the booth Ambriel got to meet such modern superstars as Tori Black the first day, Lexi Belle and many others. One thing I could not wait to do was have her meet the XCritic snap chat model Anna Claire Clouds. Anna had been a woman I had wanted for this takeover for a while. I had been trying like crazy to get her booked for this gig and it all came through on the last second. Her website was one that showcases something grand. Something mesmerizing. Her scenes were sexy and she possessed a look that is the true definition of the “girl next door.” Anna Claire’s scenes were all steamy. The camera work was flawless. Upon meeting her, I saw that the grace was all hers and no camera trick. She was short, sexy and a fireball and as hungry to meet Ambriel, as Ambriel was to meet her. When our photographer introduced the two, she lept into Ambriel’s arms and I thought they were going to go at it right there. Hell, why not, they were at the Tremor booth. This booth I found fucking cool as hell. The girls could literally go into the center console. Get naked and ride the Tremor. Boy oh, boy did they. I found that when Anna Claire hopped in that I simply had to go rest my head in the drinking fountain to cool off. Real orgasms with real sexy women. The way that the girls were showing the fans their passion for this business was amazing.

The crowds began to pick up as the convention rolled to a close. The night was still young, being that Ambriel was a performer and she allowed us access to the VIP. The lounge was amazing, and the DJ was amazing playing this wide array of hip-hop, trance and much, much more. The poles around the dance floor were being put to beneficial use. Once again, I hovered from afar, being the amazing journalist I am, being undetected to bring you a glimpse into the porn star life. I could see that Ambriel had found Anna Claire and they were having some drinks. Smiles, hugs, what looked like passionate gropes and more were all in full effect. I can not say for sure but as I watched the crowd cheer with passion and saw some of the biggest porn stars in the world begin to party all night long, I could see Ambriel in her sexy dress begin to sneak out with Anna Claire. They were holding hands and as giddy as could be. I can only imagine what they were heading upstairs to do. My imagination runs wild thinking about where they went and what they did. My guess is that it had a very little amount of clothes and some steamy windows and drawn blinds. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman come back with such a big smile on her face. After a bit more partying, it neared 4 AM and it looked like both parties were ready to call it a night. I could think of no better way to end the night than taking our spokes model to a 24-hour diner to get our carbs replenished for day two. It was then she told me of such dirty thoughts she had for all the ladies she had met. We talked for a few hours. Getting our grub on, smoking some of Colorado’s finest green and talking like the fans we are of this business we love. The truth of the day fans. It is that porn stars enjoy these things as much as you do. They love seeing naked women, they love partying, they love to live life and if that is not a reason enough to attend eXXXotica, no matter where it may be, I don’t know what the fuck is.

Ana Foxxx

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