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XCritic Interview: Eitan Levine Writer of 'Hamiltoe'

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In the world of adult films, there are certain things that usually don’t happen by accident. One of those things is typically writing a porn parody that wins an AVN Award nomination—but that doesn’t mean that such unlikely things don’t happen.

One of the biggest hits on Broadway in recent years was Hamilton, a show that takes a look at the life and times of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Eitan Levine, a then-writer for Elite Daily, wrote a spoof porn movie called Hamiltoe as a joke.  Somehow, it ended up being a real movie. And, it won an award nomination from the illustrious AVNs! My friend, Ben Kharakh, was kind enough to link us up. Here’s what Eitan had to say about writing a hit porn movie. XCritic writer, Ossiana Tepfenhart, talked to him about the experience.

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