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Skin Flicks From the '70s

Debbie Does Dallas

Ah, the '70s. Polyester was the fabric of choice, with tight pants all the rage and someone coming up with the idea of combining dancing and roller skating to invent Roller Disco. But you know we aren't here to talk about fashion we're here to talk about pornos. Were you old enough to go watch skin flicks on the silver screen? Yep, back then they shot them on film and projected them to entire audiences but not everyone was comfortable sitting in a dark theater watching naked people onscreen with strangers surrounding them but it was also a decade where VCRs started making their ways into people's homes and the pornos followed! Nowadays, it's getting harder to find a VCR but that's okay because many old films are being restored and are available to stream online! Our favorite streaming service is Adult Empire Unlimited.

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