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#WCW Leya Falcon

Leya Falcon

Woman Crush Wednesday. Today, we are going to talk about Leya Falcon. She's a crush for much of the XCritic team. We watch her movies, we review her movies, we laugh along with her on her social media accounts and generally feel she's one of the most underrated starlets on the scene today because she's not only great looking but she's hilarious at times and super down-to-earth. In fact, for a while back in the day, she was a frequent blogger here at XCritic and did a bunch of interviews with other porn stars. We've interviewed her, watched her, read her...the list is massive when it comes to Miss Falcon and XCritic. Below, you'll find some links to a few of the aforementioned things that you can check out but you should type her name into the Search Bar at the top of the site to see much, much more of Leya! Oh, and did I mention she'll be taking over our Snapchat later this month? Yeah...stay tuned for details about that!

Join LeyaFalcon.com here on the PUBA network, photo courtesy of them.


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Advertiser Spotlight: Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures

Wow! It's been ten years. TEN YEARS since JW Ties got into the business of adult cinema. Along the way, he's filmed hand jobs, blow jobs, bondage, lactation and more, carving out his own niche in the world of porno. His focus is on teens and he's celebrating that with his 300th title, 10 Years of Teens as the DVD goes to press. Whether you are just now discovering adult cinema or are a long-time viewer, one thing is for sure...Desperate Pleasures should be on your radar at some point. Now might be that time! You can view the official extended cut trailer here, which will give you an extended look into the over 300 minutes that he's put on to the 10-year anniversary double-disc set. It's packed with scenes, Behind-The-Scenes and more. Carmen Valentina and JW take you on a blow-by-blow tour through ten years of some amazing footage. Check it out.


The XCritic Interview: Avi Love Part 2

Avi Love

We're back with more insight into the world of Avi Love! Don Juan continues his conversation with the sexy starlet about her experience with famed director Jacky St. James, what it feels like to join a very exclusive club (that she was actually unaware of joining), what it's like to grow up in the capital city of Nevada, dancing to a video game and much more. As usual with an XCritic interview, you get to see the people behind the onscreen personas and you'll want to grab your umm...beverage or whatever... and take a gander at their conversation. Get to know the up and comer that is the lovely Avi Love in part 2 of our interview . If you happened to miss part 1, it is here.


Porn in Ultra High Definition

Use that big-screen TV for what you really want.

Beautiful Tits Vol 6

Okay. You went out and bought a 4K Smart TV. We understand. Now what? Are you going to watch that same 4K aquarium video forever? Probably not. Do you have a 4K Blu-ray player yet? How many times are you going to watch those three 4K discs you bought with it before growing bored? Yeah...we understand that too. It's time to crank up the porn in UHD! The adult industry adopts new video technology all the time and at the moment, just about every major studio is shooting in 4K, some in even higher resolutions but we'll save that for another day. Right now, you should be checking out the world of 4K streaming smut!

All you have to do is sign up for Empire Unlimited, and you'll be ready to rock.

Here are just a few 4K movies that you can watch right now at Empire Unlimited all INCLUDED in their flat fee:

Watch all these and more at the great porn buffet in the cloud Empire Unlimited and use code: XCRITIC to save 40% off your first month!


Snapchat Takeover: Reagan Foxx

Reagan Foxx

The “Year of the Foxx” that is what we are going to be calling 2019 in the Reagan Foxx @ReaganFoxx_ camp for the rest of the new year. A performer the likes of this beauty needs no dazzle, no mystery, no build-up to who she is and what she has to offer the world of adult cinema. So, without any further delay, XCritic is excited beyond belief to announce to the fans that we are having this MILF superstar takeover the XCritic Snapchat in an extravaganza of flesh and seduction that you must see to believe. Reagan’s first show has become the stuff or “porn-lore” as she took fans to places few lovers ever get to see within her world. What will the beauty do for her encore? There is only one way to find out and that is by getting your ass over to Snapchat and just finding us at XCriticCom we will do the rest "cum" Thursday, April 11th.


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