EbonyCumDumps Pours Out New Amateur Swallow Scene @EbonyCumDumps

EbonyCumDumps Pours Out New Swallow Scene

(New Jersey, U.S.A. / March 15, 2019)  — It’s cocktail hour once again at EbonyCumDumps.com as the infamous blowjob site pours the man milk punch in a hot and wet new scene, available now at its official website.

For fans who love black sexy amateurs with a cum fetish, this new update is a wet, sticky dream come true, with a sexy sista giving a white boy a hardcore throating and receiving a creamy martini dessert.

“I dig the natural look on this sista,” a company rep said. “She may be bobbin’ up and down, but she ain’t weavin’! She ain’t used to big white boy dick, either. The helmet in her mouth was like a tennis ball, but she did an awesome job.”

EbonyCumDumps Pours Out New Swallow Scene

The 23-minute swallow scene is available available for streaming and download here ( https://tour5m.ebonycumdumps.com/tour/trailers/ecd-bobbin-and-weavin.html ).

Videos are now available at EbonyCumDumps in multiple formats, including MP4, mobile, and 60p HD.

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Find out more about EbomyCumDumps at their official Twitter @EbonyCumDumps.

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