Welcome to the Updated Newswire

Welcome to Newswire 2.0!

There’s a lot of new features here compared to the old newswire, so feel free to explore, poke around, and email any thoughts/questions to [email protected]

We think you’ll like the new look and the ease of adding keywords/tags and you can now share any post (yours or not) quickly using the social media share icons in the post and from the featured image on the newswire front page.

As always, we still need an image included in all posts but it works a bit differently now. You can put the image anywhere you like in the post (We are finding that just below your headline works very well) and then on the right-hand side of the window you click Set Featured Image and pick any image that you have uploaded! YOU MUST SET A FEATURED IMAGE.

THE RULES (Current as of March 17th, 2019)

  • NO Feature Dance Posts
  • NO Brothel Posts
  • No Links to Other Review Sites Please.

Links to star/starlet appearances are fine as long as they are to a convention such as eXXXotica, FetishCon, AVN, XBIZ, etc. Events, where there are not an entire group of stars gathering together in an organized fashion, are prohibited due to the current FOSTA/SESTA regulations. We’re not fans of the law as it stands either but for the moment that’s where we have to stand.


If you would like to be a contributor to the newswire, you can also email the above address and we can get you set up.

Thank you! Please share any and all feedback!

Author: XCritic Editor