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Joey Silvera's Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/26/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: She-male

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Vicki Richter, Cristie, Jessica, Shante, Damion, Kay Lane, Natasha, Alexandre Pernanbulo, Rafaela Buckman, Juliana Pires, Damion

Length: 2hr 20min

Production Date: Evil Angel, 2004

Extras: Chapter Selection without Act Selection (yet accesible), Bonus Footage--Runs 25 minutes and is on par with the rest of the film, Extra Scene--6 min with Veleria and Hugo, Fetish Access, Gallery, Internet Spam, Cast Info.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0. There is good clean sound throughout the scenes. We are able to hear the voices of the actors--although much of the dialogue is not in English. Many times the microphone picks up their noisy action with a pretty clean sound. Occasionally there could be some noises behind camera or people moving or stage motions, but they weren't too frequent. The Video is in Full Frame Color and had a crisp image throughout. I did notice some overlighting at times, and therefore some washing out of skin tones. Nonetheless, pretty standard for what is expected.

Body of Review: Title #7 in Joey Silvera's worldly escapade continues with the series by bringing to those weak for hot she-male action, the nastiest, fully-equiped girls that can be found. Evil Angel has developed its status as being one of the main companies that offers fetish or extreme films.

Scene 1: Vicki Richter, Cristie
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Strapon
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: No
Vicki is a tall, big, legged she-male. Vicki has a good looking face and long blonde hair. Cristie is a cute little girl, with white stockings and white netted top. We can see her dark nipple through the netting and when she takes the top off her breasts are natural. Cristie says that she's wanted to be with a she-male since she was 16 years old, so now's her chance. Things start out on a couch as the two undress and do some heavy petting. Cristie then starts sucking on Vicki's limp penis until it grows hard in her mouth. Cristie does some deep throating which she doesn't handle too well. There's quite a bit of gagging, but Cristie always goes back for more. After about fifteen minutes of oral, they go into some vaginal play. Cristie is really excited about being with Vicki and puts a lot of energy into her action, coming off a few times to suck Vicki's cock. Cristie gives her best performance in Reverse Cowgirl, riding extra hard and falling over when she comes. Cristie straps on a black dildo and slowly pumps Vicki’s ass before taking it off to get a better grip and offer some vigorous rimming. The action is pretty heated, although Cristie is the one that is really excited, as Vicki is a bit stiff and not as enthusiastic. Ends with a wimpy pop that Cristie licks up.

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Scene 2: Kay Lane, Natasha, Alexandre Pernanbulo
Acts Included: Oral, Anal,
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Natasha and Kay lane are two Brazilian ladies. Kay Lane has very dark skin, while Natasha is much lighter. They both have well developed breasts and desire to pull a three-way with another Latin stud. They find one, a thin young dude, in a house somewhere and the three waste no time together. The three do a great deal of sucking and yanking of each other, with some sloppy wet work by Kay Lane. When the young guy goes down on Natasha, she gives his cheek some slapping and holds his nose pulling him down on her dick. When they begin with the insertions it is the young lad that is on the receiving end. But after each girl has had their turn, he gets to be the giver, starting first with Kay Lane. As the guy gives her some thrusting Kay Lane jerks and cums on her own tummy, until he pulls out and does the same. Kneeling to the side, Natasha cums on the young man's stomach.

Scene 3: Victoria Ribeiro, Alexandre Pernabulo
Acts Included: Oral, Anal
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Victoria walks across the backyard of a house and finds a young guy with a chain around his neck. She takes him by the chain and turns him into her little slave boy. Victoria is a brown haired Latin she-male with budding breasts. The young boy crawls across the ground to come suck her dick. He does this for a while, taking some of the abuse Victoria offers him; pulling his head down, spiting down his throat. Before she gives her young slave the duty of anal sex, she has her ass licked for a few minutes. The boy bends Victoria over a table and gives her anal in doggy. Neither one make much in the way of noises, even when he gives her some deep plunges and pulling out for some gaping. But when she take it lying her back, she gets more vocal, pulling on the chain around her neck and moaning. Sometimes between scenes Victoria says what they are about to do, and this is a turn off-even to me-as it's said in a Spanish accent, and broken English and has to repeat herself so it only comes off sounding silly. Victoria then gets her boy up the ass for the rest of the scene. The scene ends with him sucking Victoria's tities and her cumming on the table. Slave boy then comes on her leg. Neither actor was remotely attractive, in any sense, nor where they the very exciting.

Scene 4: Rafaela Buckman, Juliana Pires
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Strapon
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
Condoms: Yes
There's a thing for white stockings or netting in this flick. We see it again on the two girls in this scene. Rafaela is a strawberry blonde with pale, freckled skin. Her breasts are under-developed for her body type but she has a very girlish face. Juliana is a dark skinned, striking girl with beautiful eyes and auburn streaks in her hair. She's a nasty little thing, spitting on Rafaela's member giving it some sloppy BJ action. The two get it on in the same setting as the previous scene with lots of oral from Juliana, including some rimming. After some quick vaginal sex, Juliana shows she's ready for anal by sticking four fingers in her ass. This is perhaps the better part of the scene, as Juliana is an attractive girl, but it is over in a few moments. She straps on a dildo and enters Rafaela, but this can only get so exciting. Rafaela masturbates as she takes the dildo up the ass and eventually comes on her stomach.

Scene 5: Jessica, Shante, Damion
Acts Included: Oral, Anal
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Jessica and Shante are both dark-skinned she-males. Neither one is very attractive, and have not yet quite adopted their image. The scene begins with them in the back of a car driving around New York City. We are then taken to an apartment where the two are dressed in little teddies. Down the hall they find a blonde, pretty muscular guy, with a hard on. The two girls tag team his cock, after which he returns the favor sometimes taking both in his mouth. The blond guy later leans over a couch and takes it from Shante while sucking off Jessica. Cumshots all around, each on stomachs. A decent, solid scene. The three are pretty excited about what they're doing, but never go into being obnoxious. They manage to dole out a good pounding to one another. And again, while this isn't my cup of tea, I could see how some people might really dig this scene. The camera shots were well done and manage to give some good close-ups without being annoying.

Concluding Words: I'll be honest upfront; I've seen very little she-male action in the past. And while it's not a genre I regularly seek out, it is one I have occasionally watched. Joey Silvera's Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 7 is not among the best. While the action was decent throughout, there was little enthusiasm among the cast. Some of the girls were decent looking, their breasts filling out, their actions becoming more refined (such as Vicki and Rafaela) but the rest were the least bit attractive in any sense. Because of this I would say Rent It.


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