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Backdoor Driller

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/13/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Lex Drill's Backdoor Driller


Genre: Anal

Director: Jerome Tanner

Cast: Carol, Steve Holmes, Jane Darling, Dillion Day, Manuel Ferrara, Vicky Vette, Katja Kassin, Mr. Pete, Vanessa Bleu, Claudia

Length: 136 minutes

Date of Production: 1/19/2004, 1/20/2004, 2/9/2004, 2/14/2004, 2/19/2004, 2/24/2004

Extra's: The only extras present were some weak biographies and a photogallery unless you consider spam to be an extra. The back of the DVD cover advertised a Behind the Scenes Featurette but it wasn't present on the DVD.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in and has been the industry standard for years. I've seen a lot of weaker movies from Legend but this one looked pretty solid on average with only some grain and minor video noise getting in the way of the fun. The audio was presented in PCM (pulse code modulated) stereo with little separation or dynamic range but for low-end porn, it wasn't bad except for the beginning of each scene where you couldn't hear them introduce themselves.

Body of Review: Anal sex is currently one of the lynchpins of hardcore porn. Increasing numbers of fans want to see it, without condoms, and as fast and furious as the performers can do it. While I'm not into it like many of you are, this situation has caused something of an anal gap to occur between some of the gonzo companies as they all compete to show more and more sick and twisted anal sex in their movies. After all, if a scene is really nasty, that'll mean more buzz and sales, right? While I question this idea more than a little bit, I have noticed the truth behind it. Legend, never a company to shy away from the competition, has introduced their latest effort in the war to provide hot anal sex for fans, Lex Drill's Backdoor Driller. In the movie, the cast has all kinds of rapid-paced anal sex and the cast has some of the leading ladies of anal porn; Katja Kassin, Jane Darling, and Vicky Vette. If this type of thing appeals to you, read the following breakdown of the scenes by cast:

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Scene One: Carol, a blonde with an ample chest from Prague, started off the show by licking her breasts and showing off her curvy ass as she stripped. She then masturbated until Steve showed up to lick her crotch a little bit. He then proceeded to take her pussy and hammer away until he got tired of it and wanted to tap her ass. She continued to masturbate as he drilled her like crazy, allowing her up for air and to clean his dick with her mouth (ATM). She did so energetically as though a green card depended on it and even rimmed his ass clean afterwards. While the hang time for her gape wasn't a record by any stretch of the imagination, it was pretty lengthy for those who keep count. It ended with her swallowing his jizz right down.

Scene Two: Jane, the curvy blonde on the front DVD cover, followed the formula and masturbated on the couch as she teased the camera. She's the gal on the front DVD cover but she looked better in action. She was partnered up with Manuel and Dillion, a duo of hard-hitting porn studs if ever there were any. She blew Dillion while Manuel went down on her, both expecting to bone her like crazy in mere minutes afterwards. They spanked her, drilled her pussy and ass, and did some major DP action on the gal, all of which she took to like a fish to water. She seemed to like the taste of semen too, a good thing since she got a few mouthfuls of it at the end of the scene. Her energy level was also higher than normal, something I've come to expect of her.

Scene Three: Vicky, one of the most experienced new gals on the scene in the past year, proved that younger gals aren't always the best in bed as she masturbated on a couch for the camera. Manuel joined her, going down on her to get her even wetter, and she jerked him off a little before going down on him with lots of energy. She gave him a titty fuck too, something a lot of men like to see from busty gals, and it was only seconds later that she was taking his entire length up her sweet pussy. This didn't last long as he wanted to try her ass on for size and found it to be so tight that he had to work it in slowly before drilling her hard and fast. The scene then ended with another titty fuck but she didn't swallow his load.

Scene Four: Katja, the hot German gal with bright red hair, tormented the camera with her perfect ass by sticking a finger and then large vibrator up her ass, tasting it afterwards. Seeing how she was craving meat, Pete and Manuel gave her what she wanted in spades, screwing her right off without a lot of playing around. She worked Pete's boner all the way down her throat as Manuel drilled her balls deep and it wasn't long before a high-energy DP took place. She did some PTM and ATM afterwards but then Steve joined them and drilled her some more. I can see why he'd want her sweet and tight ass; it was great! With Pete now out of the picture, the famous porn stud duo fed her more cock than most women alive could stand, making this a solid scene in terms of heat and energy. It ended with the guys jerking out loads into her awaiting mouth. It looked like she swallowed the first load but the camera faded for the second load so you'll have to use your imagination.

Scene Five: Vanessa, a lean gal with jet-black hair, showed her hairy pussy as she played with herself on the couch. The droning 70's porn music wasn't helpful to her but she managed to look interested as she jerked herself off while waiting for Steve and Manuel to really take care of her. She inhaled Manuel's cock while Steve started boning her pussy and they swapped positions more than once as the gal had her chance to get each hole filled. She wasn't as energetic as the other gals and her DP looked more mechanical than warm but she did everything the other gals did, if with less enthusiasm. It ended with the usual facials and post-orgasm sucking but none of the swallowing fans like to see.

Scene Six: Claudia was the last gal to take part in the driller action. She managed to be lean and curvy all at the same time, flaunting her body for the camera as she stripped off her lingerie. Tanner himself smacked her ass during this part of the show just to prove how tight her flesh was but it was Manuel that got to do the honors of screwing her and receiving some great head from the gal. She cleaned his dick orally after it entered her and her attractive features combined with her energy made for a good scene. She seemed to have the longest hang time for the anal gape and her vocalization helped make her look good even when compared to some of the other superstars here. Oral, straight and anal sex with a twist was all represented here in mass quantities so fans of hers need to see this one.

Summary: I think the movie was worth a rating of Highly Recommended due to the technical values, the excellent cast, and the amount of fuck for your buck. This is a far cry from the Legend Video of a few years ago and I'm hoping that the rest of their releases are even half as good as this one. It wasn't perfect but so much better than what I'm used to from the company that my expectations have been elevated a whole lot based on this release alone.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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