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Just Sex

Studio: Cherry Boxxx » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/13/04

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Genre: Straight/Young

Director: Rick Davis

Cast: Paris Waters, Courtney Devine, Dia Moore, Poppy Morgan, Victoria Givens, Gia, Cheyne Collins, John West, Anthony Hardwood, Dick Delaware and Van Damage

Length: 1hr 51 min

Production Date: Cherry Boxxx, 20004

Extras: -=Chapter Selection, Without Act Access=- -=About 2 minutes of mildly amusing outakes at the end of the film=- -=Slide Show=- -=Web Info=- -=Spam=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is in 2.0 as expected. There is very little problems with the sound for the film. Since there is no music during the performances all voices and sounds come through clearly. The greater problem lies with the video. The Video is in Full Frame Color. No surprise there. But the film has a washed out, low grade image and grain quality that palgues the entire disc.

Body of Review: Cherry Boxxx gets down to the basics in their flick Just Sex. Nothing fancy, nothing new, simply hardcore pumping and pounding of some of the cutest and innocent faces out there. If you like young girls with that adorable, young naive look, the six (well, five actually) gathered here will prolly turn your dial.

Scene 1: Paris Waters
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Spoon
Condoms: No
Cute Asian girl, Paris Waters, goes through a quick Q&A before taking her clothes off. Paris has a young, adorable face that looses all its innocence as she sucks on Van Damage's dick. Paris's performance is best when she is in control and not being talked to or told what to do. At times she laughs about what Van Damage says or even winces a bit with pain. Otherwise she acts a bit unsure or distracted and this makes her look awkward at times. Nonetheless, Van Damage does a good job of slowly drilling her, and we see some nice shots of her slightly hairy pussy. They mix in some BJing between acts, and this is good because Paris's oral skills are what drive the scene.

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Scene 2: Courtney Devine and John West
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
Bubbling with energy, Courtney kneels topless on a rug and smiles for the camera. Peppy and perky Courtney can't wait to have a dick in her mouth. Her short, curly hair and thin body give also give her that young innocent look, but when John West comes on screen, all images are shattered. His dick gets her mouth juices running, and shortly Courtney is slobbering all over the place in one hell of a messy blowjob. But what's great about this isn't all the wetness, it's Courtney's enthusiasm to suck, a major turn on. Her energy carries over equally when the action starts. In minutes of riding him Courtney has John ready to come and has to jump off. Courtney does great and saves the scene by sucking his dick, instead of just lying around waiting for him to cool off. If you dig a wild girl that yells a lot (turn down the volume, because she's loud--although never annoying), Courtney is as good as they come.

Scene 3: Poppy Morgan
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: No
Poppy Morgan is a cute dirty-blonde with a British accent. The two swap oral secrets that, despite Poppy's tight pussy, are pretty run of the mill. Her ass is nice bobbing up and down in reverse cowgirl, but just as the hardcore is getting a start, everything ends. The dude pulls out and the two scramble to get a facial shot. He unloads a healthy helping onto Poppy's chin and ends a scene that never really started. About 6 minutes of action and one position....sigh. But then they do an after shoot. The gal gets cleaned up and the two go at it again. More pounding and moaning, but for me this kind of filming doesn't work. It's kinda like when the reel goes out at the theaters. Or that awkward pause at a concert as the band retunes their instruments. Interuptions are distractions from being in the moment of experiences, even in the porn world.

Scene 4: Dia Moore and Cheyne
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, 69, Piledriver,
Condoms: No
Dia Moore is a bit too pasty for my tastes. And with the bad video of the film, her white full figure washes out in a terrible brightness. Cheyne eats her out to get her pussy wet and jacks off to get his dick hard, not the most exciting method, but apparently Dia doesn't suck soft dick. She prefers it hard and enjoys rubbing it on her face after a good oral exam. Dia's a cutie. Not totally my type, but she has nice full thighs and a pretty face. Her screaming grated my nerves some, which is strange because it wasn't as loud as Courtney's. Their missionary acts go on far too long. And so the scene begins to tire. Dia does hang her head off the edge of the bed and sucks cock as the blood rushes to her head and then a decent piledriver. The acts drag a bit, so the action grows stale. But there are some good performances, just nothing extraordinary.

Scene 5: Victoria Givens and Anthony Hardwood
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Anal
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon,
Condoms: No
I've never been crazy about Victoria. I give her credit for her work and being so prolific, but she's nowhere near the type of gal I like. The wild, bleach-blond hair and massive, fake boobs are not for me. My preferences aside, Victoria is a great actress in her field. She slurps down dick and makes smacking noises in a fine looking blowjob. There's a nice under the dude's leg shot that shows Victoria's big breasts and her chin dripping with spit. Sex is no sweat for her, and the anal seems to come pretty easily. Anthony gives her asshole a hard workout and both yell and moan heavily. Overall a nice scene. The action moves smoother than some of the other scenes but like much of the disc it's pretty standard.

Scene 6: Gia
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy,
Condoms: No
Gia wants dick rammed into the back of her throat, and lucky her she gets what she wishes. Trying not to gag and keeping with her fast bobbing head, Gia gives a strong oral performance that gets a little wet but not too messy. Most of the nastiness is in her hard hitting energy and enthusiasm. She works his penis as though it was her life support and that she might die without it. She takes pretty hard pounding to her cute, small pussy, but Gia's too into the camera. Saying silly things ("fuck me hard enough that I bark") and looking into the lens make her screaming and moaning seem only secondary to her spotlight attention. This is a big distraction, as the enjoyment she 'receives' doesn't seem authentic. Although it could be otherwise, she just seems to be going through the motions.

Concluding Words: Cherry Boxxx Pictures may not be synonymous with quality. There pictures often have to sacrifice one aspect of the picture for the other. Whether it be the video or the sound (or even the extra content) that must go, it is a sacrifice that is all too easily noticed. Here, in Just Sex, it is obviously the video. The picture quality is so poor that it becomes distracting. Although the images are clear and obviously discernible, there is an overall glare and graininess to them. A truly unfortunate setback, but I understand that the company may have to cut corners to market their product. But on a disc with no extras worth a first look and an audio track that wasn't exactly a slurged upgrade, the vid comes under question. Overall I enjoyed the performances of most actors on the disc. I might even suggest this for Couples, so long as they (the woman mainly) doesn't mind a good bit of sloppy oral. But the performances lag at times, whereas others move smoothly along. Some performers give their best, while others seem in a rut. There's a lot of variation so that may or may not fit your taste. Personally I like a film with consistency, and I just didn't see that here. The see-sawing of performances make this a simple Rent It


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