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Island Fever 3 HD-DVD (HD DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 9/10/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Island Fever 3
Digital Playground


Camera by:Robbie D

Directed by:Joone

Cast:Devon, Jesse Jane,Tera Patrick , Evan Stone, Eric Masterson and Barrett Blade

Length:1 hrs. 27 mins.

Date of Production:2004

Extra's:The big extra on Island Fever 3 is a 35 minute behind the scenes documentary. It looks like it was shot by Robby D who fills it with a load of pron and fart jokes. Think of it as a 'Jack's Playground Making of', a very fun and informal look at the antics behind the scenes. Tagged on the end of the making of is a short clip of the making of the scene between Tara Patrick and Barrett Blade, like Tara's scene it's something that came from another shoot but is part of this DVD. The DVD also features audio commentary with Jesse, Devon, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone and Robbie D, trailers, photo gallery, and Bios of both Jesse Jane and Devon

Audio/Video Quality:Island Fever 3 is presented in 2 versions, a 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 standard definition version. And a 1020p HD version (playable on a higher end PC). This is by far the best looking Adult DVD I've seen. The images are crisp and film like with phenomenal definition. The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and is as strong as the picture. There is no dialog or other ambient audio, the entire audio track is used for the soundtrack - a nice new-agey sound which compliments both the solo and couples sex scenes.

Body of Review:Island Fever has been an extremely popular 'couples friendly' series from Digital Playground. The concept is simple - take your biggest stars, fly them out to an exotic island and shoot them as artfully and as you can. The concept worked quite well in the first 2 times out and it shows no sign of slowing in Island Fever 3. This time around the film could easily have been renamed 'Devon and Jesse do Tahiti' as this title is all about Digital Playground's two big contract stars. Although Tera Patrick appears in one scene in Island Fever 3 it was shot before her split with the company and so her presence in this film is all too short.

Scene 1: Devon and Jesse  
It's the scene that many Digital Playground fans have been waiting for. The first girl-girl scene between the two DP 'heavyweights' Jesse Jane and Devon, and it's definitely a "Rumble in the jungle". The scene starts off with a real tease as the two girls dance naked with veils on an exotic ocean shore, exchanging the occasional kiss. As the scene builds so does the kissing, which is very hot. Both girls are very dominant in their scenes so it's interesting to see them play off against each other. Just as things start getting going, they change locations - through a tropical forrest to another beach. After another round of very hot kissing the scene moves to Jesse eating out Devon. The nice pace which had been set up to this point begins to change and before long we move to Devon fingering Jesse and then the two in a X position grinding against each other in the water.

The sex part of this scene just doesn't measure up to the kissing, which the two seemed to have a lot more fun with. Both Devon and Jesse are very dominant performers and they seem to struggle with that through the sex, which felt more 'performed' than enjoyed. Robbie D does a fantastic job through out the scene of 'taking in' everything about these two women as he darts his focus around both of their bodies. Although the scene took a while to play out, it ultimately didn't feel long enough, or something was missing from it. Perhaps the lead up was stronger than the payoff, or maybe the chemistry between these two just isn't as good as it needs to be. Fans of the two will probably find themselves re-running the kissing scenes, as it's the hottest part of the scene.

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Scene 2: Devon and Evan Stone
From the Jesse Jane and Devon scene we move to a short solo bit with Devon who masturbates for the camera. Soon she's joined by Evan Stone for a very hot but relatively short scene. Devon starts the scene by giving Evan a blowjob. As with many of the scenes in this film Robbie D darts the camera around to capture all aspects of the sex. This is one exceptional blowjob, which could have easily gone on for much longer. Next Evan eats out Devon in another very hot part of the scene. From there Evan fucks Devon from behind (with condom) in dramatic fashion. As with the last scene at times it feels a little 'performed' but not so much as to clam this hot scene. The scene finishes with Devon giving Evan a blowjob and he delivers a very messy load onto her face. An extremely solid scene, but as with the first, not nearly long enough. Robbie D has given this film a nice slow pace, but it seems like once the sex gets going that he's afraid it's going on too long. When it's this good, you want more.


Scene 3: Tera Patrick and Barret Blade
Shot before the split between Tara and Digital Playground this unfortunately is the only Tara scene on the disc. This scene starts with a surreal looking solo scene with Tera. Tera is extremely hot in the scene and seems to be genuinely 'into' the solo action. It's great but all too short. The scene then jumps to Tera's last scene she did with another guy (who is not Evan Seinfeld). Tera gives Barret Blade a sizzling blowjob. It easily tops the blowjob from the last scene and goes on for longer. Tera is exceptional. Next Barret goes down on Tera who looks positively orgasmic from the get go. This moves quickly to sex (with a condom). The sex is standard missionary style but Robbie D manages to make it look more 'exotic' as his camera jumps from the sex to Tera's face and back again. Barret flops Tera around and comes in from behind and that lights the scene on fire. The scene ends with a thin facial which would have been a let down if it were not for Tera's hot oral. This is another very hot scene that was way way to short.


Scene 4: Jesse Jane and Eric Masterson
The slow pace of the start of the film returns with a solo scene of Jesse in the ocean. The camera LOVES Jesse and she looks as good in this scene as I've seen her. As with the past scenes this transitions to a scene with Jesse and Eric Masterson. The two start off very slow kissing each other, and rubbing each other. This leads to a Jesse giving a blow job. Jesse is extremely enthusiastic in this scene an truly energetic performer. From the blowjob the scene moves on to very hot and very sandy sex. While the scene with Jesse and Devon felt 'performed', she seems to be much more 'into' this scene. The sex is very hot and Robbie D captures it from all angles. Jesse dips her hair in the ocean as she's being fucked from behind and then flings the water back over them. Unlike the other scenes in the film, this scene isn't short. So we get to really enjoy the hot sex on the screen. The scene ends with a screaming orgasm (by Eric Masterson) and a nice facial.


Scene 5: Devon and Eric Masterson
The next scene starts off with a very muddy Devon, crawling in the ocean, As with Jesse in the start if the last scene the camera LOVES Devon and it's about the best she's looked on camera. Robbie D manages to capture something about these two that other directors just can't seem to get at. The solo part of this scene is great. The solo scene transitions to a scene between Devon and Eric. It's fascinating to watch Jesse and then Devon in back to back scenes with the same guy. Jesse was much much more aggressive in her scene and here Devon seems to be really enjoying herself. The scene quickly moves to Eric eating out Devon and then to Devon giving Eric a blowjob, again a real contrast to Jesse's blowjob in the last scene. From the blowjob the scene moves into sex with Eric fucking Devon from behind and then into reverse cowgirl and then finally with him shooting his load onto Devon's chest. Another strong scene that probably could have gone on longer.


Scene 6: Jesse Jane and Evan Stone
This scene starts of with another Jesse solo scene, with her infront of a waterfall. Again the camera LOVES Jesse. This scene transitions to one with Jesse and Evan Stone. It starts off slow with kissing and then moves to an awesome shot of Jesse and Evan under a waterfall. Next it's Jesse giving Evan an enthusiastic blowjob which includes at least one deep throat. Next Evan fucks Jesse from behind. The sex between Jesse and Evan is explosive with much more energy and enthusiasm than any other scene on the disc. The sex moves under the waterfall for some extremely cool shots. The scene finishes with a very minor facial but Jesse seems to 'sell' it well, her 'finish' really gives the scene the final punctuation it needs.


Scene 7: Devon and Eric Masterson (Redux)
It's another solo scene with Devon. Again well shot by Robbie D. The scene then moves to another sex scene with Devon and Eric Masterson. Arrrg. Talk about a re-run. The scene is almost a mirror image of the first scene between Jesse and Eric, right down to some of the positions and the shots. But it's short, very short and you're at Eric dropping his load onto Devon's chest before you know it.


Scene 8: Jesse Jane and Even (Redux)
Arrrggg. It's ANOTHER solo shoot with Jesse. This time it's the mirror image of the one with Devon in the dirt. The scene moves to Jesse and Evan kissing and groping. Then it's onto Evan going down on Jesse. It's a good part of the scene and Jesse seems to be very into it. Jesse returns the favor with another extremely energetic blowjob which leads to sex (very well hidden condom), even fucking Jesse from behind. Then it's on to an interest side straddle position and then Evan lets it go on Jesse's chest. The film ends with Jesse kissing Evan and then a montage of images from the solo scenes.


Summary:Island Fever 3 finally brings together Digital Playgrounds big contract performers in a film where you can really see them perform. From the scene with Devon and Jesse going at it together, to back to back scenes with Jesse and Devon with Eric Masterson you really get a good chance to 'compare' these performers. Robbie D is brilliant with his camera both in the solo scenes and with the sex. Island Fever 3 is shot magnificently, looks amazing and sounds fantastic - by far the best looking Adult DVD I've seen. The soundtrack is also worth noting, it's dreamy, cool and it complements both the solo scenes and the sex scenes very well.

My biggest complaint about Island Fever 3 is that it's both too much and not enough of a good thing. The film has a total of 8 scenes, 7 of which have either Jesse or Devon. There's also a whopping three solo scenes with Jesse and three solos with Devon, wayyyyy to many. In addition, of the eight scenes in the film, there are two sex scenes each between Devon and Eric Masterson, and between Jesse and Evan. You've REALLY got to be a Devon or Jesse fan with that much Jesse/Devon. It would have been much better to have fewer scenes which went on a lot longer. By the end of the movie it really feels like you've seen some of the same things, over and over again. But the sex in many of the scenes is very good and its shot well enough that you still really get your money's worth - If you're a big fan of either Jesse or Devon i'd Highly Recommend Island Fever 3 to you. All others I'd give it a hearty Recommended.


A Note about the HD Version:Island Fever 3 is a 2 Disc set. The first disc has the standard DVD Movie and special features. The 2nd disc contains and High Definition version of the movie. The video quality in the High Definition version is definitely sharper and better than the standard definition one, but the audio is only 2 channel stereo.

To see if you're PC is 'man enough' to play Island Fever 3 in HD check out the Microsoft WMHD System Check Tool, because with PCs - size does matter.


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