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Limelight Girls 9

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/25/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Limelight Girls 9

Limelight Productions

Genre: Amateur

Director: Chris Zeeman

Cast: Victoria Graceson, Keanni Lei, Larisa Fox, Lain Oi, man uncredited (Chris Zeeman?)

Length: 134 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/2/2004, 6/28/2004, 7/2/2004, 8/26/2004

Extra's: The main extra was a set of Behind the Scenes featurette's starring the gals from the movie. They totaled about 32 minutes and allowed the gals to discuss some minor aspects of what they're about. There were also photogalleries of each gal with a separate outtakes section but I've never been a big fan of those so your mileage will vary.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Limelight Girls 9 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as most porn is shot these days. The set up for the scenes was a static or mostly static camera with the lights set up to showcase the couple on a bed. As such, you'd think it could look really good but the visual qualities of the show were only about average. The colors were accurate, the lighting fair, and the video noise minimal with few compression artifacts but it lacked any interesting composition and looked ultra low budget. The audio was in monaural English but little was said and you could hear the background noises too well. In short, the release had "home movie" written all over it.

Body of Review: One of the benefits of reviewing porn has been that I get to see a lot of titles that would otherwise never show up on my radar screen. This could be due to the fact that over 12000 releases a year appear on DVD and no one carried them all, the economics of trying out something with a weak DVD cover, or simply a case where I'd never heard of the title before receiving it. Such was the case with Limelight Girls 9; an amateur release with four new gals and one horned up guy (that I suspect was the hairy director). The appeal of amateur porn is in seeing fresh meat that may, or may not in the case here, be ready for prime time. That's a good way to describe the four gals of the DVD; "Not Ready For Prime Time Pussy". If you really love seeing brand new gals having sex in front of a cheesy camera, here's a look at the action by each scene for you:

Scene One: Victoria, a 19 year old gal with reddish brown hair and an all natural body, was up first in what was billed as her 1st movie. She wore white lingerie and seemed fairly attractive in a limited sort of way. For those who care, she was the gal in the yellow bikini on the front DVD cover although her picture was inferior to her look in the scene. The sex was oral by both of them and vaginal sex in several positions but it really didn't have anything special about it (a general lack of energy and chemistry).

Scene Two: Keanni, a 23 year old Asian gal, in what might have been her first anal scene as advertised on the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, began her scene with her generic partner while wearing a red lingerie outfit on a small bed. She seemed all too familiar with the camera; looking over her shoulder at it repeatedly. Her oral skills seemed somewhat better than Victoria but the rest of the scene was kind of tame compared to "real" porn (for me at least) yet she showed some potential.

Scene Three: Larisa, the gal on the left hand side of the front DVD cover wearing glasses, claimed to be 19 years old and started off her scene in a bed by waking up her male friend for some fun. Like the other scenes, he went down on her before she went down on him after which they screwed vaginally. I thought she enjoyed it but didn't think she had a real orgasm during the scene as there was no chemistry or sufficient amount of energy to convey that she was doing anything more than faking it.

Scene Four: Lain, the homely 19 year old blonde found on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover, started off the final scene in a bathtub shaving herself before the guy (Chris?) joined her for some oral pleasure. Her blowjob was far more like a real one than a porn version so depending on what you like to see, it will be good or bad. He went down on her after going to the bedroom and they screwed after that. In all, it was not an inspired scene to be sure.

Summary: Limelight Girls 9 was a title I really didn't like much but it also left me cold so it wasn't a case of seeing women I didn't like so much as women that looked like they were watching a clock or lacking sexual skills. If you prefer women like this, go ahead and drop some cash on it but the bottom line for me was that there wasn't any real reason to justify buying or renting it; which is why I gave it a rating of Skip It. They weren't the ugliest gals I've ever seen, nor were they the least talented but they sure came close in both cases.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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