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Gina Lynn and Belladonna Unleashed

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/25/05

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The Movie:

Belladonna is just about the hottest thing on two legs these days, and Gina Lynn is no slouch either. So when a copy of Gina Lynn And Belladonna Unleashed found its way into my mailbox, you can see how I was overjoyed to find it there. Here's how this Gina Lynn Productions/Exquisite Multimedia DVD turned out…

Chapter 1 – Nikki Benz: Nikki talks for a little bit and then gets down to business when her man starts munching on her box. After he goes down on her, she returns the favor and gives him a nice sloppy blowjob. Once she's sucked him off she mounts him and rides him cowgirl style for a little bit and we get a nice 'pov' shot of her fine ass. Soon buddy boy gets inspired and he stands up while she bounces on his cock. After they do this for a little while he throws her onto the couch and fucks her missionary style for a bit. After that it's time for some reverse cowgirl action and we get to see her ridiculous looking fake titties bounce around like water balloons. Once they're done with that, he puts his dong back into her mouth and she blows him like the wind and he shoots his wad on her face. At half an hour long, this scene is a little much but the sex is passionate. If you're into Nikki's look, you'll dig this one.

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Chapter 2 – Bobbi Sox: Bobbi's a cute little thing, isn't she? Clad in some fine black lingerie and on all fours with a dog collar around her neck, she crawls up the stairs like her boy toy tells her to and after he sticks a finger or two in her snatch, she gives him head. Boy does she ever give him head. She deeps throats him and almost gags a couple of times but you've got to admire the girl's determination and skill in this department. She knows what she's doing and it shows in ever frame. Soon he's got her on her back with her legs spread and he puts his dick in her for a while. After that she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl for a little while and again we're treated to a nice 'pov' shot of her fleshy ass bouncing around. She gets back on all fours and he bangs her doggy style, tugging on her hair as he does, then he gets her upside down on the stairs and puts it back in her mouth. Soon it's back to doggy land, and then he pulls out as she kneels in front of him so that he can jerk off in her face. The guy in this scene was a bit tacky but Bobbi's a looker and a talented performer. This scene was the highlight of the disc in my opinion.

Chapter 3 – Lisa Marie: She doesn't waste any time taking of her boy toy's pants and ramming his dick down her throat. Lisa Marie sucks him hard and fast and then, after some deep throating that would make Linda Lovelace blush, she gets into the sixty nine position so that he can munch on her box while she continues to suck him off all sloppy like. Once the blowing is over, she mounts him rides him for a few minutes. After she's had enough dick in her, she gets back on her knees and takes him in her mouth again. Switch it up once more and she's riding him again, her pierced nipples and clit looking ever so fine. They try out a few more positions and finally he settles on doggy style. Once that's over and done with he pulls out and she finishes him off in her mouth. Not a bad scene, even if it is pretty standard stuff. Lisa Marie looks like she really loves giving head, which is always nice to see and it does make a difference here.

Chapter 4 – Tanya Danielle/Gina Lynn: Ah, lipstick lesbians. How much do they rule? A whole lot, that's how much. After doing little sexy dances, the two girls meet and the fun begins. Tanya goes to work on Gina's breasts, and then slowly works her mouth down to here it all counts. Soon enough both girls are naked, and the lick each other into a bit of a frenzy. Fingers find their way into orifices and while Tanya's breasts look a little off in a few scenes, she seems pretty appreciative of Gina's backdoor love. After they've licked and flicked, the girls do the right thing and bust out a double ended dong. They fellate it, and then they insert it into each other doggy style for some ass to ass fun and games. It gets pretty rowdy, and soon Tanya takes it out of her hole and licks Gina's ass while the dong finds its way deep inside of her. After that they go back to licking and once they've come one last time, the scene ends.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots but otherwise and a little bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks. The image is presented in a decent fullframe presentation, which appears to be how all of the material on this compilation of fuck scenes was shot. Skin tones look nice and natural, and there is no print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. There isn't any dialogue really, just moans and groans. The women don't really talk to each other much aside from the occasional 'Oh God!' or 'Fuck me' type comments. The background music has some nice punch to it and it comes through the speakers loud and clear though at times the volume of the background music is actually a little bit low in the mix. Extras:

There's a decent sized photo gallery included on this release, as well as a behind the scenes featurette. This clocks in at just under eleven minutes and consists mainly of candid behind the scenes footage with the performers goofing off a bit in front of the camera. It only covers the first three scenes, which is rather odd. You do get to see Gina working behind the camera though, which is moderately interesting for a few seconds.

Bonus Scene – Belladonnna/Gina Lynn: Here's where I get pissed off. The title of this DVD is Gina Lynn And Belladonna Unleashed, right? Right. I just double checked. It is. This is the only scene that the two girls share together and it's not even really a fuck scene so much as it is the two of them at a photo shoot. Yeah, Gina puts a dildo in Bella's ass and that's pretty good stuff but with the photographers there, they're merely posing, they're not actually doing much else. For this to be the center piece of the DVD seems rather misleading to me, as the two girls are hardly unleashed in this and making it the star attraction was a bad idea as it doesn't deliver. It's going to mislead a lot of people, just like it mislead me. Seeing the two girls embraced on the cover of the packaging furthers this, and makes it even more of a let down once you get through it.

Final Thoughts:

Gina Lynn And Belladonna unleashed is completely worth it for fans of Gina Lynn but a bit of a rip off for fans of Belladonna. If you're looking to pick this one up, save your money for something else as she's barely in it. However, if you're a fan of Ms. Lynn the scene she shares with Tanya Danielle is steamy, and the rest of the scenes aren't half bad either. Rent it.

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