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Jack's Playground 21

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/28/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Jack's Playground 21: Cody Law Fights For the Ring

Digital Playground

Genre: Comedy, Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Shay Lamar, Eric Masterson, Leanella, Tommy Gunn, Mackenzie Mack, Leila Koshi, Jade Hsu, Leah Marie
Non-sex roles by: Ira, Celeste, Montel, Cody Law

Length: 85 minutes

Date of Production: 5/30/2004

Extra's: The only extras were the usual photogallery and trailers to movies like Devon: Erotique, Teagan: Erotique, Contract Star, Story of J, Sex in the Valley, Teen America, No Limits, Rush, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Erotique, Jack's Playground, The Hitman, Beat The Devil, Three Timing, Sinful Creations, but also an interesting 6.5 minute montage for the Jack's Playground series that even quoted me, although it credited me as being from Adult DVD Empire (not a bad thing) and used my most negative comment from my dozen or so reviews of the series (proving that Digital Playground has a sense of humor).

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Jack's Playground 21 was presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 ratio color. The colors were sometimes a bit too saturated but aside from some minor grain and video noise, the show looked pretty good and never distracted from the sex taking place. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English but the use of the audio format was not really great since most of the sound came from the center channel. While this comes as no surprise, especially since the budget of most porn movies is so small, Digital Playground is world-renowned for being on the leading edge of technology and a number of fans, me included, appreciate their efforts.

Body of Review: One of the toughest genres of porn to pull off consistently is comedy porn since so many of us have different senses of humor. One series that manages to do a pretty good job from time to time is Digital Playground's Jack's Playground. The series stars "Jack" (played off screen by director Robby D.) who goes around shooting various women with his video camera using the pretense of putting them in rock videos as he gets his friends laid and/or showcases some attractive gals masturbating. My biggest complaint with the series has long been how short the volumes are (usually under 90 minutes) and the lack of passion/energy/chemistry between the performers during their scenes. I know the emphasis is on showing off new gals to porn but I'd rather see an old professional having fun than a gal off the street making a few bucks for her suitcase boyfriend any day of the week. That said, the latest volume in the series is Jack's Playground 21: Cody Law Fights For the Ring, one of the weaker volumes in the show that saw the return of Cody Law, lawyer of porn stars, after his surprising demise by suicide last time. If that sounds weird to you, imagine what it was like for me, a fan of the series, but here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast in case you're still interested:

Scene One: Shay Lamar, a lean brunette with a nice smile and even nicer little ass, was parading down the sidewalk flashing herself at passersby when Eric Masterson, and "Jack" invited her up to the apartment for some fun times. Within a moment, she was on the couch taking a hard one from Eric in her pussy (bent over and doing her breathing exercises). She looked great but was less filling as she just let him do all the work in a few positions before she showed a nice talent for blowing him. It ended with a facial that she mostly swallowed but it wasn't a very good scene to start off a show.

Scene Two: Leanella, the light haired gal with sweet curves who looked like Mackenzie (the gal featured on the front DVD cover) a bit, was up next in a scene on a bed with muscular Tommy Gunn. He went down on her first as she cooed approval but it never warmed up to anything more than if you fucked the house stripper at your local strip club for a few hundred bucks. She blew him in return and they boned for a few minutes, knocking her clitoral piercing off (breaking it in fact) due to the energetic manner he slammed it into her. She was another gal that seemed content to just lie back and let him do all the work, making the scene pretty weak in my book. Even the pop shot to her face was weak, and if he got more than a drop inside her mouth, I must've blinked.

Scene Three: Mackenzie Mack, the curvy bleach blonde on the front cover mentioned earlier, was up next in a masturbation scene on the couch after Celeste introduced her. If you like implants and limited scenes, this one will be for you but I wanted to see the gal in action. The rubbing she did was warm and I know this is a staple of the series but unless I got to lick her finger clean, it wasn't working for me other than for a couple of minutes.

Scene Four: Leila Koshi (calling herself Lei Lee), was up next wearing the same pink shorts she wore on the left hand side of the front DVD cover (she also wore a black tube top and pink partial jacket before stripping), introduced herself as being in her first scene here. Her partner was Eric Masterson and after a short interview (where Jack said the same thing twice about being single), she began blowing Eric using her crazy eye technique (rolling her eyes into the back of her head) to get him ready. It was playful but kind of tame too just like the vaginal screwing she took on the couch. It ended when she took his wad into her mouth and then spat it out as though it were poison.

Scene Five: Jade Hsu, smoking on the couch while wearing a pink fishnet outfit and hanging out with Celeste, was up next in a solo scene. She's the gal on the front cover wearing her pink outfit (in the middle) with the super lean body and pierced breasts. I really didn't get into this scene either because she seemed too professional but I'll give her credit for at least attempting to instill some feeling into the action as she writhed on the couch and stroked herself.

Scene Six: Leah Marie, a very lean gal with tiny breasts claiming to be 19 years old, was up next on a bed with muscular Tommy Gunn. She played a hooker looking for some money and I was afraid this scene would be as lame as most of the others but she did seem to know her way around a cock as she sucked him off using her hand to increase the friction. She did have that sleepy eye look though and that simply didn't work for me any more than the way she let him do the work for the rest of the scene. On a brighter note, she did pump up and down a little in the cowgirl position but it was too little, too late to save the scene and her lack of enthusiasm during the facial sealed her fate as a wannabe.

Summary: Jack's Playground 21: Cody Law Fights For the Ring was probably the weakest Digital Playground DVD I've seen of theirs in a long, long time. The sex was uneventful, the cast appeared distracted, and the DVD did not provide much fuck for the buck this time. I wanted to like it but as much as the series has a tremendous amount of untapped potential, this volume was mostly tapped out. Perhaps forcing Robby D. into a monthly routine has finally taken a toll on his ability to come up with the usual funny quips, the better gals, and the general fun levels. Maybe Celeste needs to take over a volume or two (if she does, please make it last the better part of two hours) or see what Joone can do to revitalize the action since it is definitely in need of a breath of fresh air. Until then, I have to give the DVD a rating of Skip It.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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