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Miss Passion & Love Bites

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/28/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movies:

Miss Passion

Suze herself hosts this one, which is essentially a series of sex scenes on a clear plastic bed surround by props and smoke machines and in front of an eager and horny audience. There's not much a plot, Suze just introduces each of the fuck teams when their time comes up and then she lets them get down to action. Plenty of big, early eighties New Wave Hooker hair-do's and nice natural breasts are on display here and the movie does a nice job of blending the camp appeal of the time with a solid cast who know how to fuck on camera.

Please note that for obvious reasons, the scene between Ginger Lynn and Traci Lords and the scene between Steve Drake and Traci Lords that are supposed to be in the original version of this film have been taken out.

Scene 1 – Crystal Breeze, Peter North: Set atop a clear plastic waterbed with a smoke machine working overtime in the background, Peter and Crystal get down to business when she starts to lick his dick. Once he's ready he puts her on all fours and fucks her from behind, then he flips her over and bangs her missionary style a bit. She turns him over and mounts him reverse cowgirl style, then rolls over onto her side. He pumps her that way until he's done, then he pulls out and shoots on her. This was an okay scene notable more for how buff and tanned Peter North looks (it's pretty funny) than for how good the sex is, but there's some heat here even if it's unremarkable.

Scene 2 – Craig Roberts, Rachel Ashley: Rachel does a nice strip tease and then goes down on Craig. After sucking him for about two minutes she mounts him cowgirl style and bounces on his cock a bit. He gets her on her back and taps it old school, and then he pulls out and shoots on her inner thighs. Rachel looks great, her nice big tits bouncing around while he's on top of her, and she seems to be pretty into the sex as well, which makes this one better than your average screw.

Scene 3 – Craig Roberts, Rikki Blake: Craig comes back for more in a different outfit and starts putting his tongue down Rikki's throat. She kneels down and gobbles his dick and then he takes down her space panties and fucks her missionary style. She rolls over and gets on all fours, so that he can poke her ass with his thumb while he does her doggy style. She rolls over, he does her from the side and comes on her belly. Rikki's a cute blonde with a really nice, natural body and she looks like she's enjoying herself. A short scene, but a decent one.

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Scene 4 – Ginger Lynn, Paul Baressi, Steve Powers: Ginger comes out on stage and with one man on each side of her. They take her panties off and lift her onto the bed where she has her tits sucked and her pussy eaten. She then gives Paul head while Steve plays with her pussy with one hand and strokes himself with the other. After that she jerks each one of them off for a little while, then gives Steve head while Paul eats her out some more. Steve mounts her while Paul braces her and as he does her missionary style, Paul plays with her tits. After that she mounts Steve cowgirl style so that Paul can fuck her in the ass from behind for some double penetration action. The pull out and come on her ass, the end. Not a great scene, but not a bad one. Ginger's got way too much make up on here and she looks a little rough because of it. The photography is particularly good though.

Scene 5 – Greg Rome, Susan Hart: Susan goes down on Greg almost as soon as he lays down on the bed, then she lays on her back so he can rub his cock and balls on her tits while she sucks his head. That's the end of it, there's no actual penetration in this scene.

Love Bites

This one was produced by Suze Randall and directed by Victor Nye and again, there was 'supposedly' a Tracey Lords scene in this one (the IAFD credits her as being in here but she's not in the credits at the end of the film... though these could have been altered when it all hit the fan with her) but it has obviously been removed because of the age thing, and understandably so.

Scene 1 – Ali Moore: Ali reads a book on pagan jungle rituals and decides to finger herself while her Dad writes at his desk beside her not realizing what's going on. Soon a jungle warrior throws a net over him and then forces his cock down Ali's throat. She's down with that though and she blows him like the wind. After that he hops on the bed and she rides him reverse cowgirl style. He gets her on all fours and bangs her doggy style, and he finishes inside here (oddly enough, there's no money shot in this scene).

Scene 2 – Amber Lynn And Peter North: Amber and Peter are in an elevator and the urge hits'em both. He gets her top off and plays with her tits and then she unbuckles his belt and unleashes his beast for a bit of a tongue-lashing. After she's give him a good long blowjob he props her in the corner and enters her standing up. After that he puts her on the floor and does her missionary style. When he's done, he pulls out and she holds her cunt open so he can dribble his jizz on and in her. This could have been a pretty hot scene but the lighting is bad in it and as such, it's too dark sometimes to really get a good look at the action. When the elevator opens up, Peter gets out and two other guys get in. Amber takes them on, sucking one while the other fucks her doggy style. The first guys comes in her mouth, the second on the small of her back.

Scene 3 – Buffy Davis and Lots Of People: Buffy is a maid, decked out in a French maid outfit, who gets it from behind from one of the men at a dinner party. This segues into an Egyptian orgy where she dances for a bunch of guys while everyone fucks and sucks around her. Pat Manning is one of the girls in this scene, she gets fucked missionary style while another girl beside her takes it doggy style as a fat guy in a Caligula suit looks on in approval. Soon the fat guy gets in on the action too and it's not long before every one comes all over every one else.

Scene 4 – Gail Force And A Guy With A Big Moustache: Gail is reading while the guy with the big moustache gives her an ass massage. She and he head into the bedroom where Pat Manning is waiting and the three of them get it on. Pat blows him while Gail mounts his face, then Gail gets on all fours and eats Pat's pussy while she gets pounded from behind. Once he's good and ready he fucks Pat again and then pulls out so that Gail can jerk him off onto her stomach.



The 1.33.1 fullframe image doesn't look too bad at all. These were both shot on film so there's a nice high level of detail present in the picture and print damage is kept to a minimal (just some odd specks and dirt on the prints here and there, nothing serious like cracks or scratches). Some of the color is a little bit faded but it's nothing serious as it is really slight. Flesh tones look natural and thankfully there's a noticeable lack of edge enhancement or compression artifacts.


The English Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is a tad flat but no more so than any other adult films of the era sound through a home theater system. Dialogue is clear and easy to understand and while there is some minor hiss in a couple of spots throughout it isn't overly distracting and doesn't take away from the on screen action enough to complain too loudly about it.


Aside from chapter selections, trailers for eight other Suze Randall/Pure Play releases, and a weblink, there are no other extra features on this DVD release.

Final Thoughts:

Miss Passion & Love Bites are two above average early eighties porn films made before the industry stopped caring about production values. The girls are hot, the sets and plots are… sufficient, and the movies come recommended even if the DVD isn't all that impressive from a technical perspective.

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