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Hard at Work

Studio: Dave Pounder Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/10/05

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Hard At Work

Dave Pounder Productions/Phoenix Releasing

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Dave Pounder

Cast: Crissy Taylor, Dave Pounder, Alexis Malone, Bianca Pureheart, Joselyn Pink, Cherry Lane, Joelean, Billy Tyler

Length: 113.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 1/16/2004, 2/13/2004, 3/2/2004, 3/22/2004, 3/29/2004

Extra's: The best extra this time was a series of short interviews with the gals from the movie that lasted 7.5 minutes. I would've preferred more sex footage but it wasn't bad. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, a Dave Pounder biography, a set of three commercial demos for the Dave Pounder radio show, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Hard At Work was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as directed by Dave Pounder for his company, Dave Pounder Productions, for distribution by Phoenix Releasing. The picture was slightly soft on the focus at times and the colors looked like someone forgot to check the settings here and there but as an attempt to combine comedy with a vignette style feature, it wasn't as terrible as I would have otherwise thought it to be. There were some compression artifacts and the composition of the scenes varied a whole lot (sometimes making the gals look even better than they usually do but other times dehancing their looks). The audio was presented in "Orgasmasound" which apparently means the microphone on the camera since you could hear the cameraman much better than the cast in action. I'd suggest he drop a couple of bucks on a boom mike in the future since audio is already under utilized in porn.

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Body of Review: I don't get to see a lot of porn these days that advertises as having "0% Anal" so I watched Hard At Work with some measure of interest the other day. It was the first release from Dave Pounder Productions that I've seen and apparently picked up from where another movie left off, following Dave's life as he stumbles through the everyday aspects of the universe trying to avoid work, get laid, and stay out of trouble with a roof over his head. I think Dave's a fun guy to watch in action and he has some sense of comedic timing but the production values needed some serious work here to bring the show up to the level of anything more than a wannabe series. I'm not going to harp on this aspect of the movie since it was still fun to watch but when you treat major aspects of a movie as though it was disposable, you have to accept the consequences of your action (for me, a movie worth keeping/buying, has to have solid technical values, otherwise it's a rental only). That said, the movie was fun to watch so here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that while no condoms were used, there was a nice commercial at the beginning of the movie for the AIM Healthcare organization:

"Crazy Fun College Sex That'll Make Your Girlfriend Want to Screw You!
After getting fired from his temp job (see Fuckin' with Dave Pounder), Dave's former roommate, Eddie, convinces him to get another job. Unable to think of a job that will allow him to wear shorts and sandals, Dave decides to spend his last $20 to order a pizza, but ends up fucking the pizza delivery girl instead. After his new found appreciation for pizza girls, he decides to apply for a job at the pizza shop. Unfortunately, Dave is not qualified to work at the pizza joint, so he fucks the manager in hopes of landing the job. One his first delivery, he screws up the order and ends up having to fuck the customers in order to keep them from complaining to his manager. The next day, another delivery results in a cute college girl that has no money for a tip. Feeling guilty about Dave's financial situation and her lack of funds, she decides to tip him with her sweet young pussy. Later that week, the county health inspector visits the pizza shop, which isn't exactly up to code. Dave and his fellow pizza employee end up fucking the health inspector in the hopes of receiving a passing grade to keep the joint open. Hard At Work is fun, college reality-type sex that'll make your girlfriends want to screw you!"

Scene One: Crissy Taylor, a brunette that looked much like a girl next door type or that she really could be a coed or pizza delivery gal working her way through school, took care of Dave Pounder on a bed in a cheap motel room. She was playful and seemed happy to work with him so that added to the pleasure of the scene even if she wasn't the most talented gal in porn with regard to milking a nut. She did actively participate in riding his penis in the varied positions though so she got credit for that and the scene ended when he blew his load on her chest.

Scene Two: Alexis Malone, the blonde on the front DVD cover, played a manager for the pizza company that sought to hire Dave Pounder to delivery her pizzas. They discussed his sorted past and ended up in a bed that was conveniently located beside her computer terminal (cough). Initially, he gave her head and she returned the favor but neither seemed too into the action this time and that weakened the scene from the get go. The vaginal boning also started very weakly as neither showed a lot of interest and appeared to be going through the motions. She managed to warm up a bit as the scene progressed but she's done better elsewhere and the increase in energy was a little too little, a little too late. It ended with a facial that she clammed up to take, marking this as a filler scene no matter how much fun he had.

Scene Three: Bianca Pureheart and Joselyn Pink, a couple of attractive gals that reminded me a lot of house strippers at a local nudie bar, were up next as they received the delivered pizza from Dave Pounder. They were upset that it didn't have any sausage so they led Dave to the bedroom to get some from him instead. This used to be a standard scenario in porn, the pizza delivery guy or gal, so the tribute to the past was cute. The gals were in fine form here though as they double teamed him orally and vaginally, doing some PTM as well to get off on. They were energetic and showed some chemistry so I had to admit that the technical failings weren't as major here. The facial was lame but I couldn't care less about that since the action was so solid.

Scene Four: Cherry Lane, a gal that has been a staple in porn for her talent, was up next as she decided to give Dave Pounder a tip for delivering her pizza. The tip was in the form of sex, of course, and she looked close enough to college age that the scenario was valid. Some of you might complain that she's gained weight and has a paunch here but I think it looked good on her (real good) and you will too unless you prefer anorexic women. There wasn't much oral here and the straight screwing was not her best work but I can still see why she has a loyal following in the porn world. As the scene progressed, she got more into it but the technical limitations got worse then too (it was something of a tradeoff).

Scene Five: Joelean, one of my all time favorite blonde performers in porn, put her muscular and toned body to work as a health inspector checking out the pizza joint. The inspection led to Billy Tyler and Dave Pounder trying to work something out with her at her home office (in bed). The sex was oral and vaginal with her energy levels nearly off the charts and some chemistry involved. They followed the advertised "0% Anal" policy and gave her loads to her face at the end. The scene wasn't terrific but it was pretty warm and ended on a funny note for those who watch the story parts.

Summary: Hard At Work was worth a rating of Rent It to me for the mixed aspects of the movie. From the sex to the lighting to the cheap ass sets, there'd be flashes of brilliance mixed in with "home movies with Dave Pounder" type issues. While I thought there was a lot of potential for the concept, it fell flat too many times to be fully appreciated and while the cast was usually attractive (the gals that is), they weren't all at the best here. I actually look forward to seeing more work from Dave Pounder Productions since he might just be onto something but it'll take more than one release to let me know if this was just an aberration or the norm.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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