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Teagan: All-American Girl

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/19/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Teagan: All American Girl

Digital Playground

Genre: Vignette

Director: Celeste

Cast: Teagan Presley, Evan Stone, Sarah Blake, Marco Duato, Kelly Kline, Scott Nails, Paola Rey, Hillary Scott, Holly Morgan

Length: 90.5 minutes

Date of Production: 3/26/2005

Extra's: The best extra was a 9.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that combined the usual bloopers and comedy with some of the cast in action. It was a lot of fun to watch Teagan describe what was going to take place (she should be given more screen time in the various BTS features by Digital Playground). There was also a 4 minute long photogallery, a Teagan Presley biography and trailers to shows like Devon: Decadence, Teen America 5, Devon: Erotique, Teagan: Erotique, Contract Star, Story of J, Sex in the Valley, No Limits, Rush, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Erotique, and Jack's Playground.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Teagan: All American Girl was presented in the same 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen that most releases from Digital Playground are made in these days. Unlike some of the more artsy fartsy movies though, the fleshtones here were perfect, the focus incredibly sharp, and the visual elements all at their most appealing. The composition of the shots was very flattering to the gals and I saw no compression artifacts or video noise during two viewings of the movie. The major gripe I had with the show was the fact that it was presented in slow motion, although it wasn't as slow as some of the newer releases by the company so I guess that's a fair compromise. The audio was presented in the same Dolby Digital Surround English as other top releases by Digital Playground but the vocals were excised from the scenes in favor of music. Personally, I hate this approach but my girlfriend enjoys it and I'll be the first to admit that the vast majority of the music this time added something extra to the scenes.

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Body of Review: By now, the only people in America that aren't familiar with the youthful hotty Teagan Presley are those that hate porn or have been living under a rock for the last couple of years. Originally from Houston, Texas, Teagan made a name for herself by showing the world of gonzo porn that she could take anything it could dish out and do so with her winning smile. Since that time, she signed on with Digital Playground to round out their contract stable as the gal willing to do anything, and fans have found her skills to be just as solid now as ever. Her latest movie is another vision by Celeste, this time called Teagan: All American Girl. The movie has as much footage of Teagan as anything I've seen to date, in a host of vignettes where she plays a young American gal in search of pleasure. I've taken exception to some of the artistic attempts by Celeste in the recent past but she's quickly learning how to address several market niches without alienating others, a skill that will serve her well in the future as Digital Playground expands ever further in its conquest of the couples market and beyond. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes, noting that condoms weren't mandatory and that Teagan did plenty of anal for the fans:

Scene One: Teagan Presley, showing off her incredibly sexy body (and new implants), began the show by jumping rope in a schoolgirl outfit during the credits. I'd like to tell you how much the nipple erections, butt munch panties, and see through skirt impacted my libido but then I'd have to kill you. Her partner in this outdoor scene was the mighty Evan Stone, and after some minor foreplay on his part, snacking on her crack and rubbing her a little bit, he went right to the anal sex. I know a lot of people were afraid that when Teagan signed with Digital Playground figured she'd become the next Jenna Haze (once signing for JKP, she stopped doing anal and guys altogether) but thankfully, their fears have gone unrealized as Teagan still does it all. After some heated ass stretching, she blew him (for fans of ATM no doubt) and licked his balls before doing some more slow motion anal. It ended with a facial of decent proportions and I only wish the audio track included vocals to make this even better. There was some nice energy and chemistry between them though and that made it well worth my time (repeatedly).

Scene Two: Sarah Blake, a lean little redhead barely wearing a sexy outfit (frilly panties, a yellow shirt, and a blue collar), was feeding the rubber duckies in a stream when Marco Duato came up behind her and reminded us why she was in the movie. They playfully messed around on some grass with him tickling her and feeling her up in a carefree manner that younger lovers seem to instinctively do before getting more serious. The sex was oral and straight only but she seemed quite at home as he rubbed, caressed, and licked her to get her wet. This scene also ended with a facial and had some of the chemistry that the first scene had.

Scene Three: Teagan Presley, wearing a green see through shirt, striped socks, matching panties and large sunglasses, had the next scene in an adult playpen of sorts as she played with a huge lollipop (like a red tootsie pop but with no tootsie roll in the middle) to some 1960's style music. If I had been on the set, I'd have been sniffing the sheepskin rug (if her panties weren't lying around) that she masturbated on. This was another playful scene that I liked although it was too short for my tastes.

Scene Four: Teagan Presley and Kelly Kline, both in cute bikinis, were washing the car outdoors with soapy sponges and lots of suds to spare. The lesbian antics continued until they were both nude and looking for the next step; a step that proved to be a great step for Scott Nails. They stripped him, Kelly engulfed his meat first, and Teagan kind of stood there looking hot as Kelly worked him to the bone in her pussy. Kelly then took a facial but acted as though his semen were nuclear waste (she clamped down her eye lids and closed her mouth, at least until she cleaned him up afterwards). I think I would have appreciated the diversity of the scene more had it stuck with the lesbian theme but the gals looked good nonetheless.

Scene Five: Paola Rey, looking better than I recall ever seeing her, was up next as she pranced around the yard with a bubble wand in her tight, see through orange top, panties, and stockings. Her hair was made Texas big and she seemed to have fun in this solo scene that included way too little jilling of herself but it was a nice interlude between real scenes.

Scene Six: Hillary Scott, an attractive blonde (though not on the level of Teagan mind you) was up next as a schoolgirl wearing a white top and plaid skirt at the table in the living room when older Marco Duato entered the room. He found out she made an "F" on her test so he spanked her with a red ruler, carefully rubbing it up her crack for good measure. She seemed sad until he began to make it up to her by playing with her breasts and kissing her, encouraging her to masturbate along the way. It didn't take long before some oral was in view and she was engaging in anal sex (with ATM no less) and the overall scene showed a lot of chemistry between the two performers. It ended with a facial and while she wasn't my favorite performer of the bunch, she came off as quite talented here (due as much to the direction of the scene than anything though).

Scene Seven: Teagan Presley and Jana Cova, an impossibly cute duo, were up next as they prepared for a bake sale in the kitchen. Fans of lesbian action will like this one a whole lot, as will those into food fetish action since the gals spent a lot of time toying with each other using food. From eating cherries to licking whipped cream off one another, the scene reminded me of how much heat can be generated by the strategic use of food as a sexual accessory. There was some of the more traditional oral but it was certainly underplayed here in an effort to provide something different (which worked nicely by the way). The action centered on Teagan as the giver though and not the receiver so some of you will be less than thrilled. Yum!

Scene Eight: Teagan Presley, dressed up in an outfit you might expect on a preteen, was up next with older Holly Morgan, dressed something more like a stripper with red sequined panties. The two were outdoors on a shady day near a fountain playing with a piņata while half dressed. A blindfolded Holly managed to strike the candy filled float and the two bounced around before collecting their treats; finding a vibrator among the goodies. The two then began doing what came naturally, as in all the scenes it was slow motion too, but Teagan was relegated to a supporting role after the toy was taken out for full use. Still, while not as pleasing as some of the other scenes, there was some major stroke value to the scene.

Scene Nine: Teagan Presley, wearing a cap, t-shirt, white undies and suspenders, was up last as she wrote a note on the chest of Scott Nails, telling him she was bored and wanted to fuck. He woke up and roughly tossed her aside before going down on her tight ass, allowing her to achieve what she wanted in the first place. She reciprocated with the shortest oral of her career and he went straight to her ass like Evan did earlier. She wasn't as energetic as usual here and it ended with a decent facial but it was a fairly weak scene compared to the others in the show.

Summary: Teagan: All American Girl was another release that I agreed upon with my significant other, each of us giving it a rating of Highly Recommended. To put this in perspective, she likes couple oriented erotica while I like the straightforward porn (and the well done high budget feature); both being as disparate as can be so there must be something worth watching for a lot of you out there given the level of quality here. The gals were hot to look at and skilled in the art of sexual antics, the technical values were exceptional, and the extras added some decent value to an already interesting mix. The replay value was also high with some solid chemistry between the performers in the various scenes; giving the show some nice fuck for the buck value. In short, Teagan: All American Girl managed to showcase not only the near perfect Teagan Presley but also the increasingly skilled talents of director Celeste. Had the movie been longer and included better extras, it would have received a collector series rating but even as it stands; there was a lot to appreciate for fans and newcomers alike.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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