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Sinfully Sexy

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/27/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Another Pure Play/Suze Randall release? You bet! And the quality in both the selection of women and the cinematography, settings, and art direction are once again all top notch and run circles around the quality of your average straight to video porno film. Here's how and why:

Scene 1 Teagan Presley: A trip to the post office proves fruitful for Teagan when she finds a studly mail carrier just waiting there for her. Her skirt goes up and he fingers her and then she gets him to drop his pants so she can suck his dick for a while. She keeps sucking him and he moves down to finger her while she does, slapping her tits at the same time. Soon he bends her over and does her doggy style, spanking her ass as he bangs her. After a few doggy style variations she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl (it's here we see he's wearing a rubber). He lays her back on the couch and she sucks his fingers while he fucks her missionary style. After that he pulls out and she finishes him in her mouth. Teagan is a hot young thing, and she's got a lot of enthusiasm in this scene. Her male partner takes control right off the bat and she seems a-ok with that decision. It's not too heavy in the slapping and spanking department but there is some of that in here.

Scene 2 Jenaveve Jolie: In the shoe store, Jenaveve is approached by some dark haired guy. She leans back and unbuttons her blouse and he stands behind her and plays with her tits. Her bra comes off and he sucks her nipples before he gets her pants off and eats her out from behind, licking her while she fingers herself. She gets down on her knees, removes his pants and gives him a nice, sloppy blowjob then she sits him back and climbs up on top to ride him cowgirl style. After that he gets her to bend over and gets her doggy style for a few minutes, before he lays her down on her side and pummels her pudding patch that way for a few minutes. She gets back on top for some reverse cowgirl action, then it's doggy style again until he's had all he can take and he pulls out and jacks off on her tits. Jenaveve looks great in this scene and she fucks that guy like a champ, getting louder and more aggressive as the scene goes on. Nicely done.

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Scene 3 Lanny Barby Lanny's all decked out in her office suit when she comes across two coworkers that she decides to get friendly with. They whip out their dicks and she sucks one, then the other with her skirt lifted up and her tits falling out. After that they put her up on the table she blows one while the other fucks her from the side, and then they switch up. She gets down on all fours and takes one doggy style while sucking the other guy's dick for a few minutes and then she takes one anally while sucking the other. Eventually it's double penetration time and she rides both of the cocks with enthusiasm and an evil glint in her eye. The fuck her ass and pussy for a few more minutes and then pull out to shoot on her face. Double penetration isn't so much my thing but Lanny does look great in this scene as she always does and she turns in another one of her many skilled performances.

Scene 4 Giselle & Cherry Rain: The girls warm up with a little tongue kissing before the action gets heavier. Clad in some skimpy lingerie and laying back on the bed, they start feeling one another up and letting their fingers do the walking. The tops come off and it's time to play with one another's titties, and then they each spread their legs to let the other one eat them out. They go back and forth on each other, eating pussy and slapping asses, before Cherry busts out a big pink dildo and uses it on Giselle doggy style. After that she busts out a strap on and fucks her missionary style with it, before she turns the tables on her and flips her on her back so she can ride her cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl, style. After that it's sixty-nine time and the girls bring one another to a climax before finishing things off with some more heavy tongue kissing. This is a pretty damned hot scene they're both obviously into one another and having a great time and while the toy play is of the highest quality, it's the au natural sex that really smokes here. These two girls have a nice chemistry together.

Scene 5 Paola Ray: Paola's in an army base when one of her team members shows up and takes off her shirt. Her bra flops down to expose her perky breasts and he takes full advantage of their newfound freedom. After stripping down to nothing but a pair of black nylon stockings, she sucks his dick and he returns the oral favors before sitting on top of him and riding him reverse cowgirl style, fingering her pussy and clit while he pumps her. She gets down on all fours and he fucks her doggy style, which seems to really get her off, before she gets back on top of him for a quick replay before finishing him off with her mouth. I like Paola, she's a gorgeous girl who looks like a lot of fun in bed but this is the weakest scene on the disc. Not that it isn't a good one quite the opposite, it's very good it's just too short and they don't really get enough time to fuck properly or with enough variation for it to be as hot as it could have been had it taken its time with things.



The fullframe shot on digital video image is pretty crisp with only some mild edge enhancement keeping it from a higher grade. Colors look nice and lifelike, flesh tones as well, and the black levels remain strong throughout. There are a couple of spots where some low level video noise is present, but these are few and far between and overall this presentation looks pretty good.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is clean and clear without any evidence of hiss or distortion. There are a couple of spots where the background music is a tad overbearing but other than that, there are no problems here. There's plenty of bass in the low end of the soundtrack, and the high end is crisp without any tinny effects or break ups in the audio. Nicely done.


Extras on this release include trailers for Addicted To Sex, Dark Side, Sophisticated Sluts, Undressed & Oversexed, Too Naughty To Say No and Sky Foxes, all fine Suze Randall productions. There's also a photo gallery supplied for each of the female performers, and a web link. Finally, there is an on camera video interview with Teagan Presley (she gives some basic biographical information, talks about why she's in porn, what she likes in a man and what she likes in the bedroom the beauty of this is that she finger fucks herself while she does the interview always a nice touch), some Jenaveve Jolie strip tease footage, and some Lanny Barby strip tease footage.

Final Thoughts:

Nice video, nice audio, a few interesting extras above and beyond the standard trailers and weblink material. In short, this is another great compilation. The girls are gorgeous and very into their work and there's enough variety in their looks and their respective bedroom skills to make Sinfully Sexy a very easy recommendation.

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