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I Love Lanny

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/13/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Another Pure Play/Suze Randall release? You sir! This time out the focus is on the one and only Lanny Barby, the loveliest little tart to make her way from the wilds of Quebec to the wide world of XXX porno stardom! Lanny's in each and every one of the five scenes on this DVD, and here's how it all plays out:

Scene 1 Lanny & Mr. Pete: Lanny and Pete are lounging around in what I think is supposed to be a backstage area of a rock club. Pete's lying on the couch and he talks her into walking up to him and dropping her skirt. She obliges, and then sits down so he can take her bra off. He goes down on her and uses his fingers on her and after that she sucks his dick. The end up in a sixty-nine for quite a few minutes, then he gets her doggy style as she leans over the chair. He sits back in the same chair and she mounts him to ride him reverse cowgirl style, then she's down on all fours sucking his dick again. He sets her atop the leopard print couch and fucks her missionary style with her legs spread up in the air, and then he goes down on her. After that he gets her on her back with her legs over her shoulders so he can fuck her that way for a few minutes that provides us with a few shots that leave nothing to the imagination. Once he's done that, he pulls out and jerks off all over her breasts. All in all, a nice scene. Lanny's got some serious enthusiasm working for her in this one and Mr. Pete doesn't seem at all afraid to take control of the situation without coming across as too dominant.

Scene 2 Lanny, Toni Desergio & Anais Alexander: Ah, yeah! Two hotties in one. Lanny starts things off properly by licking her way down Anais' chest to her pussy, then getting her on all fours for some pussy eating fun. Toni works on Lanny from behind with his tongue and his fingers and everyone seems to be having a suckingly good time. Lanny then straddles Anais' face so that Toni can finger her box for a little bit. Anais gets on all fours to suck Toni's cock and Lanny uses this chance to bust out a shiny silver dildo, which she promptly inserts into Anais fun spot. Tony bangs Anais who goes down on Lanny, then he gets Lanny on all fours for some doggy style penetration while she sucks Anais' slit. After Toni's fucked them both for a while, he pulls out so they two of them can suck him off to a finish.

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Scene 3 Lanny & Scott Styles: Both performers are decked out in fancy eveningwear. Scott wastes no time getting Lanny's pink cocktail dress off of her near perfect body and onto the floor so that he can finger bang her on the countertop. She drops to her knees and gives him head after that, which he seems to appreciate a fair bit judging by all the goofy noises he makes. He goes down on her next, licking and flicking with his tongue and his fingers while she spreads her legs sitting atop a red stool, and then she's got his cock in her mouth again. He finally gets around to lying her down on her back and poking her pussy missionary style for a bit, then he gets her on all fours for some doggy style fucking. She rides him reverse cowgirl and then he gets her on the couch missionary style again. He finishes things off with doggy style one more time, then pulls out and comes all over her pretty little face and lovely large titties.

Scene 4 Lanny, Jayna Oso & Kurt Lockwood: The scene wastes no time getting things off to a good start as the two lovely ladies get Kurt's pants off in no time to ravish him with some serious hummer action. Lanny sucks him while he eats Jayna out, then Lanny rides his cock so that she and Jayna can tongue kiss while Kurt continues to eat his lunch. Lanny gets on all fours for Kurt to fuck her doggy style and takes over on Jayna's snatch where he left off. Kurt and Jayna move into a sixty-nine position and Lanny then guides Jayna onto Kurt's dick so she can ride him cowgirl style, helping her out with a little clitty rubbing. Jayna then takes him doggy style, and after that Lanny spreads her legs to take him missionary style, eating Jayna's pussy at the same time. After that, Jayna rides Kurt anally in a reverse cowgirl move that's bound to impress, and Lanny works her pussy with her fingers and a pink dildo. Kurt gets ready for the end by getting both gals on all fours, fucking one doggy style and then the other, smacking each ass as he goes. He finishes it all off by coming on their breasts.

Scene 5 Lanny, Kimberly Franklin & Steve Hooper: Lanny and Kimberly start the scene by sucking Steve's dick as he lays back on the couch and takes the beauties in. Kimberly rides him cowgirl style as Lanny lets her fingers wander around, and then she goes down on Kimberly who quickly returns the favor as Steve puts his dick in various holes. Lanny rides him cowgirl style for a few minutes as Kimberly sucks on her nipples, then Kimberly lays on her side to get fucked while she and Lanny kiss each other. Lanny gets finger banged as she eats Kimberly's pussy, then Kimberly gets on all fours for some doggy fucking. The girls finish the poor bastard off with an excellent double blow job, moving up and down his body sucking and fucking him and each other as they bring him to a climax.



The fullframe shot on digital video image is pretty crisp with only some mild edge enhancement keeping it from a higher grade. Colors look nice and lifelike, flesh tones as well, and the black levels remain strong throughout. There are a couple of spots where some low level video noise is present, but these are few and far between and overall this presentation looks pretty good.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is clean and clear without any evidence of hiss or distortion. There are a couple of spots where the background music is a tad overbearing but other than that, there are no problems here. There's plenty of bass in the low end of the soundtrack, and the high end is crisp without any tinny effects or break ups in the audio. Nicely done, though for some reason the audio in the third scene is much lower than the rest of the scenes.


Extras on this release include trailers for Addicted To Sex, Dark Side, Sophisticated Sluts, Undressed & Oversexed, Too Naughty To Say No Ladies In Lust, and Sky Foxes, all fine Suze Randall productions. There's also a bonus footage clip that is basically two minutes worth of clips from the scenes in the movie that weren't used in the finished version. There's nothing all that important in here, just random sexiness, but the more Lanny the better. A weblink, DVD production credit notes, and a large gallery of stills featuring Lanny and friends rounds out the extra features.

Final Thoughts:

Lanny Barby is one of the hottest women working in porno right now and I Love Lanny does a fantastic job of showing off her considerable talent in the sack. She looks great, her co-workers look great, and the sex is as steamy as it gets. If you're a fan of Lanny Barby, run out and get this one now, you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended!

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