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Tiffany & Cumpany

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/2/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tiffany & Cumpany

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Tiffany Mynx

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Tiffany Mynx, Scott Nails, Damian, Jerry, Jay, Will Powers, Joey Ray, Mark Ashley, Mandingo, Trent Saluri, Steve Taylor, Kianna Dior, Jonni Darkko

Length: 110.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/8/2005

Extra's: This being a Jonni Darkko release for Evil Angel, I was hyped up knowing the extras would be pretty solid. The first one listed in the extras section of the DVD (not including the pop shot compilation on the main menu) was a bonus point of view (POV) blowjob scene lasting a little over 6 minutes with Tiffany Mynx, Kianna Dior, and presumably Jonni Darkko as the recipient. This was followed by a nearly twenty minute long lesbian scene between the gals (both are described below) that added some major value to the DVD for me. I also really enjoyed the 39 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that spent most of the time centering on Tiffany Mynx (a good call mind you). Tiffany came off as down to Earth and a pleasant gal to listen to but also showed the qualities that made her such a fan favorite, also adding value to the DVD. There was also a cast list, filmography, photogallery, and paper insert detailing recent Evil Angel releases but those extras paled in comparison to the initial offerings.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Tiffany & Cumpany was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by Jonni Darkko for distribution by Evil Angel. Like most of his past works, there was the ever present grain and slightly off lighting but he tried a few new camera angles that were kind of interesting to watch. There was some minor mosquito noise at times but no compression artifacts and on a technical level, I could see where Jonni spent more time worrying about the look of the scenes rather than the technical excellence other companies go for. In the future, I hope to see a clearer picture from him as he has long been established as a talented director and his works would be that much better if he did this. I've been told his other works look better but I'm not as experienced with them so I'll have to take those comments on advisement. The stereo English audio was as basic as ever with a few scenes hampered by a droning music selection that made me want to hit my mute button more than once. I could hear Tiffany's vocals well enough but they did tend to seem hollow so if audio is your big thing, consider that this wasn't the best on the market.

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Body of Review: Jonni Darkko is considered one of the nicest directors in porn that can still get a great performance out of whomever he shoots. I've met him in passing (just before he bailed for Evil Angel) and his down to Earth mannerisms struck me as indicative of his public persona. While I've only seen a few of his titles at Evil Angel, he strikes me as a guy with a lot of untapped potential in need of only the slightest push to become one of their best employees (and I like their other directors folks!). His latest release for them focuses on a legend in porn, Tiffany Mynx, a gal who was into passionate anal sex long before the current crop of pretenders to her throne. Titled simply, Tiffany & Cumpany, the movie showed her off in great fashion in several scenarios that all made her look as good as she has in a long time (and friends, she hasn't looked bad in the entire time I've been watching her movies). Without a lot more exposition, here's a quick look at the movie, noting that the combination of Darkko and Mynx was award winning on several levels and no condoms were wasted here:

Scene One: Tiffany Mynx, the ultra hotty this DVD is devoted to, was up first in a simple bra and panty set as shown on the right hand side of the front DVD cover. To suggest that she was looking good for her age really isn't fair since she was looking good compared to performers half her age although she had a few miles under the hood. The droning music was kind of lame but she teased the camera with those fantastic curves of hers, making sure she emphasized that sweetly round ass fans have adored for years. From seductive to pouting to the throws of orgasmic bliss, she expressed a nice range of load inducing looks before taking care of her partners for the scene. The sex started with lucky bastard Scott Nails, teasing her ass with his hands and tongue before she took over slobbing his knob with her usual brand of heated energy. The couple were soon boning like banshees (happy banshees though) with her pussy on the receiving end in several positions before he rubbed out a load onto her awaiting tongue. I thought it was over but a bunch of men, including Damian, Jerry, Jay, Will Powers, and Joey Ray, all went in a line giving her still more pop shots to that great face of hers before the scene finished. Personally, I'd rather have her sucking them dry or having other forms of sex but I know a lot of you wanted her coated and Darkko gives the audience what they want so I figured I'd get enough of her in the later scenes doing a host of dudes.

Scene Two: Tiffany Mynx, this time claiming it was "ass day" and wearing a simple black garter and fishnet stockings, had some fun with studly Mark Ashley, after a relatively short bit of tease. I can never get enough tease from a hotty but with the whole movie devoted to Tiffany, I again put my own desires on hold as I watched him skillfully play with her back door, sucking and licking it to ready her for the coming (and I do mean COMING) action. He opened her ass up with his finger, progressed to a blue toy, and then gave her some vaginal work before she blew him. The POV angle of the oral was great but it was the anal she was looking for and he was more than willing to drive it deep inside her rectum once she made sure he was salivated on enough. Like the other scenes, she did some taste testing (in this case, ATM), but they went back to boning the backdoor really quickly and he even stuck fingers in there with his cock to get her gape looking huge. She continued to vocally approve of the action although she didn't bounce on his dick much (something she can do with a passion transcending most of the new "anal queens" in porn). She stuck four of her own fingers in her pussy while he drove it home, ending with a large pop shot to her mouth that she swallowed down with practiced ease.

Scene Three: Tiffany Mynx, claiming to enjoy black cock, provided more tease to the droning techno music as in the first scene, while wearing her black dress. The camera cut away to a POV blowjob from underneath the action (which, except for the slobber falling towards the camera, looked pretty interesting to me) until it moved to a more traditional angle (cutting back and forth) and it was the infamous Mandingo that turned out to be her partner. For those who aren't familiar with this ebony bat swinger, his penis is larger than just about anyone's in porn, and it was all she could do to take him deep inside her mouth. He then began boning her pussy as if he was on fire and she vocally encouraged him to hammer her it balls deep. They traded positions so she could bend over for him (what a sight!) and she pumped her hips like crazy to milk out his load. It ended with a facial but she didn't get to swallow before the camera faded away.

Scene Four: Tiffany Mynx, this time wearing a business outfit that made her look prime and proper as shown on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, teased the camera to a more subdued beat. Think librarian, school teacher, executive or whatever other profession you like; she had it covered here and the contrast to her other, sluttier looks made this all the more valuable for fans to enjoy her desktop antics as she teased and masturbated like teen performers wish they could. She even licked and sucked her toes a little before joining Trent Saluri in his office (she was checking out an issue of Gallery magazine) where she dropped a file to give him a show after he yelled at her. Her charms soothed the savage twit who found her curving ass pleasing and the next thing you know, they were doing one another in a more seductive manner than the other scenes. Starting with footplay, she rubbed his crotch and he reciprocated by licking her shoes and feet, there was more of this and they soon reverted to a more traditional scene where she blew him before he pounded her tight pussy. Fans of foot action will note that there was some more foot stuff going on (I'm neutral to it myself) and they ended with a load jerked off to her feet (that she licked clean).

Scene Five: Tiffany Mynx, in the last full scene of the DVD, discussed breathing while wearing the red fetish outfit displayed on the middle picture of the front DVD cover. Her role this time was to dominate, and lucky Steve Taylor was her partner, calling her mistress as she blindfolded him and told him what to do. Her patent leather boots looked good on her and the scenario was quite well done as he licked her boots and other parts as ordered. She hit him with her flogger but the emphasis was on smothering him with her large breasts (and then her ass with some face sitting). After a bit of that, she jerked him off, rode him in her pussy while using her vocals to coax him into ever hardening action but she was always in charge here. She then had him jerk off to the air while she knelt beside him, tasting his spew off her finger for full effect before the camera faded out again. I would've liked to see her go a bit further with him (any classic bondage or S&M tricks would suffice) in order to push the edge a bit further than Evil Angel has been doing of late but it was still a very heated scene.

Two Bonus Mini-Scenes: Tiffany Mynx, Kianna Dior, and Jonni Darkko had what started out as a POV blowjob and ended up with the gals doing one another orally and with a huge black dildo. Taken together, the footage was about 26 minutes long and fans of Tiffany will find this a great bonus to enjoy.

Summary: Tiffany & Cumpany was a movie I feel comfortable earned every bit of a Highly Recommended as it had all new scenes, made Tiffany shine with the Jonni Darkko spin, and managed to provide a different look of this gal I've found to be most fetching over the years. Yeah, she has a little extra junk in her trunk, a few wrinkles here and there, and isn't 18 years old but her strengths were played up to here in a manner that reminded me exactly why I favor gals with some experience. If given the choice between sleeping with her and any of the "barely legal" gals surfacing in porn in recent years, I'd stick with the proven winner; Tiffany Mynx! I hope to see Jonni improve his craft a bit more as he shoots more movies (he does almost all the technical stuff on his films so that can't be easy) and perhaps he'll provide more showcase titles like this one in the future but I hope he gets Tiffany back again since he did such a great job with her here.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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