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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/20/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Evil Angel

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Christoph Clark

Cast: Francesca Felucci, Nick Lang, Choky Ice, Bob Terminator, Roly Reeves, Katsumi, Simony Diamond, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Nikki Rider, Natalie, Amy, Christoph Clark, Diether Von Stein, Veronica Da Souza, Eddie Charisma, Johnny Cobalt, Will Powers, Nick East, Angela Winter, Barbi, Johny, Leslie Dark, Chris Mason, Luiggi, O.C. Stinger, Tony, Nico Blada, Kevin Solo

Length: 138 minutes

Date of Production: 8/8/2005 (box); 8/10/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the nearly 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It had the gals getting ready, showering, during photoshoots, and all the stuff that you don't see in the movie. There was also a cumshot recap, a photogallery, some filmographies, a cast list a biography for Christoph Clark, and some trailers, as well as the paper Evil Angel catalog and coupon for the Fashionistas show in Las Vegas inside the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Swallowwas presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was originally shot in by director Christoph Clark for distribution by Evil Angel. The lighting was basic here, limiting but not eliminating the grain and minor video noise present throughout most of the scenes. The camera angles and composition did enhance most of the gals though and the inclusion of some POV (point of view) shots certainly helped spice things up nicely. In all, I thought the visuals of the movie were basic but sufficient with only a little bit of polishing needed for later volumes in this proposed series. The stereo English audio was as basic as ever with little separation or dynamic range but even with the hollow sounding tonal qualities on display, it didn't hurt the action or heat.

Body of Review: If you've ever been chinned in the nuts during a blowjob or left raw from a gal that thought teeth marks were a required exercise during oral, you'll know that not all head is created equal. The same concept holds true for oral only video series of which there are now at least a couple dozen on the market. Today's review is of the latest such offering, Swallow by director Christoph Clark for domestic distribution by Evil Angel. The title is the first in what may become a series if sales are sufficient and it had a lot to enjoy if this is your thing. I prefer full blown (pun intended) sex scenes but these are a nice appetizer for those times when I want a change of pace. In any case, while the better oral series don't appear to have much to worry about from this one, it was decent enough that I've provided you with a brief breakdown of the scenes by cast and actions, noting that no condoms were used and each gal swallowed down whatever jism went into their mouths:

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Scene One: Francesca Felucci, the gal on the front DVD cover, started off the show by showering while a group of horny guys watched her. Nick Lang, Choky Ice, Bob Terminator, and Roly Reeves were the lucky guys there with her and they gathered around her in a semicircle (the camera had to capture the action, yes?) to find her oral talents worthy of her looks. I know some of you couldn't care less about a gal's looks if she gives great head but it never hurts to have her look this good (the cover didn't do her justice in fact) and her body, except for the implants, was fine too. She worked their shafts over one by one, slobbering some, offering no-hands assistance to others, and licking them like there was no tomorrow. On the Hoover suction scale, she rated at least a golfball through a garden hose in my book. As the scene progressed, she got ever more playful too and this helped as much as the occasional POV camera angle. It ended when they all rubbed out loads into her lovely mouth and swallowed them down. Whew!

Scene Two: Katsumi, one of the most recognizable Asians in porn, and attractive brunette Simony Diamond, a very attractive gal by any standard, were up next in a scene with Frank Gun, Nick Lang, and James Brossman that started off with some lesbian loving in a car garage. A rub, a lick, and a bit of tonsil hockey between them was a nice warm up before they were surrounded by the men and engaged in a virtual suck off against one another. The men gleefully offered their services (and cocks) in this matter and even now, well after I've finished watching the scene, I'm not sure who truly won except all the participants and the viewers at home. Katsumi seemed to get more screen time but Simony wasn't cut short as the two energetically took to their task like fish to water (sucking, hand-jobbing, and maintaining eye contact as needed). In keeping with the title, they also swallowed the loads down, never hesitating to do the right thing.

Scene Three: Nikki Rider, an attractive brunette wearing a hot little black & white outfit that barely covered any part of her, was up next by a large indoor swimming pool as she sat on a lounge chair and diddled herself. Her thigh high black boots looked good on her just as the huge black vibrator looked good plunging inside of her ass. I didn't care much for the zits (or warts) surrounding her two holes but this was an oral movie so I didn't have to worry about seeing them much when Nick Lang and Choky Ice walked over to her. She immediately took to sucking them off in turns, savoring the taste as she closed her eyes to focus all her skills on the task at hand. Fixated on giving head, she might not have been the best of the show but she seemed to know what the heck she was doing and this scene was also decent. The loads were unimpressive but she did swallow them down.

Scene Four: Natalie, a very sexy blonde with a great body, was up next as she performed a striptease dance in what looked like a small version of a club, complete with pole and bar. She wore a black & red corset with matching panties and stockings, moving her way through the crowd (Nick Lang, Roly Reeves, Bob Terminator, and Choky Ice) to show all of them some attention. It didn't take long before the men whipped out their peckers and began feeling her up with her responding as a I like them too (she started getting into it). She took a slower, sultry approach to the oral as she took care of them one by one, with some nice POV action cut between the regular camera shots. Eventually, they surrounded her and she seemed up to the task at hand by inhaling them in sweet fashion. She swallowed their loads and I was left wanting to see more of her.

Scene Five: Amy, a "brand new" gal with dark hair, an all natural chest, and great legs, was up next as she teased Christoph Clark in the boiler room of an industrial building (it looked brand new). After some heated antics, the action moved upstairs to the kitchen and she began sexually cooking with Diether Von Stein. Her oral skills lacked the polish and energy of the others but if you want to see a new gal giving head, it will work better for you than it did for me. She did swallow but the size of the load wasn't much so your mileage will vary this time.

Scene Six: Veronica De Souza, another major hotty that has been very popular of late, was up next as she sat high up in the judge's chair at an indoor tennis court watching Diether Von Stein and James Brossman play some nude tennis against one another. Personally, I don't like the idea of jumping around with my balls the main target of the opponents aim but that's just me. To make things more interesting, she stripped off her clothes and they walked over (losing interest in their game in favor of her) to her, at which time she worked her talented lips all over their shafts. From a straightforward blowjob to using the tennis net as a screening device, she took turns with them as they rubbed and caressed her sweet body. Her oral wasn't the best of the bunch either but it was a lot better than Amy above; showing that she had a lot of potential still to be brought into her scenes at this point in her career. I did really like the way she was the one to rub out their spew into her mouth (swallowing as the others did) so it ended on an up note.

Scene Seven: Katsumi, this time wearing a fishnet body stocking, boots, and a postage stamp sized thong, wanted to be the sole center of attention as she worked over Eddie Charisma, Johnny Cobalt, Will Powers, and Nick East in a rustic nice living room. This time, one of the men ate her out a little while she worked over his friends, so fans of face sitting will rejoice at the manner in which she reacted favorably. If you're not into Asian gals, her visual appeal may not work for you but I doubt there's a man alive, including gay men, that wouldn't find her oral talents among the best they'd ever felt given the way she seemed possessed by the moment as she took them on. It was very energetic, very skilled, and showed a passion even the best of the others couldn't match. In short, you really can't go wrong with a blowjob from Katsumi and that was the case here too. She also swallowed but that had nothing to do with why the scene was so great. Yum!

Scene Eight: Angela Winter, the least attractive gal in the movie (by far in fact), and much nicer to look at brunette Barbi, were up last in the unenviable position of following Katsumi's excellent performance. They played a little bit together before taking on a horde of men including Johny, Leslie Dark, Chris Mason, Luiggi, O.C. Stinger, Tony, Nico Blada, and Kevin Solo in a large room designed for something other than the two couches (it looked cavernous). Whatever the purpose of the room most of the time; this time it was the set of a blowjob scene. The men fingered the gals and offered up the rods as in the other scenes but the gals seemed to be mechanically directed through the motions and the scene lowered the heat of the DVD by more than a little because of this. The gals did swallow after cum swapping some spew but it really didn't help the action much.

Summary: Swallow was not the best work of director Christoph Clark but it was worth a rating of Recommended for any of you (regardless of sexual preference) that like seeing guys get good blowjobs. Some of the performers, most notably Katsumi, were top notch and others, like newcomer Amy, had the freshness appeal rather than skill to rely on so in a sense, there was something for everyone. The technical matters were pretty good here and the extras managed to add to the fun at least a little bit so in terms of "suck for your buck", it was well worth a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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