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Naturally Perfect

Studio: Maximum Xposure » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/18/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Naturally Perfect

Maximum Xposure

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mysterio

Cast: Rita Faltoyano, Anthony Hardwood, John West, Sativa Rose, Ben English, Sammie, Seth Dickens, Lucy Thai, Alex Sanders, Jennifer Max, Jimmi King

Length: 114 minutes

Date of Production: 6/20/2005 (box); 6/6/2005 (credits)

Extra's: Unless you consider spam to be an extra, there were none on the DVD.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Naturally Perfect was presented in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by Mysterio for release by Maximum Xposure. Considering porn veteran Henri Pachard was at the helm during at least part of the taping (and he could be clearly heard after the credits rolled as upset over something), I expected a great looking show. Needless to say, when the show got worse looking with each scene, I was upset. The first scene was far from perfect, particularly in terms of compositional errors with the trio but as the scenes moved on; they got to looking like they were recorded with a webcam. There were compression artifacts, lighting issues, grain, and at some point, I was sure I had a VCD in my hand as the quality was so poor (reminding me of a poorly made website with a low frame rate). I can sum up how bad the picture got in two letters: P. U. The stereo audio was equally bad although that started much sooner with hollow vocals, a droning soundtrack of really bad music, and a dynamic range measured in terms of how poorly it sounded compared to an AM radio station from a great distance away while solar flares were heavy.

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Body of Review: It's not that often when I see a DVD cover that looks so great but the sex scenes inside are done so poorly. Admittedly, this used to be the standard in porn back in the 1970's and 1980's but with reviewers not beholden to studios and the word of mouth factor, most companies at least try to offer something worthwhile (or lower the cost significantly). Today's review of Naturally Perfect by the folks at Maximum Xposure is a case in point; it looked great from the cover but sucked donkey balls once I took a look at it. As a fan of the covergal, the lovely Rita Faltoyano, I was quick to dismiss the fact that they airbrushed away her trademarked moles since I figured it was all part of the game. Once I watched the movie though, I started to think of all the other flaws that should've been airbrushed away, like the director, his crew, and anyone else associated with the production. Here's a breakdown of the scenes to tell you what I'm referring to although no men used condoms that I could see, it still was very lame:

Scene One: Rita Faltoyano, the beautiful Hungarian cutie featured on the front DVD cover, was up first as she performed a little striptease for Anthony Hardwood and John West, in front of the projection television while they sat patiently on the couch. I admit I thought it funny that the title of the show was Naturally Perfect yet they took the time to airbrush off her moles for the cover, but as a fan of hers, I was more interested in how well she performed sexually than sly marketing tricks employed to get people to buy the DVD. She hungrily attacked their cocks with her mouth while they sat back and enjoyed it, even allowing her to suck their balls for a time. They then used toys to spread her pussy, giving her a technical DPP with them before taking turns screwing her in various positions. This led to a DP of real meat and the usual ending where she blew them to completion. The scene looked good but they didn't seem to have much chemistry going for them.

Scene Two: Sativa Rose, a sultry Latina hotty dressed in a light bit of pink lingerie, was up next in a bedroom scene with Ben English. The two kissed and he went down on her. He then fingered her from behind as she blew him, and then a toy. This led to her having the toy thrust inside her pussy by Ben as well as him employing some breast suction device that made her breasts "bigger" as he jilled her off with the vibrator. They screwed vaginally and he took her into the shower to continue their antics. He then blew a large nut on her pretty face.

Scene Three: Sammie, a large breasted blonde, was masturbating on the stairs when Seth Dickens asked her if she wanted company. She responded in the affirmative and they started kissing as they groped one another. The video quality that had started so nicely in the first scene had markedly declined by the second scene and continued the downslide here; looking almost like it were recorded by a webcam or copied to a VCD. The sex was pretty generic too with some oral and vaginal sex before the nut blasting facial. In all, it was barely watchable.

Scene Four: Lucy Thai, looking completely washed out by incompetent camerawork, was up next in an outdoor scene with studly Alex Sanders on a blanket. This scene looked even worse as the frame rate continued to decline and look like a low end webcam. They did everything expected of them including oral and vaginal sex, but neither looked like it was more than a paycheck for them. Her sloppy blowjob wasn't terrible and when he face fucked her, it was interesting but the picture quality was terrible (as was the audio). That was a shame since she did start to act like she wanted his load towards the end and the facial was pretty large.

Scene Five: Jennifer Max, a gal next door sporting brunette hair and some black lingerie, was partnered with a guy by the name of Jimmi King (I had to use the process of elimination to identify him though). This scene reminded me of the lame Paris Hilton video for the kind of picture quality it had, starting off with him doing oral on her in the living room. She blew him; they screwed vaginally and anally before he dropped the intended load. It looked so bad that I winced while watching it, something a regular viewer wouldn't put up with if you catch my drift.

Summary: Naturally Perfect was a movie that after I got past the first scene, which was tame but almost acceptable, I saw the writing on the wall. I was patient in hopes that it might somehow get better but instead, it got worse, much worse. I'm going to be generous and rate this one as a Skip It but that's primarily due to all the dozens of problems the scenes had, including technical matters and lack of interest on the part of the cast. I have a few more titles to review from Maximum Xposure but I certainly hope that they are better than this one was. If ever more money was spent on the DVD cover than the movie itself, this would probably be a prime candidate, which sort of revived my childhood memories but not in a good way.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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