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Dangerous Curves

Studio: Maximum Xposure » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/18/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Dangerous Curves

Maximum Xposure

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mysterio

Cast: Michelle B., Brett Rockman, Austin Kincaid, Tommy Gunn, Jamie Brooks, Cheyne Collins, Eve Lawrence, Lee Stone, Shy Love, Benjamin Bratt

Length: 129 minutes

Date of Production: 6/21/2005 (box); 7/5/2005 (credits)

Extra's: There was a pop shot compilation from the scenes and an offer for a free 9 hour DVD that seemed kind of suspicious. If I get a free DVD, I'll update the review but I'm sure not holding my breath. There was also a lot of spam and a double sided DVD cover with the second side being the cover to another release.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dangerous Curves was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as directed by Mysterio for Maximum Xposure. Like the last release by the company, there were major problems with the show, breaking up into a pixilated mess with tons of grain and lighting problems to boot. The first scene looked okay but it denigrated quickly and this seems to be par for the course for the company. There was video noise and some compression artifacts too but the issues relating to the picture; from the DVD mastering to the cameras angles to the original location problems were pretty bad. The audio was in stereo English but at least it wasn't as bad as the webcam look of the majority of scenes was, just hollow and weaker than average.

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Body of Review: Maximum Xposure is a company that I've only recently become acquainted with. Known as a third tier producer of porn, I was unhappy with their last release and I had hoped it was just a single bad disc. Needless to say, when other releases looked and sounded just as bad, I figured the company put more money into the printing of the DVD cover than the movie itself (at least by the looks of the scenes). The latest release by them on DVD is Dangerous Curves, a title that advertised "100% Perfect Bodies" on the front DVD cover yet failing to mention that the gals were implanted to excess and hardly perfect (more on that below). In a series of five vignettes with no real dialogue, the cast all had generic sex with one another in one on one scenes. Here's a brief look at the scenes but you'll be unhappy if you spend more than pocket change on this DVD given the poor quality of the picture and sound:

Scene One: Michelle B., the curvy blonde on the front DVD cover, was up first, sporting her large implants and a preciously small piece of lingerie as she masturbated on the couch with a large vibrator. It was left off rather than turned on to get her off and her performance seemed forced this time. Brett Rockman joined her with a pussy pump, the kind that uses a suction pump to pull the clitoris and allegedly act like it's sucking the gal off. He then stuck a dildo up her ass before jamming his penis down her throat. The reverse POV camera angle wasn't bad but it didn't compliment her much either. The sex then went to vaginal with PTM (pussy to mouth) and anal with him popping a load into the suction device for her to later take in her mouth (she then rubbed it on her breasts rather than swallow it). It was an okay scene but nothing special.

Scene Two: Austin Kincaid, a cute brunette with large implants, was up next with muscular Tommy Gunn as she put on a fashion show in the bedroom for him. She then sat on the bidet and let it stimulate her clitoris a bit before Tommy offered her a really huge dildo and his penis to play with. He stretched her out with the dildo and then went down on her before boning her like crazy. It was energetic and the scene wasn't bad but the picture quality did start to deteriorate as in the last Maximum Xposure DVD I watched. He ended it with a titty fuck that caused him to pop on her chest.

Scene Three: Jamie Brooks, a bleach blonde much like Michelle above, was up next in a fishnet outfit that hugged her every curve. She got busy sucking Cheyne Collins's penis but the picture looked very washed out with the lighting levels off the charts as she worked him over orally. They screwed vaginally and the picture broke up into a bunch of pixels, freezing more than a few times and causing me to have to restart the DVD over again and skip the scene altogether. I believe it ended with an anal creampie but that was never confirmed.

Scene Four: Eve Lawrence, another curvy gal with large implants but with short hair and some extra weight on her frame, took on the massive Lee Stone outside in the garden on some lawn chairs. He used some lemons to make lemonade on her breasts, getting her prepared for some heated boning by working over her chest nicely. They then took turns going down on one another but not in any interesting manner before moving inside to screw on the couch. The picture got really grainy this time too and it almost looked as bad as the last scene did, ending with the usual pop shot to her face and chest.

Scene Five: Shy Love, a much smaller implant queen with a nice face and cute smile, was up last with Benjamin Bratt on a couch. He sucked her toes before going down on her but the picture was so washed out that I wondered what happened. It might not have been as bad as the last few scenes but it wasn't anything special either. They did the oral, vaginal, and anal sex routine but he did most of the work while she laid back and took it. There was some taste testing and the usual facial but her indifference to participate sure didn't help the scene.

Summary: Dangerous Curves was another title worthy of a rating of Skip It or less. The technical matters were the biggest problem here and that weakened it beyond repair, even for a slavering fanboy of the gals. If Maximum Xposure has any releases worth actually watching (not to mention pay for), I have yet to see them for myself. In large part, the sex itself was about average for a low end company but certainly nothing worth putting up with the rest of the issues the DVD had. This was another release that Henri Pachard worked on, although I'm not sure how much he had to do with it since he's done some fine work in the past. If anyone has found any other titles by the company to be better than really bad, by all means let me know so I can check them out (maybe I'm just unlucky with their titles but another reviewer seemed to agree with me too).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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