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Collision Course

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/2/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Collision Course (Tera Patrick)

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Skeeter Kerkove

Cast: Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Dillan Lauren, Ben English, Spyder Jones, Vanessa Lane, Otto Bauer, Benjamin Bratt

Length: 104 minutes

Date of Production: 9/7/2004

Extra's: For most people, the five bonus scenes from earlier Vivid movies will be the best extras. This time, only one of the scenes had a lead from the movie in it (Briana) but the other four weren't bad by most standards, including a scene with Jenna Jameson in it from Jenna Loves Kobe. There were also biographies for Tera Patrick and Briana Banks, 3 photogalleries, a 13 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jim Powers and Chico that spent a lot of time with Tera Patrick & Briana Banks, some trailers, and a bit of spam that's found on all Vivid releases these days.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Collision Course was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Skeeter Kerkove for Vivid Entertainment. This being Tera's fourth movie for the company, I was surprised that they gave him the honors since they tend to use in-house directors for their top of the line talent. Regardless, it was surprising that he didn't speak during the movie since that has long been his style (he gets so enthusiastic about promoting the ladies that he usually can't help himself). The natural lighting from the sun was cleverly used here and it limited the amount of grain & video noise to a bare minimum. The composition of the shots varied somewhat more than I cared for (zooming in on Briana's implant scars for example) but on average, it looked good with no compression artifacts added from the DVD mastering process. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English audio track was another area of minor contention since the scenes started with a loud, droning music track that thankfully lowered in volume as the scenes progressed but was a nuisance nonetheless. It was an area in need of work for future projects but not too bad here.

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Body of Review: Tera Patrick is one of those exotic looking gals that strikes a chord in many men for whatever reason. In the past, she used that look to carry her weaker performances but in the last year of two, she's really learned to move past those previous limitations and offer up some solid performances, with men and women. There's a reason why she won a top spot in the DVD Talk 2005 Top Porn List for her performances in Reign of Tera, a quantum leap over previous work, and her work in Collision Course showed her ascent to her current position more than perhaps any other porno I've seen. The gimmick of this one was that Tera was dying to work with the beautiful Vivid contract gal Briana Banks (much like most of us would like to do). Briana also wanted a piece of the Tera pie so it was a match made in the proverbial heaven. If you like either gal, this DVD will be a must have but here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action to give you an better idea of what took place:

Scene One: Tera's Trio: Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, and Dillan Lauren, were up first in a heated lesbian scene. Briana wore a metallic green bikini, Tera wore an even skimpier purple outfit, and Dillan worn a practically conservative red outfit; each with thigh high boots and barely enough material to cover their private parts. Initially, Tera and Briana teamed up with some lesbian kissing while Dillan sat chained to a lawn chair by the pool. You could tell she wanted in on the action (so did I for that matter) and it was at this point that I noticed each of the gals looked extremely lean (leaner than I recall them ever looking in the past). The make up was overdone but the first part of the scene bugged me because the vocals were covered up with the droning music. Thankfully, someone fixed that aspect of the action as the scene progressed by the time Briana went down on Dillan and Tera sat coyly above Dillan's face to assist. The two super stars used a blue dildo on their slave, sucking it clean themselves from the pussy and then moving on to anal. They then switched to another toy (allowing Dillan some ATM time) but my biggest complaint was how Tera was relegated to a secondary position here and even Briana was stuck dominating and never getting the oral loving she needed.

Scene Two: Briana in the Booty: Briana Banks, having warmed up with her two gal pals in the last scene, was now placed in a skimpy black bikini that really looked good on her. She met Ben English outside of the front door and the two started kissing and making out. She blew him right there on the steps, savoring the moment as though there was no place she'd rather be, and then gave him a titty fuck to get him worked up. She orally pleased other parts of his anatomy and they began screwing vaginally for a few moments until her ass was ripe for plucking. The anal was the kind of power fuck you'd expect of a gonzo gal and while she wasn't thrusting back to meet his every stroke, I liked the way she took him so deeply. She did some ATM between positions and other than a few flies buzzing around and a minor blemish, she looked good here. When it was time to blow a load though, he unleashed a huge wad to her face. Yikes!

Scene Three: Tera and Tattoo Man: Tera Patrick, finally given a chance to show off her lovely body in a manner befitting one of porn's princesses, laid outside on the lounge chair with her perfect ass in the air. This attracted her real life partner Spyder Jones, also known as porn's most illustrated man thanks to his many tattoos. Of course the two had some chemistry and she appeared to relish sucking him off outside (making those doe eyes towards him that showed her desire and rising heat). Admittedly, he's not the largest guy in the business but she showed that she'd picked up some tricks over time but giving him a sloppy blowjob that most of us would kill for. He then stuffed her panties in her mouth and went down on her, sucking her ass was some measure of passion. He then hammered away at her pussy as though trying to drill right through her, stretching her as completely as he could before they swapped positions. She did some PTM (pussy to mouth) and enthusiastically rode in a few more positions before he rubbed out a large load to her lovely face. Yum!

Scene Four: Poolside Threesome: Vanessa Lane, one of the craziest gal in porn but also a gal who gets so completely into the action that you'd think she was in a trance, was up next by the pool with Otto Bauer and Benjamin Bratt. Her gold metallic swimsuit was as skimpy as the other outfits used in the movie and she wasted no time sucking them off as though trying to inhale their balls through a garden hose. While the stars of the show were definitely Tera and Briana, she showed that she was no hood ornament as she took the guys to town by taking them in her pussy and ass like there'd be no tomorrow. There was DP action, taste testing, and a lot more screwing in some pretty freaky positions (the modified hand stand was interesting) with the heated action ending with the men popping in her mouth (she avoided swallowing though).

Scene Five: Tera & Briana: Briana Banks, in a black latex fetish outfit, and Tera Patrick in a tiny red bikini, were up last as the two sought to establish dominance over one another outside, The natural lighting looked very good on them and if the music could've been turned down by half; I think this would've been a definitive lesbian scene for them. They sucked, rubbed, and teased one another as though they were there for the challenge of taking on another super star (something like a cross between a celebrity death match and a scene from a Godzilla movie where he takes on the bad guy at the end of the movie). Make no mistake about it though, even in those rare moments when the gals seemed a bit distracted, they appeared to be having a great time. Briana seemed to win the award for who did the most though since she had an anal plug filling her and Tera used a vibrator on her quite well. In all though, it was a well done scene and I only wish Spyder came up behind his woman to give her some more loving.

Summary: Collision Course was satisfying on a couple of levels since both Tera and Briana managed to liven up every moment they were onscreen (together or apart). The fact that Vanessa and Dillan were also in rare form only made it that much better for me, even if I wanted to see more of Tera with men. The extras added some value and I wondered why Skeeter didn't make more movies for Vivid given his style of showcasing ladies in a manner that could boost the popular company in directions they appear to be heading but speculation aside, the movie was worth a rating of Highly Recommended due to the passion and chemistry of the scenes. I'd like to see a rematch of these two, preferably with someone like Lanny Barbie joining in, but based on the merits of the entire package; it was a winner.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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