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Iron Head 6

Studio: Mercenary Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/6/06

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Iron Head 6

Mercenary Pictures

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Tina Tyler

Cast: Alex Dane, Mario Rossi, JR Langdon, Exotica, Lexington Steele, Alex Divine, Will Powers, Celestia, Daphne Rosen, Victoria Allure, Melodee Bliss, Simone West, Candice Von, Marco Duato, Doni Blass, Jada Fire

Length: 132 minutes

Date of Production: 4/11/2005

Extra's: The only extras were a photogallery, a cumshot recap, a double sided DVD cover, and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Iron Head 6 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as (mostly) shot by director Tina Tyler for release by Mercenary Pictures. The lighting was flat and plentiful so the grain and video noise weren't issues here. Some of the compositional matters were weak (Tina going back to stretch marks comes to mind) but in most of the scenes, she did just fine as she tried to balance the close ups against the medium shots that look better on this type of show. There weren't any compression artifacts and I thought the visual appeal was among the best of the series to date. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English. There was a fair amount of generic music in the background but it never dominated the vocals and sounds of sex so it worked out fairly well, even without any separation and a very limited dynamic range.

Body of Review: Tina Tyler, a performer turned publicist turned director, has long been in the porn industry as something of a firebrand. While very few women in the industry were so versatile, she made bondage, bisexual, and features as though they were all the same thing. These days, you can count women like that on a single hand since the niche markets kill the industry's willingness to call a gal for other shows. That said, now a contract director at Mercenary Pictures, Tina is in charge of many of the behind the scenes features and a couple of series with Iron Head 6 being her latest release to make its way to me. The idea is simple; get ten gals to give solid blowjob scenes and market them to the masses. With a lot of interracial sex and some very nice scenes, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action:

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Scene One: Alex Dane, a gal with long blonde hair past her cute ass and a nice body besides, was up first in a scene with Mario Rossi and JR Langdon after teasing the camera on the staircase. I haven't seen her in awhile but she was looking good enough here to earn her spot on the front DVD cover (she was the featured gal). She was playful in her mannerisms and seemed to enjoy JR's oral acts on her booty as she blew Mario but she was a net giver of pleasure here, not a receiver. She alternated between them with some skill and I only wish it was a complete scene rather than limited to her giving them blowjobs. It ended when they both busted a nut on her face and seemed to gulp them down.

Scene Two: Exotica, a light skinned black gal with nice breasts but an even better ass, was up next in a scene actually shot by the dark prince himself, Lexington Steele. This was another case where I wanted more but she came across as orally skilled and anyone that can (sort of) handle Lex's shaft is okay in my book. He complained about her teeth but it was more of a playful joking around than a whining assed fuss so she apologized and went back to working his rod like it was the best thing in her life. She then masturbated for him and I was surprised he didn't start tapping her big time given her round ass and wet pussy but he held back and she went back to working him orally very nicely. The facial wasn't very big but she didn't seem to mind one bit.

Scene Three: Alex Divine, a gal with pretty eyes but looking rougher than I'd seen her in a long time, was up next as she took care of both JR Langdon and Will Powers. The interview was shorter than their dicks and she took to them with a practiced ease reminiscent of very few gals in porn these days with the guys discarding her clothing to feel her up as she inhaled their meat pipes. She would alternate back and forth to mix the chocolate and vanilla flavors with JR tasting her a little as he tends to do. It was sloppy but good fun and ended with two pops to the face as expected.

Scene Four: Celestia, the 28 year old bleach blonde on the middle of the right hand side of the front DVD cover, had a lengthy interview as she prepared for her scene in the warehouse of Mercenary Pictures. Her English accent worked well on JR Langdon and she bent over to blow him with her slightly chunky ass sticking out in the air begging for Tina to hammer with a strap on dildo (it's a shame it never happened though). She spoke to him enough that I got the impression she preferred dark meat but it was a good scene between the two that had some nice chemistry.

Scene Five: Daphne Rosen, the busty bleach blonde shown on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene with JR Langdon and Will Powers that started before the cameras rolled. She spit on them, gagged on their cocks, and used her hands to increase the friction a bunch as she alternated between them. She played up to the camera a bit more than I prefer and the droning music was a pain but she was the best of the bunch up until this point. It ended with the infamous double nut to her face with Will going first as followed by JR. Whew!

Scene Six: Victoria Allure, the gal on the upper left hand side of the front DVD Cover wearing the white fishnet body stocking, was up next as she took care of Will Powers in the game room after shooting some pool on a very nice pool table (it looked to be a smaller version of the one I have, complete with leather pockets). She wasn't physically appealing to me but she worked him over fairly well when the two jumped up on the table itself. She licked his balls and jerked him off in what seemed like a well down bit of head.

Scene Seven: Melodee Bliss, a gal packing some extra but pleasing weight, was up next on the conference room table as she engaged in orally pleasing Mario Rossi and JR Langdon. For her, the scene appeared to be less about the work than about the chance to dominate the men by virtue of her sexual skill and I didn't mind Tina's repeated zooming in on her stretch marks but it wasn't her best scene technically. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to say she rated about a 6.5 on oral but she was distracted by JR licking her asshole so maybe that's why she wasn't at her best. Still, she milked their nuts well enough that I'd get in line for some and the explosive endings were well handled.

Scene Eight: Simone West, the 25 year old black gal seen on the left hand side of the front DVD cover (second down from the top), was ready to succeed (or at least suck seed) in the Mercenary warehouse on her chair with JR Langdon as her partner. She looked younger than her age but had the skill at slurping penis popsicle earned over time more than learned in porn so I can see why Tina stoked on her so much. It seemed like one of the lengthiest scenes with JR barely getting a taste of her booty in between her luscious licking and sucking. It ended as expected but the quality she showed was appreciated.

Scene Nine: Candice Von, a curvy black gal in a purple negligee lost her outfit as the scene cut away to her blowing Marco Duato and Doni Blass in the warehouse. She wasn't my favorite gal but her skills were better than average as she took care of business with the men. Her nice, full booty begged for some attention beyond the tonguing she took but this is a blowjob series, not an anal extravaganza. In all, it was okay though even if she seemed to focus more on the camera than her partners.

Scene Ten: Jada Fire, The dark skinned black gal on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up last in a scene with Doni Blass and Will Powers. She's been in porn since 1998, having made more movies than she could count and guys that enjoy watching thick gals will find her as appealing as any of the other gals in the movie. Her interview was lengthy but she got down to business when allowed to do so by Tina. She acted as though possessed by the spirit of some dick sucking demon and the end result was a fine way to close out the movie. If only most of the other gals could've acted this turned onů

Summary: Iron Head 6 was not Tina's best work to date by a long shot since so many of the gals weren't as skilled as they'd need to be to pull off a blowjob-only scene but it was still easily worth a rating of Rent It. If you really like interracial blowjobs, there might be enough for you to appreciate it as something with replay value but as good as some women were, more were limited. I like a good BJ as much as the next guy but conveying them on cameras is not nearly as easy as other forms of sex so it's understandable why Tina's efforts weren't as good here but it was still pretty good and worth checking out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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