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Christoph Clark's Obsession: Special Extended 2 Disc Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/28/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Obsession: Special Extended 2 Disc Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Anal

Director: Christoph Clark

Cast: Katy Caro, Sarah James, Diether Von Stein, Nick Lang, David, Frank Gun, Choky Ice, Avril, Janet Joy, Sabrina Rose, Steve Holmes, Tiffany Mynx, Kyra Banks, Valentina Velasques, Zenza Raggi, Silvia Saint, Mandy Bright, Katsumi, Ramona, Sarah James, Lucy, Vanessa Hill, Brenda Brown, Greg Centauro

Length: 213 minutes

Date of Production: 1/6/2006

Extras: The first disc had limited extras since it was primarily used for holding most of the movie itself. That said, there were some limited filmographies, a cast list for the scenes, and a short biography for Christoph Clark on the first disc. The second disc, however, had the bulk of the sweet extras, including a 33.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Richard Banks that really shined as it conveyed a sense of what it is to be on the set of a Christoph Clark movie. There was extra sex, lots of setting up of the scenes, plenty of chances for Tiffany Mynx to show why she's still one of the top performers in the industry after all these years, and some great fun to boot. There was also a cumshot recap of the scenes, a photogallery, and trailers to six of Christoph's Evil Angel releases. Given the length of the movie itself, the extras were especially sweet to enjoy even if they weren't the most complete package I've watched in recent months.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Obsession was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Christoph Clark for distribution by Evil Angel. The lighting was almost always very well handled, leading to very little grain, video noise, and other visual flaws; a change for the better from the usually darker nature of Christoph's works. I give gonzo movies more latitude in how they handle various matters but proper lighting goes a very long way to making a raw, edgy scene look even better in my book. That said, the composition of the shots was also handled with a lot of care, helping to showcase the ladies at their best, although there were moments where the camera went a little crazy since there was far too much going on to capture everything. The stereo 2.0 Dolby Digital audio was about the same as always, providing little to write about in a good or bad sense. There was no noticed separation and the dynamic range was strictly gonzo quality but I could hear the cast just fine.

Body of Review: Christoph Clark has been around making porn on both sides of the camera now for a very long time and this is probably one of the reasons why he knows what he's doing compared to so many fledgling directors in the field. He has a sense of what works and what doesn't and while there have been times when the chances he took in a scene simply didn't pay off, at least he tried to provide a level of quality (in terms of energy, passion, and heat) that many don't even bother shooting for. His latest release is Obsession: Special Extended 2 Disc Set, a showcase for the lovely Tiffany Mynx who plays a lady trying to get over her dopey husband that left her by seeing a specialist in the form of Steve Holmes. The sex was great, the casting fabulous, and the movie provided a lot of fuck for the buck so here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action to give you an idea of what took place, noting no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Katy Caro and Sarah James, a couple of lean and beautiful gals that reminded me more than a little of a young Rita Faltoyano, were up first as they took care of Diether Von Stein, Nick Lang, David, Frank Gun, and Choky Ice in this Budapest scene shot inside the house. The gals had on a skirt and a pair of shorts that barely covered the upper half of their asses with bikini tops and fishnet stockings hardly doing anything other than giving me wood. The gals ended up moving to the center couch in order to provide the men with a focal point for the action, sucking their throbbing shafts as though born to do so. I know Christoph has been in a slight rut of late; either providing good looking gals that were sexually limited or talented gals that looked like a brown bag was in order but these two were premium looking hotties that could walk the walk and look the look in all aspects of the term. That they had all natural bodies enhanced the action even more although I'm sure some of the "anti-foreign porn" crowd will find something about the scene to hate. By the time the scene ended 43 minutes into the show, the gals had sucked, fucked, licked, rimmed, swallowed and done various DPs, cumswapping, and other circus act sex. The strength of the scene though was more in their gorgeous looks and aggressively active manner in which they enjoyed the sex here. Whew!

Scene Two: Avril, Janet Joy, and Sabrina Rose, were up next in a business meeting in the office with Steve Holmes and Diether Von Stein. One gal acted as a serving platter, another as a stuck up glamour queen and the third as a toy for Diether to enjoy. The foot fetish action, anal by all the gals, and other tricks served as yet another amalgamation of heated fun with all five of the cast members appreciating one another. There was kissing, spanking, rubbing, jerking off, and lots of anal to be had here. My biggest complaint was that even with the gals seeming to enjoy some of the action, they came across as cool and aloof too often; a common gripe people have about European porn performers. Still, with all the usual variations of the oral (ATM, PTM, ATOGM, toe sucking, etc.) and anal, I think Christoph provided a solid scene here, even if not up to the greatness of the last one.

Scene Three: Tiffany Mynx, long one of the Goddess' of anal in porn, was up next as she walked through town to get to her meeting with Steve Holmes on time. She wore a black top and blue jean skirt that hugged her curves very nicely but even though she looked like a million bucks here, her strength has long been in her attitude and sexual skill. She proved she had her inner slut ready to let loose as she spread her legs for him and masturbated in the chair; begging him to give her his meaty member as he stroked it just outside of the reach of her mouth. The scene was interesting in that she wasn't allowed to have sex with him and he jerked off on her breasts to close it out, preparing the way for the coming scenes.

Scene Four: Tiffany Mynx, looking even better this time in her blue outfit, joined with Kyra Banks, Valentina Velasques, Zenza Raggi, David, and Steve Holmes. Kyra looked fresh as could be while sultry Valentina offered something darker to the mix. Kyra took care of Zenza while Valentina sucked hard on David's cock, providing the show for Tiffany and Steve that most of us would kill to see up close and personal. The older couple did play together a little bit as the younger crowd boned energetically, making me long for the entire scene to break down into an orgy. Tiffany did suck off Steve, who then banged Kyra in the ass, while Zenza impaled Valentina (who gave Kyra some ATOGM). Tiffany joined David for some oral but also managed to join the crowd for a short time as she bounced back and forth. The guys ended the scene by coming in Tiffany's mouth as she greedily sucked down their seed but she was mostly left out of the picture in order to build up some sexual tension.

Scene Five: Tiffany Mynx and Silvia Saint, both dressed in fetish attire that enhanced their looks considerably, were up next in a lesbian scene that took place in a jail cell. They were featured on the top half of the front DVD cover though you couldn't see Tiffany's rubber top or whip there, and submissive Silvia sported an outfit reminiscent of her work for Private's Pirate line so many years ago. Silvia got her fine ass reddened and was otherwise forced to serve her mistress orally but the strap on dildo was the highlight of the scene in many ways. Silvia also sucked Tiffany's feet and ass during the scene but there was a lot of give and take between both of them so fans of either will have a lot to appreciate repeatedly. Silvia was an active, energetic rider of the strap on dildo so fans can rest assured that while she may not have taken any meat this time, the action was nearly as good with Tiffany in charge.

Scene Six: Mandy Bright, another gal with some miles on her chassis, was up next with youthful hotty Katy Caro but also seasoned veteran Steve Holmes in a schoolroom. Mandy loved having Katy suck her ass as Steve swatted the girl's butt in return and when the two gals started jamming fingers into Mandy's ass, it was a sight to see. Fans of young gals playing with MILFs will have a lot to like this time as it added a new dynamic to the movie when they did each other and Steve in turn. He screwed both in the pussy and ass, with each giving an over the top performance as though they were auditioning for Meg Ryan's role in When Harry Met Sally. Be forewarned though, if you hate choking, skip this one altogether because they really clamped down hard on the throat a few times here, in between the other antics but regularly nonetheless. The circus act aspect of the movie that was most remembered was when Katy took a huge (we're talking Belladonna huge too) black dildo and rammed it into Mandy's wet pussy. Yikes! The scene ended when Mandy jerked Steve off onto Katy's face, leaving a rather large load to be swapped back and forth between them.

Scene Seven: Tiffany Mynx, all bound and gagged in bondage gear as she was on the center of the front DVD cover (standing beside Steve), became the center of attention for the ending orgy between her Katsumi, Ramona, Sarah James, Lucy, Vanessa Hill, Brenda Brown, Avril, Steve Holmes, Zenza Raggi, Greg Centauro, Frank Gun, Choky Ice, Diether Von Stein, and Nick Lang in the warehouse. Katsumi was looking especially tasty but so were the others as the chained up gals became the sex slaves of all the guys. Rather than provide you with a virtual screenplay of each stroke (the action was varied and plentiful in this extremely lengthy scene), suffice it to say that Tiffany and Katsumi were the centerpieces; each doing anal with all the trimmings like they were continuously getting off. The other gals served as nice eye candy at the beginning but this tag team damsel duo were more than the guys could be expected to handle with each hole getting the full workout that the director wanted the men to provide. The gals licked up and sucked down the semen at the end of the scene, showing the kind of chemistry, passion, and skill that I expected of them (and more than any flavor of the week could've provided. Whew!

Summary: Obsession was a great fuck flick worthy of a rating of Highly Recommended thanks not only to the talented super hotty Tiffany Mynx but also a splendid supporting cast and the kind of variety that few directors seem willing to go for these days. The movie clocked in at about three and a half hours, the extras included a solid BTS feature, and this was one of the best amounts of fuck for the buck I've ever seen from one of Christoph's DVD sets. If you enjoy anal action, the fact that the cover mentions it is an "all anal feature" belies the fact that it's less of a feature than a series of increasingly heated scenes starring anal sex as much as Tiffany, Silvia, and Katsumi, to name a few. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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